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Top/Bottom 25 lists, subject to future change edit: ignore the numbering issue and count manually for whatever reason it showed up normal when I went to edit but after publication they're all 1's.....i don't have time for this

Top 25

  1.  Welcome to the Chum Bucket
  1.  Imitation Krabs
  1.  One Krabs Trash
  1.  Nasty Patty
  1.  The Algae's Always Greener
  1.  Fear of a Krabby Patty
  1.  Shanghaied
  1.  Can You Spare a Dime
  1.  The Pink Purloiner
  1.  Naughty Nautical Neighbors
  1.  Plankton's Army
  1.  Clams
  1.  Big Pink Loser
  1.  Squid on Strike
  1.  Walking Small
  1.  Graveyard Shift
  1.  The Lost Mattress
  1.  Dying for Pie
  1.  Mid-Life Crustacean
  1.  Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III
  1.  No Free Rides
  1.  Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
  1.  The Fry Cook Games
  1.  Skill Crane 
  1.  Squidville

Bottom 25

  1. Sportz
  1. Ink Lemonade
  1. The Fishbowl
  1. The Play's the Thing
  1. Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom
  1. Tentacle Vision
  1. The Slumber Party
  1. Pranks a Lot
  1. Cephalopod Lodge
  1. To Love a Patty
  1. Slide Whistle Stooges
  1. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful
  1. Squid Baby
  1. The Googly Artiste
  1. Squid's Visit
  1. Waiting
  1. Choir Boys
  1. Summer Job
  1. Plankton's Regular
  1. Trenchbillies
  1. Big Sister Sam
  1. Professor Squidward
  1. Krusty Katering
  1. All That Glitters
  1. Krabby Kronicle
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