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"You can still check out the page though."
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Residence: United States
Interests: to be honest im not sure if i have any
Occupation(s): NEET
Education: high school
Awards: Participation awards
Aliases: Trevor
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Eye color: Brown
Classification: Human
Friends: some guys irl
Pet(s): Never allowed to have any
Employer: never got a job
Employees: never got a job
Enemies: eh idk
Latest appearance: Today.
Portrayer: Self portrayed!

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"Chuckles, unlike Knuckles."
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TrevorOntario719 wall contribs August 11, 2016 - August 12, 2016

TrevorOntario719 wall contribs August 12, 2016 - November 15, 2016

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November 15, 2016 - present

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