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Hello. I have been an editor on this wiki to varying extents since June 22, 2016 (Template:Number table sorting/positive4 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive216 days ago). I am the operator of The gamer 987654321's bot, so if you want a repetitive action performed on many unprotected pages much quicker than would be possible manually (including, but not limited to, image categorisation), then leave a message on my message wall detailing what you want done. Alternatively, send me a direct message on Discord detailing what you want done (username: jiunaughten#1304).

My contributions

My favourite pages

I know this is meant for main namespace pages, but these are just pages that I cannot find links to easily that I have found myself on multiple times.

My favourite and least favourite episodes from each season

Correct as of December 2, 2020.

Season Favourite Least favourite
Season 1 Rock Bottom title card.png Nature Pants title card.png
Season 2 Frankendoodle title card.png Dumped title card.png
Season 3 No Weenies Allowed title card.png Party Pooper Pants title card.png
Season 4 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI The Motion Picture title card.png All That Glitters title card.png
Season 5 Blackened Sponge title card.png Atlantis SquarePantis title card.png
Season 6 Krusty Krushers title card.png The Clash of Triton title card.png
Season 7 The Great Patty Caper title card.png Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful title card.png
Season 8 It's a SpongeBob Christmas! title card.png Are You Happy Now? title card.png
Season 9 Pineapple Invasion.png SpongeBob You're Fired title card.png

I have not provided opinions for seasons 10, 11, 12 and 13 because I cannot remember much about season 10, I have only seen a few episodes from seasons 11 and 12, and I have not seen anything from season 13.

Pages to be created

This list was complied simply from looking at the page Pressure and The Smoking Peanut (credits), and adding an entry for each person listed on that page who did not have a page of their own on this wiki. It explicitly says in the content policy that "all members of the cast and crew that have worked on the show and/or have provided their voice to portray character(s) [have] relevance to merit their own articles," so these pages would have no grounds for speedy deletion, according to the deletion policy.

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