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  • I live in the United Kingdom
  • I was born on February 18
  • I am Male
He is the manifestation of pure evil on ESB. Legend has it that his account was created when the Devil got angry and slammed his fist on the keyboard. Legend also said he is a FANDOM sockpuppet to simulate the most evil user, like Figmeister is supposed to simulate the most good user.
The gamer 987654321
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Location: United Kingdom
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Joined: June 22nd 2016
SpongeBob SquarePants
Fan since: 2009
Favorite character: Squidward Tentacles
Favorite episode: "Frankendoodle"
Least favorite episode: "Are You Happy Now?"
Discord: jiunaughten #1304

Edits: ≈ 7000 + 339 from my sockpuppet User:AGenericContributor. For an exact number, go to Special:Editcount/The gamer 987654321, and add 339 to the number that you see at the top. That page, however, may provide a cached result, and almost always differs from the uncached total on Special:Contributions/The gamer 987654321, so if you really care, then go to the latter page. Also, 633 (?) of my edits here are "illegitimate" edits made using the Mass Categorisation Tool. Subsequent similar edits were made using my bot, preventing my edit count from being artificially boosted and also allowing recent changes to be usable when I categorised images.

About me

Hello. I decided to go under the name of "The gamer 987654321" on this site for some reason Template:Number table sorting/positive4 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive95 days ago. I used to edit relatively frequently on this wiki, usually every day, however I am no longer active here. I never held user rights on this wiki, however I am an administrator and bureaucrat on the very low-traffic UK Politics Wiki, a rollback on the Minecraft Wiki, and a discussions moderator and chat moderator on The Politics Wiki.

I have known about the existence of this wiki since no later than 2012, and I was a lurker here without an account from early 2016. I then edited to various extents over more than one account since then. I was not fully active until the first half of 2017, although I received three blocks in that year, and I did not make a single edit between August 31st 2017 and November 2, 2018 due to one of said blocks. I then had varying levels of activity, sometimes making over 100 edits in one day, sometimes going through months of inactivity not making a single edit. I returned to being active again in April 2020, this time being more active than before, more than doubling my edit count in the space of about 12 weeks. I then retired (again) in September 2020.

Yes, I regret the choice of username. Let's just say I much prefer the name of my sockpuppet.

My favourite episodes

My favourite and least favourite episodes from each season

Click "Expand" to view my opinions
Season Favourite Least favourite
Season 1 Rock Bottom title card Nature Pants title card
Season 2 Frankendoodle title card Dumped title card
Season 3 No Weenies Allowed title card Party Pooper Pants title card
Season 4 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI The Motion Picture title card All That Glitters title card
Season 5 Blackened Sponge title card Atlantis SquarePantis title card
Season 6 Krusty Krushers title card The Clash of Triton title card
Season 7 The Great Patty Caper title card Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful title card
Season 8 It's a SpongeBob Christmas! title card Are You Happy Now? title card
Season 9 Pineapple Invasion SpongeBob You're Fired title card

I have not provided opinions for seasons 10, 11 and 12 because I cannot remember much about season 10, I have only seen a few episodes from season 11 and I have not seen anything from season 12.

Useful Links

Pages that I have created

User milestones / events

  • Account created
  • First edit
  • 2,500 edits
  • 100 edits in one day on The gamer 987654321
  • 4,000 edits
  • Fifth block issued
  • Sixth block issued by the abuse filter
  • Sixth block repealed as it was a false positive.

** = Use of the mass categorisation tool increased the speed with which I obtained those edits. I absolutely did not get 500 edits in 2 days.

Some userboxes

100 The gamer 987654321 has made over 100 edits in one day on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia.

(On AGenericContributor as well.)

Aviary Photo 130667976513677296 The gamer 987654321 is a Gamer!
Spongebob-sponge-out-of-water-poster The gamer 987654321 has been editing Encyclopedia SpongeBobia since 2016!

en-N This user is a native speaker of English.
40px-Male.svg The gamer 987654321 is male.

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Small annoyances

  • On ESB namespace discussion pages and talk pages, indent from the reply that you are replying to, rather than just from the main parent comment making what often becomes an unfollowable thread. In other words, be more like the system on Reddit and less like the system on most other websites, including Fandom.
  • Indent your replies with the colon (:), and not the double / triple etc. bullet points.
  • If you use the double bullet points, the formatting goes down the drain into the Sewers of Bikini Bottom. Just look at any page where it has been done like that and you will see what I mean.
  • Good information being removed from pages, noteworthy trivia in particular. If it is trivia of any sort, it is notable, in my opinion, since this wiki strives to be the most accurate database of SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Users saying things like "bruh" and "e" which have essentially no meaning and are little more than spam.
  • People not adding proposals they create to ESB:Proposals/current. Bonus points if they then complain about their proposal being forgotten about.
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