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Leave the drama in your little fantasy land. We don't need it in ours.

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# R E F R E S H E D F O R 2 0 1 9

I write, draw, animate, voice, storyboard, and direct animated projects. I edit on Fandom as well.

This Wikia (2015-present)

I started on the SpongeBob Wiki when the 2nd movie was about to be released, I once requested adminship. Lol i was everyone's favorite little man. Anyway, currently at rollback and regularly editing is not to shabby for a guy like me.

Please don't post stuff on my message wall to stir/cause/instigate drama, keep that in your own world, not mine, it doesn't need to spread or multiply. Thank You!

Season Ratings

  • Season 1 - Great
  • Season 2 - Great
  • Season 3 - Great (Favorite Season; Pre-Movie Best Season)
  • Season 4 - High Good
  • Season 5 - Low Good
  • Season 6 - Low Meh
  • Season 7 - Low Meh
  • Season 8 - Good (Post-Movie Best Season)
  • Season 9a - Good
  • Season 9b - Great
  • Season 10 - Meh
  • Season 11 - Great (Post-Sequel Best Season)
  • Season 12 - Great [So Far]


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