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Title Card Name Season Why?
Culture Shock Culture Shock 1 This is a really good episode. Has to be Season 1's best. So good. I wish it wouldn't end. (It doesn't. See my fav. Season 7 below).
Graveyard Shift Graveyard Shift 2 The Hash Slinging Slasher, and SpongeBob not even being able to say it. Plus, the three reasons.
Idiot Box Idiot Box 3 Squidward finally found the magic in the box. That is so great. It was a truly legendary episode of awesomeness.
Mrs. Puff, You&#039;re Fired Mrs. Puff, You're Fired 4 "Hello, worthless students. I'm your new instructor. No one's ever failed my class. That's lived through it. I can assure you these next four weeks will be the worst years of your lives. Your spines will break. Your teeth will ache. Your eyes will be bloodshot. You will drive out of this school in style, or be carted out in your granny's handbasket."
The Krusty Plate The Krusty Plate 5 This was so funny. Strange molecular forces in the west? Well, it has nothing to do with SpongeBob.
Porous Pockets Porous Pockets 6 This was actually a very positive season 6 episode. Teaches a lot about money and we see its effects on SpongeBob and his "friends" and his real friends.
Enchanted Tiki Dreams Enchanted Tiki Dreams 7 I loved the food fight. Plus, an extra show. It was great. BBBBBBBB! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! BBBBBB! This episode is like a sequel to Culture Shock.
The Good Krabby Name The Good Krabby Name 8 This is a very good episode. Many good throwback jokes, and the ad campaign worked. And then Mr. Krabs lost. A very good episode indeed.
Bandicam 2016-05-05 18-25-46-916 CopyBob DittoPants 9 This was one of the greatest episodes I've ever seen. Everybody had such a great role in this episode. It was awesome. 12/10! "Quickly man, before you faint, what's the formula?!!"
Krusty Katering Krusty Katering 10 Oh no you did not! That was a fantastic episode. The little kid yelling at Krabs, the flood, the party, Squidward and everything. A little slow to start, but it was a great episode by the time it got rolling. Barrel roll!
Surf N&#039; Turf Surf N' Turf 11 This episode ups Season 11's quo. The humor between Sandy and Mr. Krabs is on point and very unique. The placement of the music and the overall plot of the episode make for a very impressive one. SpongeBob and Patrick don't overshadow other characters or ruin the episode either. The plot is unique, the title card is unique, the references are unique and the exaggerated motion and faces made me laugh out loud for once! A win for Season 11!


Title Card Name Season Why?
Nature Pants Nature Pants 1 This was strange, and truly, not season 1 quality.
Dumped Dumped 2 I'm not sure why Patrick was so mean. Plus, it stunk, a lot.
As Seen on TV As Seen on TV 3 This episode seemed to drag on for a long time. I didn't really like the plot. I love Season 3, though, and Nasty Patty is great. I just couldn't think of something to fill in here. Now, I truly have it.
The Gift of Gum The Gift of Gum 4 Good lord, GUMMY WAS HIDEOUS!!! I don't think it was good at all. I only liked SpongeBob attempting to "kill" Gummy.
SpongeHenge SpongeHenge 5 I couldn't follow the plot of the episode. Then the end made no sense.
Toy Store of Doom Toy Store of Doom 6 I'd rather take my chances with Squidward's HOUSE FANCY toenail, andTHE SPLINTER, than this episode.
A Pal for Gary A Pal for Gary 7 It was hideous, and meets up with House Fancy, sadly. 8 words only make it, (cough), ok to view. Gary, you put Puffy Fluffy down right now!
Face Freeze! Face Freeze! 8 The faces, ugh! And then they froze. And then… OH, I can't keep going on about it. Just look at my burrito.
Company Picnic Company Picnic 9 This episode is my new worst for this season. In fact for the entire series. I thought Little Yellow Book was bad, but this has no plot, no entertainment, is boring, and just plains sucked. There were a few acceptable jokes, but overall those can't save this episode. And it's too bad it's with Pull Up a Barrel, because I love that episode.
Patrick&#039;s Coupon Title Card Patrick's Coupon 10 This wasn't a great episode. It just lacked a plot to follow around. Patrick jumps all over the place and the premise should have been about trying to redeem his coupon. This episode is a Season 10 failure.
Ink Lemonade Ink Lemonade 11 I would go as far as to saying this is one of the worst episodes in the series. So much Squid torture, Patrick acting like an idiot and all the customers being blissfully unaware of what "Black Lemonade" actually is. There are season 6 and 7 episodes with pristine quality compared to this episode. Worst. Episode. Ever.


Title Card Name Season Why?
Sleepy Time title card Sleepy Time 1 Exploring the inner workings of each character's dreams was fantastic. Sublime humor and well written, SpongeBob explores his friends' dreams in a manner that was so funny. Everyone's character traits were explored deeper, and I loved that. "Does anyone have a quarter?"
Patty Hype Patty Hype 2 SpongeBob's profit was the best thing. Watching Mr. Krabs' reaction to what SpongeBob and Patrick did to all the money was also hilarious. And when Krabs tries to cash in on SpongeBob's "success", he ends up losing more and more. Fantastic writing and execution!
Wet Painters Wet Painters 3 SpongeBob and Patrick's montage of trying to remove the paint and the fourth wall break with the time cards were fantastic. And then to find out that saliva removes it and Mr. Krabs spraying it off his walls was a fitting end.
Best Frenemies Best Frenemies 4 It was refreshing to see Mr. Krabs and Plankton team up to try and win back their competition with one another. This plot was ahead of its time, especially for the Starbuck and online epidemics. It was executed fantastically and had some great timing and jokes.
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 5
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 6
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 7
Fiasco! Fiasco! 8 This episode takes second place because of how much effort Plankton made to try and take the art. It was funny how Squidward and the gang were arrested for the stolen art, and Fiasco stating he'll never paint again (even though we get to see him again in some future episodes). It's eccentric but not over the top (well maybe in space) and overall beats out its brethren from Season 8.
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 9
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 10
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 11


Title Card Name Season Why?
Karate Choppers title card Karate Choppers 1 This episode has a unique metaphor to it, but I'm not a lover to this episode. Mr. Krabs is not understanding at all of Sandy and SpongeBob's friendship and makes it impossible for them to exert their physical energy towards one another. It's not bad, but all I could laugh at was "photosynthesis".
Frankendoodle Frankendoodle 2 DoodleBob is a good character and the plot ran well in this episode. But there are better Season 2 episodes out there.
My Pretty Seahorse My Pretty Seahorse 3 Mystery was a good character, but SpongeBob trying to keep her in captivity and be with her made this story go very slowly. Patrick being called a dumb stupid animal did help this case though. There are funnier episodes in Season 3, and this one is better than most modern episodes, it's just not doing it for me.
200px All That Glitters 4 …is not gold. This episode was too forceful in terms of story and plot. SpongeBob breaks spat, but somehow spat is okay? The new spatula he got was an awful addition and made the entire episode deteriorate. This could have gone much better
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 5
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 6
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 7
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 8
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 9
NoTitleCardAvaliable To Be Determined 10
Cuddle E. Hugs Cuddle E. Hugs 11 An episode dedicated to trippin on schrumes. Not the best of what season 11 can offer, but also not the worst. Hugs was a giant jerk that was morbidly messed up. Poor as the standard for this season was held in high regard.



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