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  • My occupation is being a big SpongeBob and Ninja Turtles fan.
  • I am female.

About Me

Yo. I am pretty new to this site because I've been a low-key SpongeBob fan for years. Never really went into communities or anything, I just enjoyed it by myself in my own free time with my limited selection of DVDs which were from seasons 1-5. I stayed away from season 6 and beyond because of the bad notions of modern SpongeBob and the mass hate it gets. I assumed it all to be bad, but eventually I sat down and watched it and was pleasantly surprised by some great new episodes which rejuvenated my interest in the franchise. Since then I've been keeping more up to date with SpongeBob, and, as you might have noticed, I've decided to open up to the fandom as a whole so I can share my love for this series that is steadily increasing in quality.

I do some SpongeBob reviews on my YouTube Channel, I write SpongeBob related stuff on Archive of Our Own, and very occasionally I draw SpongeBob fan art on DeviantArt, but most of my time is just spent here on this wiki.

Favourite Characters

Squidwardddd (3)

Three things I love in a character; grumpy, witty, and completely full of themselves!

Spongebobbe (2)

His cute, child-like innocence is the main draw of the show.

Mr krabssss (2)

Also very likeable, although I prefer him in the earlier seasons.

Patrickkk (2)

A flawed yet charming and likeable oaf.

Planktonn (2)

Similar to the appeal of Squidward. In Plankton's case, it's more for his eccentricity.

Favourite Episodes

"You like Krabby Patties, don't you, Squidward?"

It had great animation, great laughs, and I love the whole idea of Squidward loving something other than himself.

Dont you squidward

"I admit it. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you. In fact, SpongeBob, I like you!"

Another Squidward episode. He is my favourite character, after all. The best episodes are always the ones that bring out the most in the characters and/or the joke department, and this one is no exception. Squidward is really sweet to SpongeBob.

Water bottle

"Patrick needs love too!"

Hilarious episode with great SpongeBob and Patrick chemistry.

Heart man

Top 100 Favourite Episodes

  1. Just One Bite - S3
  2. Fools in April - S1
  3. Valentine's Day - S1
  4. Dying for Pie - S2
  5. Christmas Who? - S2
  6. Squilliam Returns - S3
  7. Naughty Nautical Neighbours - S1
  8. Squid's Day Off - S2
  9. Life of Crime - S2
  10. Fear of a Krabby Patty - S4
  11. Pizza Delivery - S1
  12. Tea at the Treedome - S1
  13. Plankton! - S1
  14. Squeaky Boots - S1
  15. Home Sweet Pineapple - S1
  16. Something Smells - S2
  17. F.U.N - S1
  18. Not Normal - S6
  19. Sharks vs. Pods - S9
  20. Wet Painters - S3
  21. Snowball Effect - S3
  22. Hall Monitor - S1
  23. Krusty Love - S2
  24. Big Pink Loser - S2
  25. Survival of the Idiots - S2
  26. Walking Small - S1
  27. Band Geeks - S2
  28. Opposite Day - S1
  29. Mimic Madness - S10
  30. The Secret Box - S2
  31. Jellyfishing - S1
  32. Ugh - S3
  33. The Paper - S1
  34. Scaredy Pants - S1
  35. Boating School - S1
  36. It's a SpongeBob Christmas! - S8
  37. Imitation Krabs - S2
  38. SpongeBob LongPants - S9
  39. Chocolate With Nuts - S3
  40. Sing a Song of Patrick - S5
  41. I'm With Stupid - S2
  42. Bulletin Board - S9
  43. No Weenies Allowed - S3
  44. Krusty Krab Training Video - S3
  45. Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost - S1
  46. The Fry Cook Games - S2
  47. Ripped Pants - S1
  48. Krusty Towers - S4
  49. Graveyard Shift - S2
  50. Krab Borg - S3
  51. Rock-a-Bye Bivalve - S3
  52. Squid Noir - S11
  53. Funny Pants - S4
  54. To Save a Squirrel - S5
  55. No Nose Knows - S6
  56. No Free Rides - S2
  57. The Two Faces of Squidward - S5
  58. Money Talks - S5
  59. Plankton's Pet - S9
  60. Welcome to the Chum Bucket - S2
  61. Krabby Road - S6
  62. Hooky - S1
  63. One Krabs Trash - S3
  64. Squid on Strike - S2
  65. Skill Crane - S4
  66. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III - S2
  67. Mrs. Puff, You're Fired - S4
  68. Mermaid Man Begins - S8
  69. Arrgh! - S1
  70. Artist Unknown - S2
  71. I'm Your Biggest Fanatic - S2
  72. Gary Takes a Bath - S2
  73. Frankendoodle - S2
  74. The Smoking Peanut - S2
  75. Missing Identity - S3
  76. Prehibernation Week - S2
  77. Dumped - S2
  78. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy - S1
  79. That's No Lady - S4
  80. The Lost Mattress - S4
  81. Pressure - S2
  82. Sailor Mouth - S2
  83. The Algae's Always Greener - S3
  84. Shanghaied - S2
  85. ChefBob - S11
  86. Karate Choppers - S1
  87. SpongeGuard on Duty - S3
  88. SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One - S6
  89. Library Cards - S11
  90. Cephalopod Lodge - S6
  91. Club SpongeBob - S3
  92. Patty Hype - S2
  93. The Play's the Thing - S7
  94. Married to Money - S9
  95. Bubblestand - S1
  96. The Pink Purloiner - S4
  97. Hocus Pocus - S4
  98. My Pretty Seahorse - S3
  99. A Day Without Tears - S7
  100. Suds - S1

Least Favourite Episodes

"Help!? I think you've helped quite enough today!"

Out of every SpongeBob episode I've seen, which is all of them, this is the only one that I hate with a passion. One Coarse Meal and Ink Lemonade have one or two laughs, but there is no salvation with Stuck in the Wringer. The visuals are bad, the moral is bad, not to mention nonsensical, unoriginal and fundamentally broken, on top of being cruel, mean spirited, and incredibly unfunny from start to finish.

Stuck in the wringer

"That's it. I'm done. The 4:15 bus should be along any time now."

Encourages suicide, characters are way OOC, terrible plot. First rate trash.

One coarse meal

"I've lost it. I can't tell what's real anymore."

This episode can be summarised in one word: ANNOYING! The visuals are annoying, the sounds are annoying. It's gross and unpleasant. It's poorly written. The only other thing that can be said is that at least it doesn't involve suicide, and it's not as needlessly cruel as my number one.

Ink lemonadeeeeeee

Top 100 Least Favourite Episodes

  1. Stuck in the Wringer - S7 - Garbage
  2. One Coarse Meal - S7 - Garbage
  3. A Pal for Gary - S7 - Garbage
  4. Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy - S7 - Garbage
  5. Ink Lemonade - S11 - Garbage
  6. The Cent of Money - S7 - Garbage
  7. Trenchbillies - S7 - Garbage
  8. Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom - S8 - Garbage
  9. Pet or Pests - S6 - Garbage
  10. Demolition Doofus - S8 - Really Bad
  11. SpongeBob, You're Fired - S9 - Really Bad
  12. Atlantis SquarePantis - S5 - Really Bad
  13. Yours, Mine and Mine - S7 - Really Bad
  14. Restraining SpongeBob - S8 - Really Bad
  15. Boating Buddies - S6 - Really Bad
  16. Face Freeze - S8 - Really Bad
  17. Little Yellow Book - S9 - Really Bad
  18. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful - S7 - Really Bad
  19. Shuffleboarding - S6 - Really Bad
  20. The Splinter - S6 - Really Bad
  21. All That Glitters - S4 - Really Bad
  22. A SquarePants Family Vacation - S8 - Bad
  23. Breath of Fresh Squidward - S5 - Bad
  24. Truth or Square - S6 - Bad
  25. Summer Job - S7 - Bad
  26. Plankton's Regular - S6 - Bad
  27. Call the Cops - S11 - Bad
  28. Krabby Patty Creature Feature - S11 - Bad
  29. Extreme Spots - S9 - Bad
  30. Good Ol' Whatshisname - S5 - Bad
  31. High Sea Diving - S11 - Bad
  32. Slide Whistle Stooges - S6 - Bad
  33. Bubble Buddy Returns - S8 - Bad
  34. Waiting - S5 - Bad
  35. The Way of the Sponge - S8 - Bad
  36. The Main Drain - S7 - Bad
  37. Company Picnic - S9 - Bad
  38. The Curse of the Hex - S7 - Meh
  39. The Clash of Triton - S6 - Meh
  40. Choir Boys - S6 - Meh
  41. Squid Baby - S9 - Meh
  42. Shell-Shocked - S6 - Meh
  43. Dear Vikings - S6 - Meh
  44. Driven to Tears - S4 - Meh
  45. The Check-Up - S11 - Meh
  46. Sponge-Cano - S7 - Meh
  47. Bunny Hunt - S11 - Meh
  48. Bubble Troubles - S8 - Meh
  49. Séance Shméance - S9 - Meh
  50. There's a Sponge in My Soup - S11 - Meh
  51. The Executive Treatment - S9 - Meh
  52. The Great Patty Caper - S7 - Meh
  53. Life Insurance - S10 - Meh
  54. Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle - S7 - Meh
  55. Giant Squidward - S6 - Meh
  56. Good Neighbours - S4 - Meh
  57. Old Man Patrick - S11 - Meh
  58. Squid Wood - S4 - Meh
  59. Once Bitten - S4 - Meh
  60. Ghoul Fools - S8 - Meh
  61. Lost and Found - S10 - Meh
  62. Mutiny on the Krusty - S9 - Meh
  63. Free Samples - S8 - Meh
  64. Professor Squidward - S6 - Meh
  65. Kenny the Cat - S9 - Meh
  66. Patty Caper - S6 - Meh
  67. Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go! - S8 - Meh
  68. Sportz? - S10 - Meh
  69. Teacher's Pests - S11 - Meh
  70. Pat No Pay - S5 - Meh
  71. Scavenger Pants = S11 - Meh
  72. The Bad Guy Club for Villains - S7 - Meh
  73. A Friendly Game - S8 - Meh
  74. Don't Feed the Clowns - S11 - Meh
  75. Spin the Bottle - S11 - Meh
  76. Gramma's Secret Recipe - S7 - Meh
  77. SpongeHenge - S5 - Meh
  78. Patnocchio - S11 - Meh
  79. Moving Bubble Bass - S11 - Meh
  80. Blackjack - S5 - Meh
  81. Pineapple Fever - S6 - Meh
  82. Plankton Retires - S10 - Meh
  83. Surf N' Turf - S11 - Meh
  84. The Original Fry Cook - S5 - Meh
  85. Spongicus - S6 - Meh
  86. Gullible Pants - S6 - Meh
  87. The Thing - S4 - Meh
  88. Glove World R.I.P. - S8 - Meh
  89. Whelk Attack - S7 - Meh
  90. The Googly Artiste - S7 - Meh
  91. Patrick's Staycation - S8 - Meh
  92. Treats! - S8 - Meh
  93. Squirrel Record - S9 - Meh
  94. Bumper to Bumper - S9 - Meh
  95. Yeti Krabs - S9 - Meh
  96. Jellyfish Hunter - S3 - Meh
  97. Tutor Sauce - S9 - Meh
  98. The Sponge Who Could Fly - S3 - Meh
  99. SpongeBob's Place - S10 - Meh
  100. Boat Smarts - S5 - Meh

Guilty Pleasure Episodes

Rating - Okay

"He's safe with me!"

Patrick feels like his usual self in this episode. The only part I thought was overdone was the flame thrower scene. People say Patrick really mistreats Gary here, but, does he? Sure it was clumsily, but he fed him, bathed him, and showed some care. Gary is happy at the end. I understand the hate, but I don't think it's deserving of it.

Pet sitter patttttttt

Rating - Okay

"Wake me up when I'm dead."

Kind of boring in parts, but I thought a lot of the jokes in this episode were really funny. Including both of the suicide ones. The plot itself is a little forced since Squidward has plenty of happy memories, and the ending was weak, but the rest was okay and it had a lot of creative imagery. Maybe it's because I like dark humour. I've always enjoyed this one, and probably more than I should.

Are you happy now

Rating - Okay


It's gross and not funny. So why do I like it? Well, I believe the writers just wanted to tell a unique idea and that they did. It wasn't made for comedy. While SpongeBob getting blamed and the scene where he leaks pus which was pretty nasty, I admired it for the portrayal of quarantining infectious disease. There is this certain air of relatability and realism about it. In short, I always thought it was an interesting episode.

Fungus among usssss

Rating - Okay

"So far today, and it's not even 2:00 yet, you have cried 43 times."

The main reason why this one isn't liked is because it's an episode based around SpongeBob crying, which is annoying. But he only cries for like two minutes. Come on, guys. Crying aside, the episode is passable and I definitely did not think it was bad. In fact, I found it really cute.


Rating - Average

"Why, yes, I'd love another spot of tea Mr. Vacuum Cleaner."

I don't mind this episode. Squidward's 'torture' is very minor slapstick, he gets SpongeBob's house at the end, which is now just a complete replica of his now anyway. I didn't find the replica of Squidward's house creepy, only those two scenes of SpongeBob breathing. But that's not enough for me to consider it anywhere close to bad.

Squid's visit

Rating - Average

"Pay no mind to that, wubbie-wubbie. I will always love you."

Never found this episode gross, or even creepy. It's only a sandwich and, like most detailed SpongeBob close-ups, I thought the shots of the patty with maggots in it were just for exaggeration. The song is okay, and while SpongeBob killing the clams was bad and out of character, the rest is fine in my book. Plus, call me sick, but I secretly liked seeing him eat it at the end.

To love a patyyyyyyyyyyy

All Guilty Pleasure Episodes

Season 1

  • Ripped Pants
  • Pickles
  • Squeaky Boots
  • Nature Pants
  • Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
  • The Chaperone

Season 2

  • Your Shoe's Untied
  • Dumped
  • I'm With Stupid

Season 3

  • Party Pooper Pants
  • Born Again Krabs
  • Pranks a Lot

Season 4

  • Funny Pants
  • SquidBob TentaclePants
  • New Leaf
  • Bummer Vacation
  • Best Day Ever

Season 5

  • Fungus Among Us
  • To Love a Patty
  • Banned in Bikini Bottom
  • Stanley S. SquarePants

Season 6

  • House Fancy
  • Penny Foolish
  • Nautical Novice
  • Gone
  • Sun Bleached
  • The Krabby Kronicle
  • Grooming Gary
  • The Card
  • Cephalopod Lodge
  • Squid's Visit

Season 7

  • SpongeBob's Last Stand
  • A Day Without Tears
  • The Play's the Thing
  • The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom
  • Hide and Then What Happens?
  • You Don't Know Sponge
  • Big Sister Sam

Season 8

  • Barnacle Face
  • Pet Sitter Pat
  • Are You Happy Now?

Season 9

  • License to Milkshake
  • Married to Money

Season 10

  • Plankton Gets the Boot
  • Patrick's Coupon
  • Out of the Picture

Season 11

  • Cuddle E. Hugs
  • Drive Happy
  • Fun-Sized Friends
  • Library Cards

Rating of All Episodes and Movies

note: Scroll bars below tables may take some time to appear.


  • Great - Some minor flaws. Overall, extremely well done.
  • Good - Strong in many areas, but not quite great.
  • Okay - One or two issues that can be overlooked.
  • Average - Nothing particularly good or bad about it.
  • Meh - Slightly below average. Don't bother.
  • Bad - Too many problems to be worth your time.
  • Really Bad - Very little good about it. Poor quality.
  • Garbage - Belongs in the trash. Unwatchable.

Seasons Best to Worst List

  • Season 2
  • Season 1
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
  • Season 9
  • Season 5
  • Season 11
  • Season 6
  • Season 10
  • Season 7
  • Season 8

Season 1

Help Wanted Reef Blower Tea at the Treedome Bubblestand Ripped Pants Jellyfishing
Help wanteddddd
Reef blowerrrr
Tea at the treedomeeeee
Ripped pantssss
Okay Average Great Good Great Good
Plankton! Naughty Nautical Neighbours Boating School Pizza Delivery Home Sweet Pineapple Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Naughty nauticalllllll
Boating schoolllll
Pizza deliveryyyyyyy
Home sweet pineapple
Mm and bbbbbb
Great Great Good Great Good Good
Pickles Hall Monitor Jellyfish Jam Sandy's Rocket Squeaky Boots Nature Pants
Hall monitorrrrrrr
Jellyfish jammmmmm
Sandy's rocketttttttt
Squeaky bootssssss 2
Nature pantssss 2
Good Great Average Okay Good Okay
Opposite Day Culture Shock F.U.N MuscleBob BuffPants Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost The Chaperone
Opposite dayyyyyy
Cultue shockkkkkk
Musclebob buffpantssss
Squidward the unfriendly ghosttttttt
The chaperoneeeee
Great Okay Great Okay Good Good
Employee of the Month Scaredy Pants I Was a Teenage Gary SB-129 Karate Choppers Sleepy Time
Employee of the monthhhhhh
Scaredy pantssssssss
I was a teenage garyyyyyyy
Karate choppersssssss
Sleepy timeeeeeeee
Okay Good Average Okay Good Okay
Suds Valentine's Day The Paper Arrgh! Rock Bottom Texas
Heart man
The paperrrrr
Rock bottommmmmmm
Good Great Good Great Average Okay
Walking Small Fools in April Neptune's Spatula Hooky Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II
Walking smallllll
Water bottle
Neptune's spatulaaaaaaaaa
MM and BB II
Great Great Okay Good Okay

Season 2

Your Shoe's Untied Squid's Day Off Something Smells Bossy Boots Big Pink Loser Bubble Buddy
Your shoes untieddddddd
Squids day offfffff
Something smellssss
Bossy bootssssss
Big pink loserrrrrrr
Bubble buddyyyyyyyy
Good Great Great Okay Great Okay
Dying for Pie Imitation Krabs Wormy Patty Hype Grandma's Kisses Squidville
Dying for pieeeeee
Imitation krabsssss
Patty hypeeee
Grandmas kisses
Great Good Okay Good Average Okay
Prehibernation Week Life of Crime Christmas Who? Survival of the Idiots Dumped No Free Rides
Prehibernation weekkkkk
Life of crimeeeeee
Christmas whooooooo
Survival of the idiotssssss
No free ridessssss
Good Great Great Great Good Great
I'm Your Biggest Fanatic Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III Squirrel Jokes Pressure The Smoking Peanut Shanghaied
Im your biggest fanatic
Mm and bb threeeeeeee
Squirrel jokessssss
The smokinggggg
Good Great Okay Good Good Good
Gary Takes a Bath Welcome to the Chum Bucket Frankendoodle The Secret Box Band Geeks Graveyard Shift
Gary takes a bathhhhhh
Welcome to the chum bucketttttt
The secret boxxxx
Band geekssss
Graveyard shifttttt
Good Good Great Good Great Good
Krusty Love Procrastination I'm With Stupid Sailor Mouth Artist Unknown Jellyfish


Krusty loveeeeeee
Im with stupidddd
Sailor mouthhhhh
Artist unknownnnnnn
Jellyfish hunterrrr
Great Good Good Good Good Meh
The Fry Cook Games Squid on Strike Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm
The fry cook gamessssss
Squid on strikeeeee
Sandy spongebob and the wormmmmm
Great Good Good

Season 3

The Algae's Always Greener SpongeGuard on Duty Club SpongeBob My Pretty Seahorse Just One Bite The Bully
The algae's always greenerrrrrrrrr
Spongeguard on dutyyyyyyyyyyy
Club spongebobbbbbbbb
My pretty seahorseeeeeeeee
Just one biteeeeeeee
The bullyyyyyyyy
Good Good Good Good Great Okay
Nasty Patty Idiot Box Doing Time Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV Snowball Effect One Krabs Trash
Nasty pattyyyyyyyyyyy
Idiot boxxxxxxxxxxx
Doing timeeeeeeeeee
Mermaid man and barnacle boy ivvvv
Snowball effecttttttttttt
One krabs trashhhhhhh
Good Okay Average Okay Great Good
As Seen on TV Can You Spare a Dime? No Weenies Allowed Squilliam Returns Krab Borg Rock-a-Bye Bivalve
As seen on tvvvvvvvv
Can you spare a dimeeeeeeeee
No weenies allowedddddddddd
Squilliam returnssssssss
Krab borgggggggg
Rock a bye bivalveeeeeeee
Okay Good Good Great Great Good
Wet Painters Krusty Krab Training Video Party Pooper Pants Chocolate With Nuts Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V New Student Starfish
Wet paintersssssssss
Krusty krab training videoooo
Party pooper pantssssssss
Chocolate with nutssssssssss
Mermaid man and barnacle boy vvvvvvvvvv
New student starfishhhhh
Good Good Okay Great Good Okay
Clams Ugh The Great Snail Race Mid-Life Crustacean Born Again Krabs I Had an Accident
The great snail raceeeeeeee
Mid life crustaceannnnnnnnn
Born again krabssssssssss
I had an accidenttttttt
Average Good Okay Okay Good Good
Krabby Land The Camping Episode Missing Identity Plankton's Army The Sponge Who Could Fly SpongeBob Meets the Strangler
Krabby landdddddddd
The campfire episodeeeeeeeee
Missing identityyyyyyy
Planktons armyyyyyyyy
The sponge who could flyyyyyy
Meets the stranglerrrrrrr
Average Good Good Good Average Good
Pranks a Lot
Pranks a lotttttt

Season 4

Fear of a Krabby Patty Shell of a Man The Lost Mattress Krabs vs. Plankton Have You Seen This Snail? Skill Crane
Fear of a krabby pattyyyyyyyyyy
Shell of a mannnnnnnnn
The lost mattressssssss
Krabs vs planktonnnnnn
Have you seen this snailllllllllllllllllll
Skill craneeeeeeee
Great Okay Good Okay Okay Good
Good Neighbours Selling Out Funny Pants Dunces and Dragons Enemy In-Law Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture
Good neighboursssssss
Selling outttttttt
Funny pantssssss
Dunces and dragonssssssssss
Enemy in lawwwwwwwww
Meh Okay Good Good Okay Average
Patrick SmartPants SquidBob TentaclePants Krusty Towers Mrs. Puff, You're Fired Ghost Host Chimps Ahoy
Patrick smartpantssssssss
Squidbob tentaclepantssssssss
Krusty towerssssss
Mrs puff youre firedddddddddd
Ghost hosttttttt
Chimps ahoyyyyyy
Average Okay Good Good Okay Okay
Whale of a Birthday Karate Island All That Glitters Wishing You Well New Leaf Once Bitten
Whale of a birthdayyyyyyy
Karate islandddddd
All that glittersssssss
Wishing you wellllll
New leafffffff
Once bitten
Good Average Bad Okay Average Meh
Bummer Vacation Wigstruck Squidtastic Voyage That's No Lady The Thing Hocus Pocus
Bummer vacationnnnnn
Squidtastic voyageeeeeeee
Thats no ladyyyyyyyyyy
The thinggggggg
Hocus pocussssssssss
Average Average Okay Good Meh Okay
Driven to Tears Rule of Dumb Born to be Wild Best Frenemies The Pink Purloiner Squid Wood
Driven to tearssssss
Rule of dumbbbbbbb
Born to be wildddddddddd
Best frenemiesssssss
The pink purloinerrrrrrrrrr
Squid woodddddddddd
Bad Average Okay Okay Okay Meh
Best Day Ever The Gift of Gum
Best day everrrrrr
The gift of gummmmmmmm
Good Average

Season 5

Friend or Foe The Original Fry Cook Night Light Rise and Shine Waiting Fungus Among Us
Friend or foeeeeeeeee
The original fry cookkkkkk
Night lighttttttt
Rise and shineeeeeeee
Fungus among usssss
Okay Meh Okay Average Meh Okay
Spy Buddies Boat Smarts Good Ol' Whatshisname New Digs Krabs á la Mode Roller Cowards
Spy buddiesss
Boat smartssssssss
Good ol whatshisnameeeeeeee
New digsssssss
Krabs a la modeeeeee
Roller cowardsssssss
Good Meh Bad Okay Okay Okay
Bucket Sweet Bucket To Love a Patty Breath of Fresh Squidward Money Talks SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget Slimy Dancing
Bucket sweet bucketttttt
To love a patyyyyyyyyyyy
Breath of fresh squidward
Money talks
The patty gadgettttttttt
Slimy dancinggggg
Okay Average Bad Good Average Okay
The Krusty Sponge Sing a Song of Patrick A Flea in her Dome The Donut of Shame The Krusty Plate Goo Goo Gas
The krusty spongeeeeeee
Sing a song of patrickkkk
A flea in her domeeeeeeee
The donutttttttt
The krusty plateeee
Goo goo gassssssssss
Average Good Average Okay Okay Okay
Le Big Switch Atlantis SquarePantis Picture Day Pat No Pay BlackJack Blackened Sponge
Le big switch
Picture dayyyyyy
Pat no payyyyyyy
Average Really Bad Average Meh Average Okay
Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob The Inmates of Summer To Save a Squirrel Pest of the West 20,000 Patties Under the Sea The Battle of Bikini Bottom
Mermaid man vssssssssss
Inmates of summerrrrrrr
To save a squirrellllllll
Pest of the westttttttt
20,000 pattiesssssss
Battle of bikini bottommmmmmmm
Average Good Good Average Average Okay
What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? The Two Faces of Squidward SpongeHenge Banned in Bikini Bottom Stanley S. SquarePants
What everrrrrrrr
The two facessssssss
Banned innnnnnnnn
Stanley ssssssss
Okay Good Meh Okay Okay

Season 6

House Fancy Krabby Road Penny Foolish Nautical Novice Spongicus Suction Cup Symphony
House fancyyyyyyy
Krabby roadddddd
Penny foolishhhhh
Nautical noviceeeeeee
Suction cup symphonyyyyyyyyy
Good Good Okay Average Meh Average
Not Normal Gone The Splinter Slide Whistle Stooges A Life in a Day Sun Bleached
Not normalllllll
The splinterrrrrrr
Slide whistle stoogessss
A life in a day
Sun bleachedddddd
Great Average Bad Average Average Average
Giant Squidward No Nose Knows Patty Caper Plankton's Regular Boating Buddies The Krabby Kronicle
Giant squidwardddddddd
No nose knowsssssssss
Patty caperrrrrr
Planktons regularrrrrr
Boating buddiesssssss
The krabby kronicleeeeeeeee
Meh Good Average Meh Bad Okay
The Slumber Party Grooming Gary SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One Porous Pockets Choir Boys Krusty Krushers
The slumber partyyyyyyyy
Grooming garyyyyyy
The big oneeeeeeeeee
Porous pocketsssss
Choir boysssss
Krusty krushersss
Good Okay Good Average Meh Average
The Card Dear Vikings Ditchin' Grandpappy the Pirate Cephalopod Lodge Squid's Visit
The carddddddddd
Dear vikingsssssss
Grandpappy the pirateeeeeee
Cephalopod lodgeeeeeeeee
Squid's visit
Average Meh Okay Average Good Average
To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants Shuffleboarding Professor Squidward Pet or Pests Komputer Overload Gullible Pants
To squarepants or not to squarepantsssssssss
Professor squidwardddddd
Pet or pestssssssssss
Komputer overloaddddddd
Gullible pantssssssss
Okay Bad Meh Really Bad Okay Meh
Overbooked No Hat for Pat Toy Store of Doom Sand Castles in the Sand Shell Shocked Chum Bucket Supreme
No hat for pattttt
Toy store of doommmmmm
Sand castles in the sanddddddd
Shell shockeddddddd
Chum bucket supremeeeeeee
Okay Average Average Average Meh Good
Single Cell Anniversary Truth or Square Pineapple Fever Chum Caverns The Clash of Triton
Single cell anniversaryyyy
Truth or squareeeee
Pineapple feverrrrrrrr
Chum cavernsssss
Clash of tritonnnnnnn
Okay Meh Meh Average Meh

Season 7

Tentacle-Vision I Heart Dancing Growth Spout Stuck in the Wringer Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy The Inside Job
Growth spoutttt
Stuck in the wringer
Kitchen with sandyyyyy
The inside jobbbbbbbb
Okay Okay Meh Garbage Garbage Average
Greasy Buffoons Model Sponge Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful A Pal for Gary Yours, Mine and Mine Kracked Krabs
Model spongeeeee
Keep bikiniiiiiiiiiii
Pal for garyyyyyyy
Yours mineebwrthjerjntve
Average Okay Bad Garbage Bad Average
The Curse of Bikini Bottom Squidward in Clarinetland SpongeBob's Last Stand Back to the Past The Bad Guy Club for Villains A Day Without Tears
The curseeeeeeeeeee
Last standdddddddd
Back to the pasttttttt
Okay Okay Average Average Meh Good
Summer Job One Coarse Meal Gary in Love The Play's the Thing Rodeo Daze Gramma's Secret Recipe
Summer jobbbbbb
One coarse meal
Gary in loveeee
The plays the thinggggggg
Rodeo dazeeeeeeeee
Grammas secrettttttttt
Bad Garbage Average Good Okay Meh
The Cent of Money The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle The Curse of the Hex The Main Drain Trenchbillies
Cent of moneyyyy
The monsteraaaaaaaaaa
Bikini bottom triangleeeeeeee
Curse of the hexxxxxx
The main drainnnnnn
Garbage Average Average Meh Meh Garbage
Sponge-Cano! The Great Patty Caper That Sinking Feeling Karate Star Buried in Time Enchanted Tiki Dreams
The great patty caperrrrrrr
That sinking feelinggggggg
Karate starrrrrrr
Buried in timeee
Enchanted tiki dreamssssss
Meh Average Average Okay Okay Okay
The Abrasive Side Earworm Hide and Then What Happens? Shellback Shenanigans The Masterpiece Whelk Attack
The abrasive sideeee
Hide and then whatttttttt
The masterpieceeeeeeeee
Whelk attackkkk
Okay Average Average Average Okay Average
You Don't Know Sponge Tunnel of Glove Krusty Dogs The Wreck of the Mauna Loa New Fish in Town Love That Squid
You dont know spongeee
Tunnel of gloveeeeeeee
Krusty dogsss
Mauna loaaaaaaaaa
New fish in townnn
Okay Okay Average Average Average Okay
Big Sister Sam Perfect Chemistry
Big sister samm
Perfect chemistryyy
Average Average

Season 8

Accidents Will Happen The Other Patty Drive Thru The Hot Shot A Friendly Game Sentimental Sponge
Accidents will happennnn
The other pattyyyy
Drive thruuuuu
The hoti shotiiii
Friendly gameeeeeeee
Sentimental spongeee
Average Average Okay Average Meh Average
Frozen Face-Off Squidward's School for Grown Ups Oral Report Sweet and Sour Squid The Googly Artiste A SquarePants Family Vacation
Frozen face-offffff
Squidwards school for grownnnnnuppss
Oral reportttttt
Sweet and sour squiddd
The googly artisteee
Squarepants vacationnn
Good Okay Average Okay Meh Bad
Patrick's Staycation Walking the Plankton Mooncation Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation Ghoul Fools Mermaid Man Begins
Walking the planktoneee
Mr krabs vacatione
Ghoul foolsssss
Mermaid man beginsss
Meh Average Meh Okay Meh Okay
Plankton's Good Eye Barnacle Face Pet Sitter Pat House Sittin' for Sandy Smoothe Jazz at BIkini Bottom Bubble Troubles
Planktons good eyeeeeeee
Barnacle faceeeeeeee
Pet sitter patttttttt
House sittin for sandyyyyyyyyyy
Smoothe jazzzzzzz
Bubble troublesssss
Average Okay Okay Average Really Bad Meh
The Way of the Sponge The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom Bubble Buddy Returns Restraining SpongeBob Fiasco! Are You Happy Now?
The way of the spongeee
The krabby patty that ate bikini bottommmrgnerjiejvty
Bubble buddy returnsssssssss
Are you happy now
Meh Average Meh Bad Average Okay
Planet of the Jellyfish Free Samples Home Sweet Rubble Karen 2.0 InSPONGEiac Face Freeze!
Planet of the jellyifshssss
Free sampless
Home sweet rubblee
Karen 2.000000
Face freezeeeeeeeeee
Average Meh Okay Okay Average Bad
Glove World R.I.P Squiditis Demolition Doofus Treats! For Here or to Go It's a SpongeBob Christmas!
Glove world rip
Demolition doofusssssssss
For here or to goooooooo
Its a spongebob christmaseuueugheuiettvetr
Meh Average Really Bad Meh Average Good
Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go! Chum Fricassee The Good Krabby Name Move It or Lose It Hello Bikini Bottom!
Chum fric
The good krabby nameeeee
Move it or lose ittt
Hello bikini bottom
Meh Average Average Average Okay

Season 9

Extreme Spots Squirrel Record Patrick-Man! Gary's New Toy License to Milkshake Squid Baby
Extreme spotssss
Squirrel recordd
Garys new toyaaaaa
License to milkshakeeee
Squid babyyy
Bad Meh Average Okay Average Meh
Little Yellow Book Bumper to Bumper Eek, an Urchin! Squid Defense Jailbreak! Evil Spatula
Little yellow bookk
Bumper to bumperrrrr2
Eek an urchin
Squid defense
Evil spatulaaaa
Bad Meh Average Okay Meh Average
It Came from Goo Lagoon Safe Deposit Krabs Plankton's Pet Don't Look Now Séance Shméance Kenny the Cat
Goo lagoonnnn
Safe deposit krabs
Planktons pet22
Dont look now
Seance shmeance
Kenny the cattttt
Meh Average Good Average Meh Meh
Yeti Krabs SpongeBob, You're Fired Lost in Bikini Bottom Tutor Sauce Squid Plus One The Executive Treatment
Yeti krabsssssssss
Spongebob you're fired
Lost in bikini bottom
Tutor sauce 2
Squid plus one2
Executive treatmenttttttttttttttt
Meh Really Bad Average Meh Okay Meh
Company Picnic Pull Up a Barrel Sanctuary! What's Eating Patrick? Patrick! The Game The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
Company picniccccccccccc
Pull up a barrelllllllllll
Whats eating patrickkkkkkkkkkkkk
Patrick the gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The sewers of bikini bottommmmmmmmmmmm
Meh Okay Okay Average Okay Good
SpongeBob LongPants Larry's Gym The Fish Bowl Married to Money Mall Girl Pearl Two Thumbs Down
Spongebob longpantsssssssssssssssss
Larrys gymmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
The fish bowlllll2
Married to moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Mall girl pearllllllllllllll2
Two thumbs downnnnnnnnnnnnn
Good Average Average Okay Average Okay
Sharks vs. Pods CopyBob DittoPants Sold! Lame and Fortune Goodbye, Krabby Patty? Sandy's Nutmare
Sharks vs podsssssssssssssss
Copybob dittopantssssssssssssssss
Lame and fortuneeeeeeeeeeee
Goodbye krabby pattyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sandy's nutmareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Great Average Okay Average Okay Good
Bulletin Board Food Con Castaways Snail Mail Pineapple Invasion Salsa Imbecilicus Mutiny on the Krusty
Bulletin boardddddddddddd
Food con castawayssssssssssssssssssss
Snail maillllllllllllllllll
Pineapple invasionnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Salsa imbecilicussssssssssssss
Mutiny on the krustyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Good Okay Average Average Meh Meh
The Whole Tooth
The whole toothhhhhhhhhhhh

Season 10

Whirly Brains Mermaid Pants Unreal Estate Code Yellow Mimic Madness House Worming
Whirly brainsssssssssssss
Mermaid pantssssssssssssss
Unreal estateeeeeeeeeee 2
Code yellowwwwwwwwwww
Mimic madnessssssssssssss
House worminggggggggggggggg
Okay Good Okay Average Great Average
Snooze You Lose Krusty Katering SpongeBob's Place Plankton Gets the Boot Life Insurance Burst Your Bubble
Snooze you loseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Krusty kateringgggggggggggg
Spongebob's placeeeeeeeeeee
Plankton gets the botttaaaaatretivwhvruebvyjteh
Life insuranceeeeeeee
Burst your bubbleeeeeeeeeeee
Average Average Meh Okay Meh Meh
Plankton Retires Trident Trouble The Incredible Shrinking Sponge Sportz? The Getaway Lost and Found
Plankton retiresssssssss
Trident troubleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The incredible shrinking spongeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The getawayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Lost and founddddddddddddddd
Average Average Average Meh Average Meh
Patrick's Coupon Out of the Picture Feral Friends Don't Wake Patrick
Patrick's couponnnnnnnnnnnnn
Out of the pictureeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Feral friendsssssssssss
Dont wake patrickkkkkkkkkk
Okay Okay Okay Average

Season 11

Cave Dwelling Sponge The Clam Whisperer Spot Returns The Check-Up Spin the Bottle There's a Sponge in My Soup
Cave dwelling spongeeeeeeeeeeeee
The clam whispererrrrrrrr 2
Spot returnsssssssssss
The check-upppppppppppp
Spin the bottleeeeeeeeeeeeee
A sponge in my soupppppppppppp
Okay Average Okay Meh Meh Meh
Man Ray Returns Larry the Floor Manager The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom No Pictures Please Stuck on the Roof Krabby Patty Creature Feature
Man ray returnsssssssssssssss
Larry the floor managerrrrrrrrrrrrrr
The legend of boo-kini bottommmmmmm
No pictures pleaseeeeeeeeeee
Stuck on the roofffffffffffffffffff
Krabby patty creature featureeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Meh Okay Okay Meh Okay Meh
Teacher's Pests Sanitation Insanity Bunny Hunt Squid Noir Scavenger Pants Cuddle E. Hugs
Teacher's pestssssssssssssssssss
Sanitation insanityyyyyyyyyyyy
Bunny huntttttttttttttt
Squid noirrrrrrrrrr
Scavenger pantssssssssss
Cuddle e hugssssssssssss
Meh Average Meh Good Meh Okay
Pat the Horse Chatterbox Gary Don't Feed the Clowns Drive Happy Old Man Patrick Fun-Sized Friends
Pat the horseeeeeeeeeeeee
Chatterbox garyyyyyyyyyyy
Dont feed the clownssssssssssss
Drive happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Old man patrickkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Fun-sized friendsssssssssssss
Good Average Meh Okay Meh Okay
Grandmum's the Word Doodle Dimension Moving Bubble Bass High Sea Diving Bottle Burglars My Leg!
Grandmum's the worddddddddddddddeeee
Doodle dimensionnnnnnnnn
Moving bubble bassssssssssssssss2
High sea divingggggggggggggg2
Bottle burglarsssssssssssss
My leggggggggggggg
Okay Average Meh Bad Okay Okay
Ink Lemonade Mustard O' Mine Shopping List Whale Watching Krusty Kleaners Patnocchio
Ink lemonadeeeeeee
Mustard o mineeeeeeee
Shopping listtttttt
Whale watchingggggggg
Krusty kleanersssssssss
Garbage Average Meh Meh Average Meh
ChefBob Library Cards Plankton Paranoia Call the Cops The Night Patty The Grill is Gone
Library cardssssssssss
Plankton paranoiaaaaaaaaaa
Call the copssssssssssssssssss
The night pattyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
The grill is goneeeeeeee
Good Okay Average Bad Average Okay
Surf n' Turf Appointment TV Bubbletown Karen's Virus Girls' Night Out Squirrel Jelly
Surf n turfffff2
Appointment tvvvvvvvvv
Meh Average Okay Okay Good Okay
The String Goons on the Moon
Okay Okay

Season 12

FarmerBob Gary and Spot
Average Prediction - Okay

Movie Reviews

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie


The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water


Friends List

Everyone is my friend, but these are the ones I speak to most often:-

  • 1guy2plumers
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Other Ratings

Here are my ratings and thoughts on other various SpongeBob properties that aren't the episodes or movies.

Top 5 SpongeBob Songs

1. The Best Day Ever - The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

The Best Day Ever

The Best Day Ever

2. A Day Like This - Truth or Square

SpongeBob - A Day Like This

SpongeBob - A Day Like This

3. Don't Be a Jerk - It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

Don't Be A Jerk (It's Christmas)

Don't Be A Jerk (It's Christmas)

4. I'm Not a Loser - SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical

I'm Not a Loser

I'm Not a Loser

5. Bikini Bottom Day - SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical

Bikini Bottom Day

Bikini Bottom Day

Top 5 APM Tracks

1. Twelfth Street Rag

SpongeBob Music Twelfth Street Rag 01

SpongeBob Music Twelfth Street Rag 01

2. Ripped Tide

SpongeBob Music Ripped Tide (b)

SpongeBob Music Ripped Tide (b)

3. Sponge Monger

SpongeBob Music Sponge Monger-2

SpongeBob Music Sponge Monger-2

4. Clownfish Capers

SpongeBob Music Clownfish Capers-0

SpongeBob Music Clownfish Capers-0

5. What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor?

SpongeBob Music What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor-0

SpongeBob Music What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor-0

Top 5 Comics

1. #44

SpongeBob Comics No. 44

2. #11


3. #14


4. #12


5. #79


Top 5 Title Cards

1. Money Talks

Money Talks

2. Ink Lemonade

Ink Lemonade

3. F.U.N.

F.U.N. title card

4. Sportz?

212b Episodenkarte-Sportz-

5. Pet Sitter Pat

Pet Sitter Pat

Top 5 DVD Cover Art

1. SpongeBob's Truth or Square

SpongeBob's Truth or Square (DVD)

2. SpongeBob LongPants


3. SpongeBob's Last Stand

SpongeBob SBsLastStand

4. Triton's Revenge


5. To Love a Patty

To Love A Patty DVD

Thoughts on SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical

I'm Not a Loser

Although I am a big SpongeBob fan, I cannot say the same for musicals. I'm cool with the songs in SpongeBob because they are usually infrequent (unless it is Atlantis) and always at least half-decent, but musicals have so many that they limit my overall enjoyment because I prefer plot and character over everything else. With that in mind, the SpongeBob Broadway is okay. The casting and designs were great, with all of the actors very accurately portraying the cast of the show.

I thought that some of the writing could've been better, though, and that they should've more closely linked the musical to the show. For example, the plot of a volcano threatening to destroy Bikini Bottom has already been tackled in Sponge-Cano. I'd maybe give this a pass if they referenced the name of the volcano from Sponge-Cano, paying omage to a modern episode, albeit a weak one. Instead they create a new volcano called Mount Humongous. I was a little disappointed in that aspect. Also, there aren't that many jokes.

As for the music itself, considering the fact that there are more than ten songs, they are serviceable but I only think two are very good and memorable. Those being Bikini Bottom Day, the opening number which they of course put the most effort into, and I'm Not a Loser. Squidward gets the best songs, man. To be fair those two are pretty good songs but the rest are not bad but rather forgettable and could've been better. Sponge Who Could Fly was 24 minutes yet still has more good songs, at 3. This musical is over 2 hours.

Another complaint I have is the fact that it recycles SpongeBob's goal from the first movie, which was to prove to Mr. Krabs that he is worthy of being manager. Speaking of Mr. Krabs, I didn't like him here. He is unusually disrespectful towards SpongeBob. This is unfortunate because he is one of my favourite characters. The rest of the cast was fine, though. And as I said, the designs were very good. That includes the costumes and the backdrops. The choreography was fantastic, even in the bland songs. Visually the musical was excellent.

Overall Rating - Okay. High production quality and very well-made for a musical, but since it's a musical it just isn't my cup of tea. For a SpongeBob property it's cute and just fine.

Stuff I Like That Isn't SpongeBob

Not much, to be honest.


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show

Multiplayer Games

  • Heroes of the Storm

Singleplayer Games

  • Assassin's Creed
  • Crash Bandicoot

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