aka Patrick Star

  • I live in In Bikini Bottom
  • I was born on May 31
  • I am Male

Hey everyone i am SpongebobLover2214.Even though my username says that i love spongebob,i'm talking about the show.My favorite character is patrick,actually.I love all episodes from 1999 - 2004.Since then,spongebob has sort of lost it humorous charm.Maybe it's because the person who created spongebob,resigned as director after the movie.Now Paul Tibbit directs it.With new writers -_- .

I am usually online on Fridays,Saturdays,and Sundays.

I love playing Mario Kart Wii, Black Ops 2, Rabbid Games....and many others.

I edit ALOT.

I am an advanced category adder.

Anyway,i will be updating this page about me alot.

RIP Ernest will be missed.

Bread & Milk

Bread & Milk

My Accomplishments

  • 50 edits on 2/1/13
  • 100 edits on 2/2/13
  • 750 achievement points on 2/2/13
  • 150 edits on 2/2/13
  • 200 edits on 2/3/13
  • 1,000 acheivement points on 2/6/13
  • 300 edits on 2/7/13
  • 500 edits on 2/10/13
  • 2,000 Achievement points on 2/17/13

My Favorite Episodes

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