• I live in Candy Bottom - Somewhere between Candy Kingdom and Bikini Bottom, Only 985578996 miles from Rock Bottom and 99999999999999999999999999999 miles from Pastille Pyramid.
  • I was born on March 3
  • My occupation is Chatmoderator at CCSW
  • I am A spongeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

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Welcome to my userpage!

Hey, there. Please message me. I was on school. Sorry I was semi-active for a while, I will be fully active in Friday! Oh yeah. Wait, I really love editing on every wiki. I really progressing new Main page for my wiki now, enjoy! Check out my new spin-off SpongeBob Show in SpongeBob Fan Wiki, Still producing episodes. Watch it! Maybe SpongeBob show has a hiatus next time, sorry for not airing for a while, guys.

Everyday be happening!
— Spongebob789

Spongebob789 here, I'm less than 18. Of course. I am Male. I like to contribute this wiki. I have Facebook, Yahoo, Ymail, Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, Skype, Deviantart and Google. I had many social medias check it! My friends are Spongey, Tom, Tanhamman, Nicko, Auron. My enemies are Reggie. I really like Spongebob. I was really likeful to have myself back again. I also being personality in the real world, I really like other things. I like to be myself and not bothered at all. but I am really active since I joined this wikia.

This user likes to work on Wikias, mostly Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, I am a huge Spongebob fan, I first watch SpongeBob on 2007. It was an amazing Show, I was using english grammar when I was 1 years old till' this I have very many issues here. Maybe I am a maximum taller now, Everyone called me Tian. My nickname my bigname was Christian. I was born between 1988-2008. I am a Spongefan. I like my new friends here, I got the five earliest Kidsview, Road, Spongey, Auron and Tanhamman. I like this wikia, I have also SpongeBobSquarePantsPedia. I have an little for LID, L.eague I.n D.emand, My own team, The newest, Haha!

Spongebob789 is here. Anyway, Welcome to my profile, Nice to meet you. My favorite character was SpongeBob. A seasponge, Quiet interesting, My friends think it kind of Spongey-things. Since I was a huge fan of spongebob maybe I make an fanart for maybe interesting fan things. Anyway I am larging it in the Paint. Nevermind, Spongebob is cute little Sponge. I even eat an Spongebob Ice cream with Banana flavour. Go here to check out Editing templates!


I like this wiki. for this wiki even I make an cooltext. This is my first wiki ever in the history of my userpage. You know maybe I randomly going to just do!

The Revival: Tian was alone, an thinking about Spongey how he left, suddenly I tell my Mom I was retired, duh? for 2 days later... I was making a new account but got blocked on the entire wikia. I do not like this thought me. I was related to something else. I was trying to think and make a new account called GlitterPenguin. I thinking about RTF. How can I leave and my own reviving. suddenly on this user. maybe I disabled again. The 4th account SparklePenguin. CP wiki only. I was blocked on the entire wikia!


I wish there was a real Spongebob. That why I standing and making This account. Maybe Squidward kind of fun but not really. He just make his point with Spongebob. Anyway, I had make an Spongebob Squlpture. I also like Sandy Cheeks, She is pretty well with her obsession. She also like Spongebob, I also like Eugene H. Krabs. Nice but money-eyeing with Money the latest interest is Plankton. I like him just with a little 21%. Because he is little because he is a "Plankton" for the choice. Delicious Total...

Spongebob is my top 5 favorite animated series, The first was Doraemon. The second was Ninja Hattori. The third was SpongeBob. The fourth was Perman. The fifth was Smurfs. I like all my favorite series. I also watch HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Hits, HBO Family, HBO OD, HBO HD and Star World HD. I like Spongebob. mostly! Spongebob was an secret ingredient for happiness. He was really cute with is Compassion. Spongebob was really funny and sometimes really happy. I like an Spongebob vanilla Ice cream more than the banana one. Click here for premium ice cream!

It was really delicious if you SBSP fans taste it. It would be taste like a heaven, Amazing. A vanilla Ice cream and Maybe the Ice cream is quiet creamy. Like the taste of the entire galaxy and universe. Follow me on twitter my Twitter ID is @TianChristian_A, Auron and I was following eachother and the first guy who follow me in SPSB wiki community I also follow Spongey. Now named Random Pony, I also like the new name. and I also like my new name and you know it is different to make something new in a difficult situation. Yay! Oriental like this you know like the extremest word is the: Wow

I also want to think about Patrick, and this the first time I wrote about Patrick. An a simple info that Patrick is a Dumb starfish. Patrick always greener in his personality sometimes really dumb but originally was dumb. but. Whatever, Patrick even make his house out of rock but. how did he dig the sand. Anyway, Good job. Seems hard but he can do it and maybe with help of his friends, or maybe just Spongebob or Squidward (sometimes, twice or once just helped). Also thanks for visiting Patrick Education News Channel

My real name is Tian. My whole name is "Tian Christian Aldino Beksono Tobias Sela" Because I am Indonesia, I am likely to be. Still a youngster, a few much editing here. I got my first wiki here, I mostly go here an on my wiki Auron also an rollback/chatmod/bureaucrat in my wiki. I will choose it. Our entertaimant make its way "To be believe moving forward to ignore bad things upon something we have done." My own wikia motto. I was born quite primitive, I really like Starbucks Coffee. I like the Christmas edition Coffee. That is the whole Christmas 13' Coffee Nut Latte

This user is really likes to play, even I have made some SpongeBob Candy, Sorry, No proofs because I already eat it. It was delicious. I hope I can taste it again one more time, Cause' I just make 16 Candies. 5 for me, 5 for mom, 5 for my sister and 1 for my dad. I like candies. but I more like vegetables. I like Brocolli, Corn, Carrot, Tomato. I also like fruits. I like Apple, Green Apple and Orange!

300 Spongebob194 has made over 300 edits on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia.

The Story: I was making an account but I disabled it. and I make an new account called Spongebob789 it was really fun making my latest account. and the activest User I ever made. I wish I can go to Spongebob Wiki consecutively and I want to be focus around here. Then at my first milestone 50 I was really thinking something, That maybe I like to doing this. Then in my chat with Auron, My first chat in my account. I was realized. How I need my social medias. 1 day later........... I was having a total 100+ plus and I use the Debugger. I was knowing that my Wikia is very amazing. Cause' I do not want to have six. I want to be myself and know who I am. Then i edit some page but mostly I improvide myself It is like Upgrading myself. You know like a piece of banana. then I live in the wikia happily ever after. I also make an Ideas, Wow!

Big Ideas

  • 3rd Movie: Spongebob and Patrick find a portal to another box dimension. Then the new world comes out. Suddenly Sandy help them with an portal made by herself. Squidward trying to find Spongebob and Squidward going to Sandy's Treedome looking an dimension but selected an Blue Dimension not the Purple Dimension while Spongebob, Patrick and Sandy is in the Purple Dimension. Meanwhile, Spongebob go to an Ice Cream Shop in the Purple Dimension then Eat an Ice Cream and Spongebob says "Yuck, A robice cream!" then Patrick says "Yum Yum, Yuck Yuck, Yum Yum, Yuck Yuck" Then it filling is and Robot! Spongebob and Patrick meet Sandy in the Crossroads. Then in the Blue dimension... Squidward sliding in vine to vine. Then eat an bug then the bug is made of Candy!
  • 4th Movie: Squidward take an Vacation on Grand Squid Hotel, there are many facilities: Massage, Sauna, Spa, Steam Room, Birthday Room, Swimming Pool, 150 floor facilites. and More, Then Spongebob and Patrick take a walk and found a Pet Shop, then Spongebob says "Ooh, A Petshop. Maybe we can buy a Tabby Cat.", Patrick sighs. then they buy a Tabby Cat and ask the Cat to buy a Milk, then the Cat says "Miaou, Miaou". Spongebob says. "Maybe it is right!" and Buy some milk. Patrick says delicious. Sandy, Plankton, Squidward and Mr. Krabs are meeting on the Grand Squid Hotel.
  • 5th Movie: Sandy build an machine called the Squidinator. That makes Squidward likes Spongebob. Then Squidward go in to the machine and works. He hope he gets it. Squidward do likes Spongebob for now on. Eventually..... Sandy eating some Beef Bowls. on a China restaurant and go back to his Treedome and she says "Yum, Delicious lunch." Then she calls her brother, Randy. Sandy ask Spongebob to go to his treedome. Sandy said "Go here Spongebob, I still have 3 Beef Bowls to celebrate my brother Randy coming here." Spongebob said "Okay!" Phone ends.

Go here to check Favorite Patty Variants. I like activities, mostly quiz. here is the Sponge Quiz 2014. This user also have a bot. But used when becomed an admin, called Spongebot789. I am frequently respective, I wish maybe I can become an admin. This is my first request to be an chatmod! Visit experimentals to check out!

I usually goes into Skype. My skype is also Spongebob789. My username is Spongebob.789! I like going into many wikis. I need help at my wiki, I also edit at Lewis2567 Wiki. Also I like SpongeBob (of course!)

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