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  • I live in Abilene, Texas
  • I was born on July 31
  • My occupation is A Chill Guy Who Loves To Watch Cartoons, Make Blogs, Listen to Lofi/Chill Music, and just Loves Enjoyin Love and Nature.
  • I am Male
  • Bio What Goes On Fandom Fans, Itself SpongeJay731, Ja-Len Arberry, and welcome to my Offical Fandom Page. I hope u Guys can go to the ESB App or site on the Computer, and look at some of My Blogs that I make Every Week/Weekend, and see what You Guys think of them.
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Welcome to SpongeJay731's ESB Page!!!

What Goes On SB Fans, I'm Ja-Len Arberry/SpongeJay731, and I'm a huge fan of SpongeBob, Nick, CN, etc. One thing I do most on here is make Blogs for the community and talk about new episodes of SB or even some Adventure Time stuff. I also talk about some personal things, which is mostly positive, since I'm a Positive Guy. One thin I like to do outside of the Wiki is Listen to Lo-Fi/Chill Music, and hang out in Nature and have some chill times with my family and true friends that I hang out here on the wiki and outside of the Wiki.


One thing I like to do, of course is making Blogs, and it helps me think more about that to do/talk about since there's so much happenin in SpongeBob, that words talkin about it in real life is not enough, so on May 23, 2017, I came on here to talk about what SpongeBob should of done when he got fired from the Krusty Krab in SpongeBob You're Fired, and when he didn't go to work at all in SpongeBob's Place. It was a pretty good success, so I kept goin with that new style and flow that I still have now.

Another one of my Hobbies is goin outside in Nature and just havin a Adventure with myself. Since I'm pretty shy and really chill in real life and on here, I decided to just chill, give my live to God and kept the Good Vibes a flowin. It's just been really great to live life where you can make a huge difference, knowin that God is there to help you achieve your goals, and start that change. I love Living Life and I love goin out to Nature and havin a swell time as I absorb the sun's energy to help change the old bad things, and help me learn lessons so I won't make those same mistakes again.

Another one of my Hobbies is bein real with what I do or even what I say. I stopped cussin a Long time ago, I turned my whole life around and started makin a great change in the things that I do/haven't done in a while. I started to put a lot of feel in the things I do as well, not to brag about it ar anything, but in my Blogs I sorta have this excitement every time I watch a new episode, which makes me feel like a kid at heart again. Even tho Y'all can't see it I do a lot of hand motions when I'm either 1. I'm tryin to demonstrate the problem or funny part of the episode, and 2. I'm just a guy tryin to persuade the audience/people like Y'all and try not to get on my side, but try to get the you guys to agree with that part of the episode. I just love to blog lol.

And finally another one of my Hobbies is writin in my Personal Journal, and love to Drink Green Tea. Yes, I love Green Tea, and I even thought about becomin a Vegetarian as of right now, but man when I look at chicken, i can't resist it lol. Anyway, back to my Journal. Uh, Yea I love that book so much, because it has so much things that I write in from, Awesome Shows that I love like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and other Story Drive shows that has great detail in them. Lots of Lessons learned and just growin up with the characters is a real awesome thing to experience to have when your maturin and their maturin with you. Man, it's just a great feelin to have see the light in these awesome Cartoon shows. it's just a great experience to have, and I'll never forget those cartoons and this Great one right here.

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One thing that I'm known for the most on here are my weekly/annual Blogs. I LOVE watching SB episodes --but at the time before I meet this week and its awesome people-- I had trouble giving my opinion on what episode I was watching and what it means Quality over Quantity wise. So one day I decided to make a Blog and out of the day that I made it I got well over 5 comment son it. It was a really awesome start from there because I was asking a question more than makin the Episode Reviews or Part 1s or 2s of the Nick Vs. CN Series, or SB's Quality over the Years. I really made a huge Milestone over this site that I completely made another Wiki that rotting to the core right now, so I'm gonna have to step up in 2018. I really think that my Blogs were pretty much garbage, but them I learned about the users like ya'll who really like my Blogs and really think positive over opinions I make over a episode. Ya'lla re some really awesome Users/SB Fans and I can't wait to make another one week after week.

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