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NAME Shroomish7
HEIGHT 1'08"
OCCUPATION SpongeBob Wiki Editor
FAVORITE CHARACTER(S) Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks,SpongeBob Squarepants
APPEARANCES Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

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My Administrator Work

I have been on this wiki everyday since i was appointed admin. I will help anyone who asks for help on most things related to wiki maintenance (such as deleting spam/untrue articles). I will fulfill any user's request to block users when necessary. You may ask me anything and i will answer, but i am still a new admin, so you may ask AMK152 before asking me. But you still may ask me if AMK's not around. Have a good day.~ Shroomish7Talk


  • Right now I'm checking any article i come across.


Hello, I'm Shroomish7, and this is my User Page. Well, people know that already.

Everyone knows that Shroomish is my favorite Pokemon- I have accounts, Desktop background,3 Shroomish in Pokemon Platinum Version,etc related to Shroomish.

I love SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends, they are the coolest sea creatures (and land creature) i've ever seen.

The cool thing is that Sandy and I are both from Texas, and moved to another place (I moved from Texas to Cicero, IL; Sandy went to Bikini Bottom).

I love when SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy are together (like in I had an accident) and Sandy's anger towards Patrick's stupidity-

  • SpongeBob- Like this?
  • Patrick-No, your other bottom!
  • Sandy-Don't you have to be stupid somewhere else?
  • Patrick-Not until 4:00

My Favorite Lines

  • SpongeBob: I got to skip town, start a new life, live under a new name! "BobPants SpongeSquare". Yeah, that’s good.

  • Sandy: Ooh, that's got to hurt.

Patrick: Do it again! I wasn't looking!

  • SpongeBob: You know, tails are so overrated. Let's just forget about it and go home. I've got ice cream! With nuts... Sandy, this is your pappy speaking, and I forbid you to go after this worm! Y'all come back here, young lady!

Sandy: You ain't my pa!

Favorite Spongebob episodes (ranked)

9.Rise and Shine

8.Krusty Krab Training Video


6.Tea at the Treedome


4.Spy Buddies

3. I Had an Accident


1.Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm


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