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ALT Ending to The Sad Story of Henry

Best Characters

Sandy stock art This user is a fan of Sandy Cheeks.
"I'm hotter than a hickory smoked sausage!"

Rat Is God

Unnamed rat This user is a fan of the rat.
"You've got rats in the kitchen!"

Worst Characters

Eugene H. Krabs

Patrick Star

Please Read!

Hello, i just want to say that i am not Because he is one of my 2 younger brothers, the three of us share the same computer, so we share the same IP address ok.

Other Shows I watch

Stressed Eric

The Simpsons

My Favourite Episode of all TIME

Appointment TV


Season Rankings To Be Updated.

Here are my Rankings of the Seasons:

Real name: Max
Age: Not Telling but I am Over 13
Birthday: Not Telling
Gender: Male
Joined: September 10th 2019
Species: Human
Residence: Glasgow, Scotland
Other names: Scummy, ScumBoB, ScumBoBBy
Personality: Funny, Cool Guy
User rights: I Am at 1,000 edits
Occupation: Watching Animation
Friends: Nearly Everyone
Relationship: With Big Lips Here ----------) *3*

Userboxes I Have

Screenshot 2015-04-20-21-59-42-1 This user has won the Blind Test Award in Cans48's game Back in Time
Larry's Gym 132 ScummiestoftheBoBs Drinks Larry the Lobster's tears.
ScummiestoftheBoBs has done 1000 edits!

Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle title card ScummiestoftheBoBs has won IloGaming4's The Bikini Bottom Triangle.
Patty vault 29 ScummiestoftheBoBs has won SpongeBob13579's game, The Krabby Patty Rescue with the ending: Losing the Lobsters!
Patty vault 29 ScummiestoftheBoBs has won SpongeBob13579's game, The Krabby Patty Rescue with the ending: Saving Your Chum From the Chum Bucket!
Sing a Song of Patrick 091 ScummiestoftheBoBs has won TheElectricMarioFan296’s quiz, The SpongeBob Quiz.
Best Day Ever 25 ScummiestoftheBoBs has won Super Mario Odyssey's game The Best Day Ever
Handemonium 300 This user has won Cmcgrath26's game Handemonium.
HaveYouSeenThisSnail SpongeBob and Gary Surrounded by Hearts This user has won TifiSponge's game Have You Seen This Snail?
ROAR!!!! This user has won Pizute991's game Whelk Attack.
SpongeBobComicsNo34 This user has won Regawin 2.0's game, SpongeBob's Wacky Adventure.
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