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Welcome to my userpage! Click those tabs at the top for my opinions and other stuff. My userpage is currently under construction, and probably will be for a while.

Also see my main image project, in which I (and you, too, if you want to help) try to choose a single image to sum up each episode: User:Scrooge200/Episode Main Images

I am a professional gallery-doer and I mostly use Amazon-quality episodes. Here are the galleries I have done:

  1. The Googly Artiste
  2. Sing a Song of Patrick
  3. Krusty Krab Training Video
  4. Chum Bucket Supreme
  5. To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants
  6. SpongeHenge
  7. Hocus Pocus
  8. Move It or Lose It
  9. Pressure
  10. Mall Girl Pearl
  11. Squirrel Record
  12. Idiot Box
  13. Squid Wood
  14. To Save a Squirrel
  15. Waiting
  16. Professor Squidward
  17. I'm with Stupid
  18. Wishing You Well
  19. The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom
  20. Sponge-Cano!
  21. SpongeBob's Last Stand
  22. Earworm
  23. Bummer Vacation
  24. New Digs
  25. Born to Be Wild
  26. The Original Fry Cook
  27. Le Big Switch
  28. I ♥ Dancing
  29. Bucket Sweet Bucket
  30. Patrick SmartPants
  31. The Sponge Who Could Fly
  32. That Sinking Feeling
  33. What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?
  34. Plankton's Army
  35. Best Frenemies
  36. The Fry Cook Games
  37. Krabby Land
  38. The Algae's Always Greener
  39. Single Cell Anniversary
  40. Greasy Buffoons
  41. Good Ol' Whatshisname
  42. Driven to Tears
  43. Wigstruck
  44. Rule of Dumb
  45. Best Day Ever
  46. Mrs. Puff, You're Fired
  47. The Inmates of Summer
  48. Squid on Strike
  49. Not Normal
  50. The Slumber Party
  51. The Inside Job
  52. Just One Bite
  53. Buried in Time
  54. Enchanted Tiki Dreams
  55. New Leaf
  56. Kracked Krabs
  57. Yours, Mine and Mine
  58. Mermaid Pants
  59. Snowball Effect
  60. Procrastination
  61. Breath of Fresh Squidward
  62. Stanley S. SquarePants
  63. To Love a Patty
  64. All That Glitters
  65. Hello Bikini Bottom!

This is where I write
Haikus 'bout each episode.
They are down below:

Season 1

Help Wanted title card The first episode
But is it any good? Yes.
Start of Season 1.
Reef Blower title card This one is silent.
It is a nice change of pace.
Strangely, it's a short.
Tea at the Treedome title card Debut of Sandy.
Definitely don't need it.
When in doubt, pinky out.
Bubblestand title card SpongeBob blows bubbles.
Lessons are 25 cents.
Squidward joins in, too.
Ripped Pants title card SpongeBob rips his pants.
The joke becomes overused.
He pretends to drown.
Jellyfishing title card It's forgettable.
What happened in this one again?
I can't remember.
Plankton! title card This episode's name
has an exclamation point!
That is kind of strange.
Naughty Nautical Neighbors title card "I know what to do.
But I should wash my hands first."
Squidward's life is saved.
Boating School title card Testing testing test.
Aaaaaaah! Test! Test! Test! Testing! Test!
I think I cheated!
Pizza Delivery title card Krusty Krab pizza
is for you and me. But it's
for the customer.
Home Sweet Pineapple title card SpongeBob's pineapple
gets eaten by nematodes.
Looks for somewhere new.

Season 11

Cave Dwelling Sponge On a nature hike.
Patrick gets stuck to the ice.
SpongeBob helps him out.
The Clam Whisperer Lots and lots of clams
migrate to SpongeBob's front yard.
Poop on Squidward's house.
Spot Returns Spot is back again.
This one is about his children.
Whatever. It's still good.
The Check-Up So what can you say
about such an episode?
I don't really know.
Spin the Bottle Plankton episode
This time, he is a genie.
It's pretty funny.
There's a Sponge in My Soup The "smashed potatoes
that look like Squidward" still are
an article. Why?
Bubbletown A town of bubbles.
SpongeBob pops everything.
So he goes to jail.
The String SpongeBob pulls a string.
It unravels forever.
Destroys reality.

Season 12

FarmerBob SpongeBob on a farm.
And hilarity ensues.
Patrick is here too.
Gary & Spot TC Gary and Spot go
to visit the Krusty Krab, and
Sandy narrates it.
The Nitwitting HD There's that gross jar scene.
But it's better in context.
Not spit, lemonade.
The Ballad of Filthy Muck Filthy Muck has a
song about how bad he smells.
Just like Ciullo.
The Krusty Slammer (Title Card) Prison is more fun
when SpongeBob is around. But
Krabs does not like this.
PP RV Has this one aired yet?
No, not at this point in time.
And it likely won't.
Gary's Got Legs TC Gary gets some legs.
SpongeBob loses legs and arms.
Mr. Krabs fixes it all.
King Plankton (Title Card) Plankton rules over
a kingdom of sea monkeys.
Tongue! Tongue! Tongue! Tongue! Tongue!
Plankton's Old Chum TC Chum Day is Christmas
Chum chum chum chum chum chum chum
Chum chum chum chum chum
Senior Discount (Title Card) Old Man Jenkins is
now refusing to leave.
Respect yer elders!

  • Bulletin Board - Predictable, out-of-character for Patrick, and a clear analogy of online bullying.
  • Artist Unknown - Cruel, boring, and unfunny.
  • Something Smells - Repetitive and depressing.
  • Band Geeks - This one is just bad.
  • Clams - Forgettable, strangely terrifying (see: Squidward's nose being ripped off), and boring.
  • Chatterbox Gary - Disappointing. Gary stops talking halfway through the episode, so what's even the point?
  • Boating School - Forgettable and annoying. Also, may I point out that Patrick reads SpongeBob's diary in this episode (and laughs!) and nobody cared, yet everybody hates Little Yellow Book?
  • New Student Starfish - I have always hated this one. It's not funny and SpongeBob and Patrick feel really out-of-character.

Season 1

Arrgh! title card
F.U.N. title card
Least Favorite


The Krusty Bucket 138


Senior Discount 041


Breakin' 063


A Cabin in the Kelp 172


Lady turtles feeding patrick


SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout 113


The Nitwitting 157


The Ghost of Plankton 059


Karen's Baby 026


Stormy Weather 110


Dirty Bubble Returns 106


Gary & Spot 119


Insecurity Guards 052


King Plankton 136


Mind the Gap 069


The Krusty Slammer 049


SpongeBob in RandomLand 071


Handemonium 246


One Trick Sponge 091


Bubble bass and patrick running2


My Two Krabses 141


Gary's Got Legs 046


Sandy's Nutty Nieces 017


The Hankering 036


The Ballad of Filthy Muck 075


The Goofy Newbie 087


Broken Alarm 028




SpongeBob's Bad Habit 054


PineappleRV 00066


Hotel Halibut lobby


Squid's on a Bus 062


Plankton's Old Chum 143




FarmerBob 071


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