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Role in the Fandom

Riolulover2004 is a user that goes to the Encyclopedia Spongebobia but he's in the Riolu and Lucario species. He's pretty inactive in the ESB chat and sometimes on discussions because he is also a bit busy.


. His favorite is drawing Pokémon and edit on articles so he can get 1,000 edits badge. He doesn't like to get mad for a bunch of users that acts like a nuisance.

Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

Considered as a SpongeBob fan since July 2012, he joined on this wiki in October 8 2019. In January 10 2020, he is considered the highest Riolu user on this wiki in edits, and discussion posts, but he is still considered to be Newbie.

Pokémon wiki

Considered to be a Riolu in the fandom he draws Pokémon, a few of his masterpieces like the Lucario, Oshawott, Leavanny, and Chespin drawing that he made it on ibisPaint X.

Creepypasta and Gosheas Lost Episodes wiki

The reason why he made it on both of these wikis because of the newer SpongeBob episode SpongeBob in RandomLand, when Squidward opened a few doors and the last door shows Red Mist Squidward appears on Squidward's room.

Gumball wiki

He is also a Gumball fan since October 2011, one of his favorite shows on Cartoon Network.

Steven Universe Wiki

He is completely unknown to this day, and nowhere to be found on homeworld.


This account was made on September 17 2019 sometimes he agree on his opinions but sometimes he disagree on episodes that he likes.

Anthony2306 as the boss of the administrators he tries to be nice to the administrators, but sometimes when theres a user spamming, inappropriate posts or behavior, and acting like a sock puppet he tells.

League2004 a nice guy and also a friend to the users in discussions until he left in 2020.

Regawin the Astronautor as Regawin 2.0 considered as a friend like League2004 until he left because he lost interest to this wiki.

DyaboytheSBSPfanboy he started acting very since November until he started cussing, other wikis that are against the rules, posting stuff that is not from SpongeBob but from different shows.

King Puma is a nice guy but until Gabe Ruiz started stealing his profile pic, which they both caused a fight. Until later he changed his name into Coopk111.

Gabe Ruiz Gabe Ruiz started acting nice in the beginning until he stole Coopk111's profile pic and starts saying mean things until he got blocked by Anthony2306 for 1 to 2 weeks. His favorites is liking Blaziken and disliking Pokémon Sword and Shield. After the drama he changed his profile pic and its says "Coopk111 bullied me".

"Coopk111 bullied me"

In January 2020 a new rule which Riolulover2004 made is called "Don't steal a user's profile pic".

EmilyHReturns a user that she is considered to be Chat Moderator and Rollback, she can reverse an article everytime she edit something like an episode that is true or an image it changes back. It's frustrating for him.

Persondudes his interest is Super Smash Bros. Since when he join enclopedia SpongeBobia, he added him as his favorite user.

His Milestones

Edits of Riolulover2004 on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia
Total: 1,918
Article: 11,215
Talk: 436
User: 348
User talk:
Project: 33
File: 1,845
File talk:
Template: 135
Template talk:
Category talk:


This user won a Squidward award for being negative on a sunny day
This user won a award for Plankton award for mastering the art of ruling the world


  • Apparently his original name was Alejandro JQ A.K.A. Riolulover2004 but due to the long name it changes Riolulover2004, but in his YouTube channel is still intact.
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