• I live in A place
  • My occupation is Editor on SB Fanon Wikia
  • I am A Triangle
  • Bio Languages:English,Meme culture,Oofish

    Enemies:I would put something here,but I don’t want to trigger the admins,so I’ll just leave this here.
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About Me

Hey,My name is R the Noob,but you can call me-


I'll consider myself out.

Stuff about me:

Languages:English,Meme culture,Oofish

Enemies:Admins that just won't shut up about what I have done wrong

Favorite production music:Steel Sting (b) (sting) Sunny Samoa (actual song that is not a sting)

My Contributions

My Favorite Pages

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My Favorite Episodes

  • Opposite Day
  • Skill Crane
  • A Pal For Gary

lol jk

•Atlantis SquarePantis

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