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Likes Squidward, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, My Singing Monsters franchise, Bloons TD franchise, Wikia (FANDOM), Pre-Movie SpongeBob Era, ...
Dislikes A Pal for Gary, Puffy Fluffy, trolls, spammers, ...
Interests Playing My Singing Monsters (and its sequel), playing games of the Bloons TD franchise, interest in SpongeBob franchise, editing wikis, fascinating at the Alex Voice in Macintosh, making videos
Date Joined October 1, 2014, though I started editing much more in October 4, 2016
Where I live Hamilton, New Zealand
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About Me


SpongeBob MacPants 1 - Is this the Krusty Krab?

DJ talks to Mr Krabs

Wikia stuff

I have been editing Encyclopedia SpongeBobia since I had been new to Wikia. I edit a couple of other wikis, but also editing here occasionally too. Mostly I edit My Singing Monsters Wiki, hence my blue gorilla in headphones profile image, and also Bloons Wiki too.

I have promotions as Content Moderator in Bloons Wiki and My Singing Monsters Wiki.

I also create various animations, such as the animation with the Apple voices as heard on Macintosh computers that you can see at the right (or at the top if you are looking at mobile).

Note that I have grown up mostly in small wikis, less so large wikis like this one. So I may sometimes forget certain procedures for big-wiki sorts of thing. Also, sometimes I may make poor grammar accidentally of unintention to type quicker.

I had been editing a lot earlier, but have edited much more strongly since October 4th 2016. Funny that I met the Halloween art some time around October 15th or so, rapidly changing in 5:20 UTC November 1st 2016.

SpongeBob stuff

I watched SpongeBob since I was younger, maybe since 2005 or something like that, and since have related aspects of life quite well. I even watch SpongeBob nowadays (mostly between 2016-2018), though I do this mostly for helping improve this wiki more easily. But sometimes I may watch just for fun.

My first episode I don't specifically remember. However, one of the first episodes I remember watching was Opposite Day. And I confused this as the first SpongeBob episode, even though Help Wanted is a lot earlier than that.

My favorite episodes are really difficult choose from as to pick one single most favorite. However, I do enjoy many Krusty Krab and/or Plankton episodes quite well. I don't seem to enjoy pet-related episodes, and I seem to dislike this episode type the most, especially the dreaded Season 7 pet torture episode (Shall I say it? No, so figure out yourself).

I enjoy editing this wiki for the purpose of both just helping the wiki and for helping to aid my understanding and enjoyment of SpongeBob. I edit best on galleries and transcripts, but also APM stuff too, though I am best in galleries.

The SpongeBob MacPants Universe

I created my own version of SpongeBob SquarePants called "SpongeBob MacPants", involving a bunch of mostly logos of famous companies and/or their products. They are represented as (so far):

  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Macintosh's Finder (sometimes White Chess Bishop instead)
  • Patrick Star - Macintosh Classic "Classic Mac"
  • Squidward Tentacles - Windows Vista
  • Mr. Krabs - Apple's logo "Mr Apple"
  • Plankton - Internet Explorer
  • Gary - Windows XP Recycle Bin
  • Mrs. Puff - Pixar Lamp
  • Squilliam - Windows 7
  • Jellyfish - Flying smartphone blueprints

My Singing Monsters stuff

I do mention a lot about My Singing Monsters, so don't worry if I mention so much of that stuff.

Basically in My Singing Monsters, you breed and buy monsters that sing and play music. The aim is to build your own monster orchestra, but the way you do so is up to you.

For more info of this MSM stuff, see this link at My Singing Monsters Wiki.

Other personal stuff I'd like to share

I am in real-life a New Zealand teenage boy, passionate in SpongeBob, My Singing Monsters, and Bloons TD 5.

I play the cello since 2010, after not enjoying the violin's shoulder rests. I play the piano, but not to a high extent. I will play the clarinet from mid-April 2017, with inspiration of Squidward and so I can exercise my tummy muscles (don't want a potbelly).

The spam can image, at least the most similar to the one I uploaded

Some time in 2014 or 2015, I uploaded a picture of a can of spam in transparent form on Wikipedia. It got deleted a few years later, on late-2019, because it was found to be copied from a website with only a transparency added. But yeah, I got credited for making the transparent spam can. Wow. If you're really curious, search "Qwertyxp2000" on Google and then you can find a can of spam credited to me under that same name.


Qwertyxp2000 the second
Qwertyxp2000 the second is a discussion mod on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia and an admin of Bloons Wiki and My Singing Monsters Wiki. In Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, he monitors the comment sections of every article he explores, as well as occasionally checks the forums. His motivation for the wiki is driven primarily by editing wiki articles and expanding episode galleries.
Message Wall

In 2019, Crewcards were developed. Here is my Crewcard for reference of my intentions for the wiki.

My wordbubble

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Qwertyxp2000 the second Qwertyxp2000 II (talk | contribs)
I am a Rare Deedge, with the greatest contributions of adding images to galleries in order to make them complete plotwise.


My Contributions

My Favorite Pages

Episode preferences


I have various favorites, mostly from Seasons 1-3.


I did not like much of the "New SpongeBob" episodes, but my least favorites...

Scenes I like

  • "Is mayonnaise an instrument?" scene
  • "May I take your hat sir" scene
  • Deleted scene in Just One Bite
  • "Claustrophobia" scene
  • The Ugly Barnacle scene
  • Barnacle Chips scene

Scenes I dislike

  • Scenes pertaining to scariness of Puffy Fluffy.
  • The scary Patrick face when he holds his face for long.
  • SpongeBob's creepy breathing close-up in Tutor Sauce.
  • Plankton's attempt suicidal acts and Mr. Krabs's laughing at Plankton in One Coarse Meal.
  • SpongeBob breaking his knuckles
  • SpongeBob suddenly changing to really upset crying face in "Karate Choppers"
  • I don't know what else.... Got ideas?
  • SpongeBob "plad" scene and the "chicken cluck" of "Little Yellow Book".

Most Favorite Episodes

Some seasons were very hard to decide, particularly Season 1, 2 and 3, since many of my favorites are at those seasons, and also Seasons 6, 7 and 8 because of their notorious reputation.

Note that I haven't seen certain episodes, but I do feel they are good by interest by articles in the wiki.

I haven't seen Season 10 at all, but I feel one better than the other by article interest.

Season 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
1 Bubblestand Opposite Day Naughty Nautical Neighbors
2 Band Geeks Jellyfish Hunter Something Smells
3 Chocolate With Nuts Krab Borg Wet Painters
4 Wishing You Well Skill Crane The Thing
5 Friend or Foe The Donut of Shame Sing a Song of Patrick
6 Suction Cup Symphony Single Cell Anniversary Krusty Krushers
7 Karate Star I ♥ Dancing The Inside Job
8 Karen 2.0 Chum Fricassee tba
9A Evil Spatula tba tba
9B Patrick! The Game Sold! The Whole Tooth
10 Unreal Estate Burst Your Bubble Patrick's Coupon
11 Spot Returns
(As of early release)
The Checkup
(As of early release)
Spin the Bottle
(As of early release)
Other mentions Krusty Krab Training Video Culture Shock Arrgh!
Other mentions Imitation Krabs No Weenies Allowed Pranks a Lot

Least Favorite Episodes

Season 7 is easy to find worst, but I found some difficult, like Seasons 1, 2 and 3. For Seasons 1-3, I found the ones I didn't appreciate the best. For all others, even though I haven't seen some episodes before but feel are very bad episodes, they are whatever is worst.

Season 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
1 Fools in April I Was a Teenage Gary The Chaperone
2 Dumped No Free Rides Prehibernation Week
3 Doing Time Party Pooper Pants The Great Snail Race
4 All That Glitters Once Bitten Mrs. Puff, You're Fired
5 To Love a Patty Banned in Bikini Bottom The Krusty Plate
6 Shuffleboarding The Splinter Truth or Square
7 A Pal for Gary Yours, Mine and Mine Stuck in the Wringer
8 Demolition Doofus Pet Sitter Pat Accidents Will Happen
9a Squid Baby SpongeBob You're Fired Eek, an Urchin!
9b Mutiny on the Krusty tba tba
10 Out of the Picture Lost and Found Life Insurance
Other mentions Someone's in the
Kitchen with Sandy
Big Sister Sam TBA

Episodes I like that many dislike

Season 1-3

  • Nature Pants – Honestly, this episode shouldn't really be hated upon. I enjoy seeing Mr. Krabs genuinely caring about SpongeBob's life, advising him with genuinely useful information about how to live in the real world. This episode is actually nice to watch for me.
  • Squeaky Boots – The Mr. Krabs' fear of the squeaking is very funny and not annoying.
  • Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost – This may be Squidward's first major antagonism, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying how he is being interacted by SpongeBob and Patrick! They make really funny acts towards Squidward, especially when Patrick was feeding Squidward a whole watermelon into his mouth. Those things make me laugh, and are good enough to make me enjoy the episode.
  • I'm With Stupid – I enjoy seeing intelligence of Patrick. I understand he is really bullyish, but the jokes are nothing worse than a simple long-lasting bullying. No dark themes or inappropriate themes though. He was acting smart, smarter than he really is, to impress his (fake) parents, even though he showed some jerkishness. Credit him though, because his fake parents had started the rise of breaking SpongeBob's last straw of tolerance.
  • Ugh – Forget the primitive behavior being a nuisance to enjoyability; the scenes in the episode are so funny! Especially how the weird primitive behavior is so enjoyable to watch, as well as a wide variety of memorable scenes!
  • Born Again Krabs – I actually LOVE seeing Mr. Krabs being the expensive-bicycle (anti-cheapskate) he is while he is still in his dreamy mind. I also really like the way Mr. Krabs reacts when he suddenly realizes he is awake from his dream, which he had since he was sleeping in hospital after having eaten a rotten Krabby Patty patty. Most of all, the scenes about Mr. Krabs trying to reverse his expensive-bicycleness are really funny, especially the reversal of Harold watching the TV!
  • Krabby Land – It's so funny when Mr. Krabs acts all cheap-skatedly, like how stupid is it not to notice the cheapness of dressing yourself in front of kids with a blue-painted tomato as a clown nose and a cheap tie to pretend to be a clown, for example? SpongeBob's attempting to amuse the kids was funny too, as his entertaining seemed pretty entertaining to me. Best part is in the end, where SpongeBob and the kids are free, and that Mr. Krabs is punished with lima beans! Especially "Gimme some of that green stuff!" and "No, not that green stuff! Noooooo!".
  • The Sponge Who Could Fly - With exception of Patchy overreacting to the terribleness of the "fake" lost episode, as well as exception of Bikini Bottomites being jerks about either laughing at "bird man" SpongeBob or mother-begging flying SpongeBob to do unnecessary deeds, I actually enjoy this episode. The three exclusive SpongeBob songs in the episode are really charming to listen to and watch. And good morals in that episode too. But however, the Patchy bits aren't really that interesting, with exception to a few minor parts of the Patchy bits.

Season 4-5

  • Squidtastic Voyage - I like this episode. I enjoy the interesting exploration of Squidward.
  • That's No Lady - I enjoy how the topic about trans people are being shown without getting into controversial detail. Best of all is how interesting everyone is believing Patricia is a real girl, until she reveals herself to be Patrick.
  • The Thing – Abusing an animalistic person people think? Well at least SpongeBob and Patrick don't act like jerks. In fact, they enjoy having "Smelly", of which they don't know him as Squidward, even when Squidward doesn't like the stuff they are doing. It was interesting about their new interaction with a new animal friend. At least those animalistic person abuse parts aren't recurringly occurring. In fact, I enjoy the episode very much, especially the end ending, in particular when reaching the real Smellies and having Kelpy J play the clarinet very well, breaking apart the cement.
  • Squid Wood – I don't know why exactly, but I tend to find the Squidward interaction with the Squidward puppet interesting.
  • Fungus Among Us – I get it is gross, and I do agree, but at least the ending was great. Gary finally is allowed to clean up the disgusting fungus by eating the fungus. He is happy, and so is SpongeBob. Double-win in the end, though double-lose at the start.
  • Boat Smarts – I enjoy how Squidward does his good driving, showing Boat Smarts, and the contrast to SpongeBob. It has educational on tips of driving, and even though I didn't like the Squidward torture in the episode, I still enjoyed viewing Squidward doing his good driving.
  • Breath of Fresh Squidward – It isn't disturbing; it's just reversal of personalities. At least there isn't dark themes there. It was interesting how SpongeBob personality Squidward and vice versa were like. Though I didn't like the further jerk factor of later in the episode, the ending was great because it shows they are all back to normal.

Seasons 6-8

  • Suction Cup Symphony – Credit how more justifiable the Squidward pain and the general craziness is. Also credit that there are a lot larger number of memorable moments there are, especially about Squidward's tiredly insane or insanely tired face. But most of all, I especially love the music Squidward performs!
  • Cephalopod Lodge – To be honest, despite Squidward's unfair "torture", this episode actually is pretty significantly relatable to my life. Secret happiness can be turned into dull disappointment all because other people question the unusual happiness, and this strongly applies to when I play my devices. I get disappointed when I ban my devices, but I get secretly happy from playing other devices, but if I reveal any instances of this then I would get major disappointment when they ban even more devices. It reminds me that everyone would have some form of secret happiness destroyed by people attempting to invade one's personal pleasures. And I feel just like how Squidward feels.
  • Tentacle-Vision – TBA.
  • I ♥ Dancing – TBA.
  • Karate Star – Patrick might act like a jerk with the karate, he actually admits having bad behavior and attempts to fix those mistakes, which is rare for Season 4-8.
  • Are You Happy Now? – With a mature approach, and even though this may not be applicable to kids, I feel that it really is difficult to find a way out of depression but can only be fixed by one's own will to find a suitable happiness. And Squidward finally found a way to be happy again by being abusive to SpongeBob manikins. While that itself isn't the best way, but it sure shows that it is better to let the person try to find his way out of depression rather than forcing that person out of depression.

Seasons 9-10

  • Little Yellow Book – This is one of those episodes I can easily relate to. Regardless of how such jerk Squidward is, we can learn from Squidward that breaking people's privacy, even if only reading another's diary permissionless, then that would lead to serious consequences on that one person's public reputation. Most funny is how the Squidward torture is actually worth putting into the episode, especially when Squidward has been jerk to SpongeBob. And I also enjoy Squidward's reactions while SpongeBob isn't around him, especially the "golden flash" of the diary, Squidward's initial laughing reactions to the diary. But of course, I didn't like how Squidward was taking the reading of SpongeBob's diary too far. At least the Squidward torture is worth the behavior of Squidward himself to SpongeBob.
  • Patrick! The Game – I loved how Patrick was using his Patrick intelligence to get his amazing game running, with the help of Sandy. SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy all have their characters, and all character portrayals and statuses (such as very minimal Squidward torture) are well-balanced. Overall, this helped me have faith in New SpongeBob.
  • Snooze You Lose – Heck, I actually found this episode amazing! Squidward's interesting sleeping routine was quite a nice routine to see. Squid Monster was also interesting to watch because of how this monster based upon Squidward actually reacts to musical things, and especially how the Squid Monster actually manages to play the "buildinganet". Best of all is how interesting the Angry Maestro is with his quite amazing reactions to good and bad music. Though there is an even better scene about the effects of the real Squidward playing clarinet being horrible and those reactions of breaking glass and building destroyment is so funny!
  • Patrick's Coupon – Such a sweet episode to see another episode focusing on primarily Patrick, who in this episode desires to get the best ice cream with his free coupon for exclusively his best friend SpongeBob. I also enjoy how the two starfish Patrick and Ice Cream King interact with their clever dumbness to interact in a positive way. I especially enjoy how Patrick, even though had gotten a melted ice cream when he arrived back at SpongeBob's house, that there was a Mr. Krabs hand still on the ice cream, presumably from Mr. Krabs' greed! And especially of especially SpongeBob and Patrick still having mutual friendship even when things go somewhat wrong for them, because SpongeBob gotten an even better and larger ice cream that both of them can share!

Episodes I dislike that many like

Season 1-3

  • MuscleBob BuffPants – I didn't like how SpongeBob was listening to a stupid "wimpy-wimpy-wimpy" ad that makes him want to show off fake muscles. Contradicts Ripped Pants.
  • Prehibernation Week – I didn't like the extreme sports parts, and I didn't like how so much hassle has to be done just because of too much extreme sports. But at least there is a well-done message there...
  • Doing Time – Plot is far too confusing. I didn't even understand the entire plot of this episode until reading it on wiki. Even watching it again I found the plot confusing.

Seasons 4-5

  • Mrs. Puff, You're Fired – I didn't like how illogical it was for SpongeBob to drive well with eyes closed but not with open eyes! That is blatantly obvious, gosh!
  • Once Bitten – Zombies? Mad snail disease? Mad Gary? Outright gross to me! Maybe not as gross as The Splinter, but it is not pleasant to watch for the 11 minutes!
  • Krusty Plate – Why would you just go use so much energy and resources as well as risking the entire restaurant just to get one plate completely tip-top shape?

Season 9-10

  • Lost and Found – I really didn't like the Squidward torture. Squidward did not deserve his box of lost clarinets to be crushed, nor did he deserve to be stuck in "the lost world" of the dinosaurs. No, Squidward doesn't deserve this torture, and he did nothing wrong to do so.
  • Out of the Picture – Out of all Season 10 episodes, I found this the worst so far (as far as seen). I really didn't like how Squidward was continually being desired to be, subliminally, killed to get more monetary value in Squidward's paintings. Also, House of Horror Part 5 didn't play in the right form of situation, being used in only a minor fear, rather than major fear, and overall that music didn't play at the right occasion. Wouldn't recommend it in my opinion.

Episodes I like that others like

Seasons 1-3

  • Help Wanted – The original episode; original characterization, original plot, original creator, original locations, original jokes. The basis of every good SpongeBob episode.
  • Band Geeks – The ultimate episode of SpongeBob. Amazing character balance, amazing music, and of course, I love music-centered episodes (or at least most of them).

Episodes I dislike that others dislike

Season 6-8

  • Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful – I didn't really enjoy Squidward being teased by Squilliam about Squidward having to do community service. Though much worse is when the policeman, Officer John, is always giving punish tickets for every single "littering" Squidward does. But hey, at least A Pal for Gary is worse than this.
  • A Pal for Gary – Urrgh! I just HATE the disgusting beast called Nudibranches, and I hate the episode more when people talk about how SpongeBob had been a total jerk, and in particular the second-half of the episode. To me, all bad episodes combined is better than this episode.
  • Demolition Doofus – Even though I never recall watching it in childhood, what people are saying about it and the content involved in it make me want to avoid this episode altogether. Especially a well-developed recurring character wanting to KILL the protagonist of the show! Darn you Mrs. Puff.

Hateable episodes that deserve hate but are overhated

Seasons 6-8

  • One Coarse Meal – Bad episode, but not the most terrible. Torture of your rivals and a truly evil boss is bad, but you can explore other bad aspects from many other episodes. Variety of disgraceable aspects is everywhere around you. Don't just stick to one measly aspect of an episode; episodes with their variety of bad aspects are everywhere around you.

Seasons 9-11

Whole episode ratings

Will add later.

Episode PosNegs

"PosNegs" are basically screenshot portrayals of the episode in a positive light and a negative light using respective screenshots that reflect such light.

For example, for The Sponge Who Could Fly, to reflect the episode in a positive light I would put a happy flying SpongeBob during the "I Could Fly!" song to portray the best light of the episode; in contrast, I'd put a scene of rioting Bikini Bottomites to reflect the negative light of the episode.

Or another example, I'm With Stupid. While I really enjoy this episode, I do acknowledge that there are very negative scenes too, such as the scene where Marty and Janet are laughing weirdly, perfectly reflecting the dark side of the episode. While I am not offended by the episode's negative scenes, such scenes do show the dark side of the episode. The positive light though is probably more difficult to convince, despite how much I love this episode.

Sample PosNegs

Episode Best Positive Worst Negative
I'm With Stupid I'm with Stupid 071.png I'm with Stupid 168.png
The Sponge Who Could Fly 059 - The Sponge Who Could Fly (0494).jpg 059 - The Sponge Who Could Fly (0727).jpg

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