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I used to watch SpongeBob a lot from 2010 to 2011 on YTV while I was still in Canada (and I am pretty sure I watched the episodes out of premiere order). However, since I could not find any channels airing SpongeBob when I moved to my current location, Thailand, I stopped watching the show and eventually (almost) stopped watching TV altogether two years after. Nonetheless, my love for SpongeBob remains forever in my heart.

I came here not only to join discussions because I love SpongeBob, but also to fix articles.

Two Notes About Me

1. Yes, I am South Korean by origin, and Korean is my de jure mother tongue. However, I moved out of Korea at a very early age and thus never attended any Korean schools. Moreover, I have difficulty typing in Korean. So please do not ask me how I am not a native speaker of Korean.

2. I have lived in Montréal for eight years; hence, I am Québecois. However, my elementary school was an English school and French was taught as a second language. After moving to Thailand, I stopped learning French for a very long time, until I started catching up on my French. So please do not even bother questioning how French is not my second native language.

Nonetheless, please do feel free to talk to me in French if you want.

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