Nintendo Bro 32

aka Dane

  • I was born on May 29
  • My occupation is Playing video games, I like editing on wikis.
  • I am Male

My name is Nintendo Bro 32, but you can just call me Dane! I am a SpongeBob fan and I am happy to be here on the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia wiki! If you have any questions message me on my message wall. Have a nice day, and remember kids, do not troll!

I think the beginning is important to know, as my trolling was one of the most infamous events in ESB 2017. So, let me tell you the story: So it was the summer of 2017. I don't remember much from the beginning, but let's just jump straight to the important stuff. So I'm pretty sure this happened in June 2017, but I received a chat ban for 3 days for flooding (I believe). However, this was not just some ordinary chat ban, this was a crazy chat ban! I started making all these alts to troll the wiki for my 3 days chat ban. However, since I was a bit stupid back then, I never was able to hide the fact that it was me. So then, I got a block on ESB for about 5 months or something until October 2017. October 2017 came, I got global blocked for sockpuppeting (I believe from then until summer 2018). So yeah, I'm glad to say that none of this will happen again. And the lesson we learned: patience is key.

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i got the 1,640,000th edit :D!

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