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Ahoy there, Mr. Unknown! I'm Nick mick, a big Greek fanatic of Nicktoons (and first of all SpongeBob SquarePants) and I'm here to help Encyclopedia SpongeBobia!
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Bob Sfoungarakis
List of DVDs
SpongeBob Gold
List of season 9 episodes

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Some titles I mention below have also links with the openings of the VHSes I have uploaded on YouTube.

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  • Fantasia
  • Aladdin (some video is scrapped from the tape's age)
  • The Lion King (see opening)
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwafs
  • Mickey & Company
  • Donald & Company
  • Donald's Birthday Bash
  • Pocahontas (see opening)
  • Toy Story (see opening)
  • The Little Mermaid: Stormy: The Wild Seahorse (Greek Subtitles)
  • Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

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  • Pinnochio
  • Fantasia 2000
  • The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
  • Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas (see opening)
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
  • Everybody Loves Mickey
  • Home on the Range
  • Beauty and the Beast: Special Edition
  • Cinderella: Special Edition
  • Bambi
  • The Sleeping Beauty
  • Around the World with Timon and Pumbaa
  • Disney's Fables: Volume 3
  • Piglet's Big Movie
  • The Magical World of Winnie the Pooh: All for One, One for All
  • A Very Merry Pooh Year

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  • The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina

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Few of them are somehow scratched ;(

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  • Dinosaur (reprint)
  • Hercules (reprint)
  • A Bug's Life (reprint)

Nick mick Sentence WDHE.png

  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire (reprint)
  • Atlantis: Milo's Return
  • Robin Hood: Special Edition (also known as Most Wanted Edition; reprint)*
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Tarzan 2*
  • Alice in Wonderland (2-disc special "Un-Anniversary"; ONLY the first one; reprint)
  • Cars
  • Lilo and Stitch (reprint)
  • The Magical World of Winnie the Pooh: Share Your World
  • Tarzan (2-disc edition; ONLY the first one; reprint)

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  • Dumbo (70-year anniversary)
  • The Aristocats (Special Edition)
  • Wall-e (2-disc Special Edition; ONLY the first one; reprint)
  • Tinker Bell
  • Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
  • Toy Story 2
  • Tangled
  • Toy Story 3
  • Walt Disney Animated Classics: Classic Short Films Part 3 - The Prince and the Pauper
  • Walt Disney Animated Classics: Classic Short Films Part 4 - The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Marry Poppins
  • A Christmas Carol
  • A Cars Toon: Matter Tales

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  • Oliver Twist (Filmation movie; VHS)

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I like many episodes on the series, but the best Seasons are 1, 8 and especially 3 and 9B. My best (with my memorable quotes) are listed below.

Nick mick Sentence LeastFavorite.png

I continue believing that the worst season is Season 6 and I still hate both of the TV-movies. Here are my least favorite episodes, with reasons why. The list features also episodes I found to be middle-of-the-road.

Titlecard Title Airdate(s)
Season 2
Dumped March 5, 2001
It's not that it's terrible or anything, but it's really forgettable. So yeah, I guess I kinda agree with Tyler on his decision to have it the highest on his top 100 worst list.
Season 5
Funny Pants.jpg
Funny Pants September 30, 2005
I agree with Tyler. SpongeBob was really annoying in this episode. Even with episodes like "Good Neighbors", at least it didn't feel like the writers weren't trying at all (unlike later seasons). Mediocre.
Atlantis SquarePantis.jpg
Atlantis SquarePantis
(as I call it "Aliens, Underwater Aliens and a terrible musical")
November 12, 2007 (USA)
November 13, 2007 (Canada)

OK, so, this so-called movie came at a time Nickelodeon was trying (way too hard) to promote special after special. Such attempts included DVD releases to probably fool people into thinking that those specials had that direct-to-video movie feel, segments dedicated to the specials themselves (Whoopi Goldberg desperately wanting to see SpongeBob's lost episode and Tony Hawk trying to fing Gary the Snail along with Patchy while also hammering in facts about places all over the world, being perfect examples), contests, hunge-sounding names, like Mystery with a Twistery, Clash of Triton, some really good video games, and more...

And my god, there's not a single better way to represent marketing at it's "finest", than Atlantis SquarePantis. Despite originally gaining a rating of 9.22 million viewers, the highest audience in the history of the show, it went on to be described one of the worst episodes of the show, ever!!!! I guess people like Mr. Enter (a reviewer who I personally really like, despite not agreeing in everything with him) were the ones who made the episode receive a much larger criticism than ever before, and I wouldn't lie, if I'd ever say I can't blame them.

Now, let's go from the humble beginning... It all started, when a naked Dani Michaeli while having a shower (or so that "ingenius" 22-minute filler behind-the-scenes special tells us), got a brilliant idea! He would make an 11-minute SpongeBob episode, where SpongeBob and Patrick go to Atlantis, and see the oldest living bubble, the world has ever seen! The aim: probably a lot of harmless like most in Seasons 4 and 5 jokes. And hey! Seeing how lots of those jokes, despite not reaching the adult and wacky themes of the original pre-movie era, really worked, people could get a bit hyped about the episode, right?

And now here comes Nick, then led by the "great" Cyma Zarghami, infamously known for making the network way worse with the years passing... well, ok, I should say "a disaster" judging from greenliting pilots with not much of a potential in the first place, and forcing the creator Harvey Beaks to apologize for expressing his ture feelings about yet another awful thing the US network has, which is scheduling, but seeing how many wonderful creators that made hit shows like "TMNT", "Loud House", the 2017-present bumpers in general, and so many more, I just can't really say it. Anyway, the desicion the network had, was to turn it into a made-for-television movie, which is quite funny, seeing how the final product could be easily mistaken for an average SpongeBob episode. Now, here's an upside with the desicion: SpongeBob going to Atlantis can sound like a big adventure, and this could be said as a fun desicion, so the writers could experiment with lots of possiobilities for endless jokes that could be the highlight of the show overall!!! And here's a downside: ....Nick wouldn', and didn't care about the production overall. If they had even taken a look at it, they would at least say "Hey, wouldn't it be better if this needed some fixing, or that was limited a little bit?", not nesecarilly be angry, after all, an episode of SpongeBob won't determine the future of planet earth. But here's the thing, the complete opposite was done here! The network did its best to only market it, and from such a prespective....... it was awesome!! The first memorable thing when thinking about the marketing of the "most special special to ever be called a special", was the video game. And while the home console version was rather quite honest with what the audience would see, the haldheld version had a million times better plot, which even thought mostly served for playability opportunities, I bet it could easily make for the final plot used in the episode. So, next we have kindergarten books, contests for luxurious hotel "Atlantis", a bubble one (Nick.com users would make bubble and a few of them would appear during the end credits of the episode), and to top it all of, a 12-hour marathon, where episodes would be included, judging from the first letter of a word highlighting it. And yes, it was fun, though weirdly enough, The SpongeBob Movie (Plan "Z"), was the first one to appear in it. Now, seeing how this originally made its network premiere at the very end of the Best Day Ever marathon, simply because a movie even the network executives know has a ton of replay value, would make up for the ridiculously little lenght of the BDE episode, that could mean that the TV movie coming, would be some of the best moments in the history of SpongeBob!!

The time finally came. Patchy, as part of an "underwater talk show", along with Potty, were about to give the green light for the episode to premiere, while of course, showing clips of people dancing, including a child that seemed to wait so much for the episode to premiere, HE COULDN'T EVEN GO TO THE TOILET TO PEE!!!!!

"The moment we've been waiting for, has arrived! It's for the world premiere of your favorite new episode, Atlantis SquarePantis!! IT'S GIGANTIS!!!"

The special starts off, with the usual theme song, followed by the usual title card. OK, I can't honestly see something terribly wrong happening....

The movie starts with SpongeBob and Patrick trying to take pictures of bubbles they make. However, when talking a picture of them, they pop, and Patrcik thinks it's the camera to blame.

"Hold on a second, Patrick! It's not the poor camera's fault you can't get a photo. No, it is the very nature of the fragile bubble. Allow me to demonstrate."

And what starts is a song that while a lot of people usually appreciate for its sweet nature, highly don't think this should be the start of the show's first TV movie. My opinion: I don't mind! Like, yes, it's slow, but saying it drawn out, would be a bit too harsh. The song is kinda brief, and it ties with the silly tone the show always had. After all, it's only the start of the episode, there will be surely much more twists and surprises to come! ......rrright?

Ok, so after this song, SpongeBob makes a really huge bubble, that, of course, is able of trapping SpongeBob and Patrick inside, and thus flying all over the city.... it's SpongeBob logic, don't question it. The bubble suddenly pops, and it's a matter of time for Bob and Patrick to realize, that they are in a cave, with a rather mysterious half piece of an amulet.

They go to the Bikini Bottom Museum to find more info about it, as we see Mr. Krabs in th entrance fooling people into thinking you need to pay to enter. Now, this joke is...... pretty meh. Good, I mean, he gets his karma at the end, but it's just not something I would expect from this gigantis TV movie.

The duo starts creating havoc, when Squidward interrupts them, and thinks they stole something from the museum. But little does he know, that they found the other half of the amulet that will guide the whole gang to Atlantis, a never-seen-before place, full of inventions that would make their way to the society of Bikini Bottom. One of their highlights include the oldest living bubble, that SpongeBob and Patrick want to see. And Sandy comes in, which loves science! Mr. Krabs loves money, Squidward loves art, and all those thing will be found at Atlantis!!!

.....why do I feel the movie so far has failed a bit to impress me? I mean, the whole thing just seems, from a teenager's point of view, too corny for SpongeBob.

But, here's what will rise your expectations! When they finally do put the second half with the first one together, a huge cool-looking 3D bus arrives to take them to the destination! Now, they go inside and sit there, as we're ready to see all thouse 3D scenes the crew had made for the pleasure of the audience... almost.

Something you'll notice quickly, is the incredible lack of 3d animation in the special. I mean, if they wanted to include for the 1st time such kind of animation, wouldn't they want to show it in a more incredible way, rather than mostly using it for.... making a massage in Squidward's feet for like 2 secs?? Because...... ehhh?

...when they learn the bus lacks the fuel needed.... Boy, for such a hugh looking civilization, not having fuel in your very own bus, seems like a no-brainer. The gang, somehow pulls this bus out of the museum, and goes to a gas station to fill it, only to learn NOW, that the bus gets its fuel from singing... what, was solar energy and wacky adventures in this bus of wonders (that will surely include some kind of gadgets) more boring, than singing a mediocre song about what the main characters want to see when they go to Atlantis? By the minds of the writers, yes. And it wouldn't be so bad, if anything else ever happened in this bus. Because, when immediately, Patrick forgets what he also wants to sing sbout, the bus loses its fuel (because.... having the bus falling into the ground is much more episodic and surreal- ok, I'll admit it is), and you know what's following. Again, those two jokes of SpongeBob singing a bit off-key, and Squidward blaming the others for ruining the garden of the Atlantean Kingdom, just aren't nearly strong enough, and are not memorable at all.

However, they find that where they arrived, sadly isn't Atlantis, but an alien colony, habituated by creatures that mostly look like they were made by the Mad Doctor, called.... Atlantis. Despite the fact this should get on my nerves, I somehow think that the whole crew did put most of its effort into the I'll admit, quite funny, interesting, and awesome-looking backgrounds of Atlantis, as opposed to everything else in the movie.

And we get introduced to Lord Royal Highness....... really? Like, was this the INTELLIGENT name they gave to the ruler of Atlantis? It's like, yeah, King Neptune would be so stupid to be called like that... Oh, and speaking of King Neptune, not that I'm bothered from it or anything but, why are there 3 DIFFERENT VERSIONS of King Neptune and Atlantis, on the SpongeBob universe????? Anyway, this ones is played by David Bowie, and truth be told, he really did blow on this one. Oh, it's not because he was bad at singing in this or anything, but HE DOESN'T SING!!!! Maybe this had to do with an accident on stage that happened to him around the time the movie aired, but seeing how in SpongeBob there have been tons of celebrity guests like Mark Hamill and Johnny Depp, who have had way less lines than Bowie, and all of their lines not highlighting in the very least their abilities, I think we all know who's to blame for.

And, I'm not kidding here, most of the scenes that follow, are followed by this pattern: 1. Go to a room full of treasures (unpopular cliche in kids' cartoons since the dawn of Willy Wonka), 2. Sing a pretty mediocre, or even awful song. Triple that, and there you go. Most of the special is filled with these for some strange reason.

OK, so, Mr' Krabs song (this is literally what this and the other three are called) is about money (one of the three being a cheapstake songs in seasons 4-5), and..... it's too mediocre to handle. The 3d as I said before, is really bland (and especially off-putting here), and...... yeah, it's bland, I can't even say anything about it!!! Sandy's song is also bland and forgettful, though the crew did an amazing job on the old arcade style!!! Next there's Squidward's Song, which is simply awful (sounds like Rodger Bumpass wrote it on his sleep), and the animation there is unimpressive...

"I'd even look great on the side of your van!"

That's how horrible it is. Oh, and there's Plankton's Song, but it's so dreadful, I won't bother explaining about it any further.

FINALLY after having wasted around 10 minutes on pointless songs that someone could argue they wouldn't even make it to a regular SpongeBob episode, with NO humor whatsoever, LRH finally tell SB and Patrick about that oldest living bubble. I guess that in the middle of talking exposition to them there should be an awesome scene showing how this bubble which meant a lot for them, after such a war about it, remained safe, while also throwing some clever gags. But, judging by the fact even Tom Kenny in an interview mentioned that the show still had a basic cable budget when making this movie (indicating that Nickelodeon would not DARE to give something a little bit more from their precious money, but dare to market something the heck out of it, even if it's awful by the numbers), they instead throw a storyboard image at us. OK, so Patrick and Bob go to see the bubble, they break it (the reactions may get some giggles), and they go to dinner. Everyone seems happy with Atlantis, all but the duo itself, that admits they broke the bubble. What we get is a scene of LRH showing the real bubble (because they like black comedy or something like that), Patrick pops it with his camera again (because I guess that's black comedy), and in a yet again off-putting way, LRH gets mad at them, plus calls his minions to get rid of them! And on top of that, the very brief action scenes are also, you guessed it, BORING!!! Like yeah, Sandy uses the characters as weapons, even though they could, oh I don't know, move their legs (but they don't want to..... no, it's not funny), and, I'm sorry, after passing the last 10 minutes hearing a boredom of mediocre musical numbers, this won't make at any point for what I passed through!!

Then, Pankton stops 'em because he found a tank in Atlantis, and he's ready to blow 'em up!!! To sum up, what happened before: Plankton SOMEHOW gets found on the bus' glovebox door, then gets out with the help of a manual, gets into a room full of battle weapons that Atlanteans as LRH said, don't use anymore, because they don't think problems are solved with this way (which doesn't escuse not looking after them), Plankton gets a tank (which should mean that the citizens should run hyterically to find something to hide), and.... yeah, at one point, seeing the gang getting out of such a situation, seems cool!!

OK, so the 2nd commercial break (or 3rd, I don't care) ends, as we're ready to see Plankton pushing the button, that will activate the tank, that will blow up our beloved characters... actually, that's kinda scary at the same time. So, he pushes it, the tank gets activated, and we find that, the reason Atlanteans don't bother to take care of its weapons, is because, this tank for example, shoots......

ice cream.

.....that's so stupid, not a single word, letter, or sound of miscellanious violence can express my disapointement. Like, yeah, remember the scene with Sandy inside that lab room, where LRH explains how most of the machines there, only have ice cream as a result? That was a clever hint, that this tank also had, ice cream.... Then, how the heck did Antlantis even invent most of the stuff Bikini Bottom uses nowadays????

Plankton becomes the replacement of the oldest bubble, the gang leaves with the bus Atlantis, and all that followed by a bit funny line LRH says: "I thought sponges were supposed to make life easier."

Next, we get a surprisingly pretty emotional song about how the crew feels sad for leaving Atlantis (maybe it's sad because we WANTED to se more of Atlantis), even though going back to Bikini Bottom is the best option and still means the gang will still have adventures that thank Jesus will be better than this piece of boredom......

And no joke, THAT WAS the whole special. This was a hard one. I mean, let aside the fact the movie doesn't even meet the 40 minute requirement (meaning the special lasts 30 minutes).... the plot is boring, the characters are boring, and, amazingly enough, the movie is almost devoid of memorable jokes!!! Most of the jokes in the special are just bits that you forget, once the special ends.

Also, in reruns, there are Patchy segments, which even though they are fine on their own (only in the desert they start slowing down, and the alien stuff (ironic seeing how Atlantis itself looks like an alien colony) is too random), they don"t fit in context of the special.

And to top it all, the behind the scenes special sucks. I mean, even this filler special to fill in the 1 hour runtime in the original airing, consists of mostly filler! Aside from storyboards, early concept art, and surprisingly enough, work made in the Korean studio that animated the show (which is really surprising for Korean studios that usually aren't part of the spotlight), the whole thing is just awkward speeches made by the crew, scenes from Seasons 1-3 episodes, some obvious stuff about voice acting, mentioned better in other specials, and literally the last two steps, Sound and Packinging (?), which are just clips from older eps as said before. Oh, and the narrator manages to make the Ta da da da thing from Krusty Krab Training Video sound awful.

Do I recommend it? Let's just say unless you are a 5-year-old (in which case, this special will seem quite entertaining, and overall harmless; the reason I give it 3 stars), the special will be mostly a waste of time, not only because of the special itself, but because of how much Nickelodeon ridiculously hyped this GIGANTIS event.... No, I don't.

SpongeHenge November 23, 2007
The first thing with the episode, is that it technically IS devoid of jokes. The second, is that the episode is too dramatic for a SpongeBob episode. I mean, the plot is about an old SpongeBob, wasting his entire life on finding a solution to get away from jellyfishes that hunt him in his entirety, just because of the noise his holes produce...... ??????????????????????? Disasteful.
Season 6
The Splinter.png
The Splinter June 2, 2008
Very gross episode, without sense!!
Boating Buddies.jpg
Boating Buddies August 7, 2008
Aside from maybe a few reactions of Squid that made me laugh, they also made me feel REALLY SAD about him. So, the episode is lame, a squid torture one, and too random. Next.
Choir Boys March 20, 2009
Huh?? Choir boys? Yes, YES, those will bring me safely into the paradise Jesus made for me [starts flying, in order to reach the holy sky that will bring him into an infinite life; realizes the episode Tyler is talking about and falls into the empty, abhorrent, devoid of life darkness] NOOOOO, why?? Squid only wanted to be a choir boys, and that devilish sponge makes everything out of his way to make Squid hear his awfuyl singing voice!!! And after pain-inducing scenes, like Squid getting beaten up by jellyfish, when he finally comes into the church to sing, he has a terrible voice, but SpongeBob has an apparently really good one (which, instead of making SpongeBob's awful behaviour in this episode, makes me--- oh oh)... [starts feeling like slowly dying] nooo, this just CAN'T BE MY END. I just wanted to offer something to humanity, but instead, I'm watching this... NOO, WHY IS SPONGEBOB putting such a punishment to Squid in the end??? ahhhhhhhAAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAA
Cephalopod Lodge.jpg
Cephalopod Lodge February 17, 2009
Agreed, it's horrendeously lame. Like if the writers thought that Squidward would enter the lodge, the show would be ruined, like if Mrs. Puff actually gave SpongeBob his driver license. WRONGGG!!! And of course, the rest is too lame for general audiences.
Shuffleboarding February 16, 2009
Kinda bad. First of all, it can be argued that the episode could have been much worse, if the episode was centering aroud shufleboarding. And while the reusage of the everyone-going-in-jail popular among children's cartoons formula brings nothing new into the table, it's... relatively harmless... sort of... okay, maybe a very tiny bit.
Truth or Square.PNG
Truth or Square November 6, 2009

Oh boy........ boy... This, is scum.... I mean, let's talk about it in three parts:

  • Live-action segments: TERRBILE. The heck is that????? First of all, in a lot of shots in them, there wasn't even a tripod to film!!? But that's the least irritating. The first so-drawn-out-I-literally-fell-asleep part of them, includes Patchy entering Nickelodeon Animation Studios, and asking people to come into SB's 10th anniversary special.. WHAT'S SO FUNNY ABOUT THAT. "Hey Fred, do you know in how much of a rad way I spent literally half my day? Working in a call center!!!!!!! HA HAH HA HA HA HAHAAA". I mean, every single celebrity he calls, literally refuses to go to SpongeBob's special, either because they either have something else to do (again, mentioning that you can't do something as awesome as it, because there are other things you scheduled, is SO FUNNY), or get pissed off by Patchy's largely unfunny creepiness!!!! Even Robin Willams himself was having a feeling of being a freaking hostage into the building itself (and if nick thinks thst's funny, then......).
    The second part, which was the only one shown on outside-US show-format versions of this....... movie, includes Patchy finally presenting this extravaganza. However, the show is ruined in the course of what, 2 minutes, the cameraman (or the director, whatever) gets pissed off, and what follows is a lame scene of Patchy suddenly goin into a whale's belly (which strangely enough, doesn't include a Pinocchio reference). He goes on to tell us how SpongeBob was born (or, I should rephrase it, "show a bunch of unfunny scenes where Patrick, Squid and Krabs replace SpongeBob in the theme song, to the abhorrently angry audience wasting its time watching this"), and we even get a, actually, really good song by PiNK, while being once again, kept hostage in the studio. The ending includes Patchy being sneezed out of that whale, lauching him into the studio (?????????) and him dreaming about meeting SpongeBob.....................................
  • Animated ones: While these segments can be alright for general audiences, for SB fans, they are... boring. And frustratingly bad. The whole thing is jokeless (except a few gags, and one about Krab's pocket), and the cutscenes are quite boring... like, did you ever want to see SB sucking on his cord? Or SpongeBob ivading Squid's life? Uhh, not only there are things that are put there, just for the very sake of putting them, and never reappearing again (like that strange security room thing, as if the crew thought Earthbound's strangeness whould be a shame, compared to this.... sellout), but a lot of the cutscenes had some potential to be great, especially if they were heavily linked to events of the previous seasons... in fact, WHY ARE THERE NO SCENES FROM PREVIOUS EPISODES??? I mean, this is SPONGEBOB'S ANNIVERSARY, one that makes fans of the show remembe rall the fun moments that made the show SO SPECIAL (at the very point even the Nick Arcade game had actual events from previous seasons), not somethink called "Stuck in the Freezer"... thought Australian people seem to know this would be a more fitting title. The ending includes SpongeBob singing "Oh, Krusty Krab", which brings everyone back into the Krusty Krab (which makes me realize the songs are THE ONLY GOOD THING about the special), and,.. that's it.
  • Final thoughts: Terrible special indeed. I mean, even in the ending of the episode (I refuse to call it a movie, as the animated segments don't even pass the 20 minute mark), the narrator, who I guess was also at the start of the special, instead of apologizing to the fans of the show for seeing the next disaster since "Atlantis SquarePantis", he starts comparing Patchy to... Blackbeard-- I DON'T CARE. I don't care about the blatantly lying for the sake of the two-year-olds watching this promos and Burger King ads, neither for... well, ANYTHING.
    The only, VERY ONLY thing I can call somewhat good, aside the really good songs, is the intro. I mean, think about it. The intro is stop-motion, meaning that you KNOW there was a lot of effort put into it, there are behind-the-scenes featurettes about the making of it, and it HAS A PURPOSE TO THE REST OF THE SHOW (the production company of it, went on to produce "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" and "The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom", plus, the intro was shown in the second one)!!!
    Period. If you are a large family that loves the nature of SpongeBob, and even a lot of his childish antics, that's perfectly fine, go watch the special as you want (just make sure to skip, at least the first half of those Patchy segemnts).
Season 7
A Pal for Gary.jpg
A Pal for Gary January 2, 2010
You know, I think the first half is.... pretty bad. I mean, aside from the plot, which is fine, there are literally no jokes at all, which makes the episode frustrating. In the second half, which as I said no jokes, the writers decide to make Puffy luffy a giant monster (which would be fine, if there was any HUMOR), and things get straight-up insulting, when SpongeBob WATCHES GARY BE EATEN BY PUFFY FLUFFY, he says: "Put Puffy Fluffy down". It's not the fact he doesn't see that his pet is about to be eaten by a GIANT (well-drawn) MONSTER that bothers me, as much as the fact, this joke makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. I mean, it's SpongeBob, a character with a brain, confusing a pet for a monster. The fact that no writer deserves being cyberbullied in real life just for an episode for a kids' show (and it's right), deosn't excuse at all the fact they made such a disguistingly simple to think "joke", just to move on to the next episode. Whyyyy????
Rodeo Daze.jpg
Rodeo Daze February 6, 2010 (USA)
September 10, 2010 (Canada)
Okay, I only liked that is afraid of clowns, but everything else about the episode is BLAND and BORING.
Hide and Then What Happens?.jpg
Hide and Then What Happens? August 9, 2010
What a waste- oh wait, nothing was wasted, because the writers tried nothing. I mean, for such writers that in past bad episodes they have at least TRIED, here thry do nothing. SpongeBob learns to Patrick what's hide and seek. They play once. Patrick wins. They play again. The writers put Patrick at his rock, so they can have the opportunity to have a ton of filler, and I mean A TON, with SpongeBob doing unfunny things (except the Squidward bit, it was kinda funny). At only 1-2 minutes before the end of the episode, and with the episode itself being mostly a buch of filler, THIS IS where they actually tell the moral no one will have got! Wha- was patrick winning and SpongeBob's obsesdion with finding him, hints?? Of course he would want to find him, even if he didn't care about the game!!

But it's ok, because at the very end, it's revealed thah Patrick STILL DOESN'T KNOW what hide and seek is. No opportunies. At all.

Season 8
Sentimental Sponge.png
Sentimental Sponge April 2, 2011 (USA)
October 17, 2011 (Canada)
This is mostly forgettable (despite a fun premise about SpongeBob being a hoarder), and the nightshirt gag was nice.
Restraining SpongeBob.png
Restraining SpongeBob April 2, 2012
While the plot is quite smart (I mean, it shows how Squidward can't do without his happy co-worker), what makes it dumb, is that the one that has to show how their relationship is important at times, is PATRICK. Who is so much of an idiot, that calling him a buffoon, would be too nice. Oh, and he makes the whole thing devoid of jokes. Abysmal.
Face Freeze!.jpg
Face Freeze! July 21, 2012 (USA)
June 30, 2012 (Canada)
Holy jesus, this brain-cell-losing bad. I mean, SpongeBob and Patrick, in an era known for having artstyle similar to Family Guy or the Simpsons, do faces, because........ I HAVE NO CLUE????!!? I mean, is it THAT hard to make expressions when someone FEELS or wants to EXPRESS something (like in the latest seasons), instead of doing them just for the sake of.... doooing them.?!!?LKPQkl:AKDuhhhh.. Aide from that, the episode is also, an unfunny rip-off of "Hooky", with no ending apparently... Abysmal.
Demolition Doofus.jpg
Demolition Doofus July 21, 2012 (USA)
November 5, 2012 (Canada)
"There shall be no butt-kicking in any class of mine. This is an adult program." -Mrs. Puff, The Bully

Uhhh no... just like "Tentacle-Vision," I feel like I should love the episode, I mean, it has SpongeBob beating others in a race, while also being chased by a villain..... expect two things. First of all, Mrs. Puff is the villain (I guess something completely non-explainable in her body happened because of SpongeBob, and because SpongeBob is too-much of a joke-cracker, she gets fed up)... I mean, you're A FREAKING TEACHER, in "The Bully," you said how "no one should bully each other".... oh I see, except if the one bullying you, is a teacher. Honestly, if it wasn't for the first half, and that also non-explainable, played for the laughs of the foolish childred watching this, ending, we might have had a better story. Lazy.

Season 8
Squid Baby.PNG
Squid Baby September 3, 2012
This is, a paycheck episode. Seriously, not trying to insult the writers and people who like it here, but who think making Squidward a baby because (??????????P:{#%^#^*^&((%^^%() and making Sponge and Pat COMPLETELY irresponsible for the sad hopes of getting a laugh, is funny??? If you like it, ok, more power to you, but I just.... caaan't.
SpongeBob You're Fired.png
SpongeBob You're Fired November 11, 2013 (USA)
March 10, 2014 (Canada)
APFG has a chase scene with Gary and the monster, which reminds me that the episode could be MUCH BETTER if it was just about Gary and the cool-looking monster, and not with that caring your pet+SpongeBob ignorance thing.

OCM, yeah, it's awful, but the opening scene is kinda atmosphairic, and the actual suicide scenes, although they are followed by a terrible ending scene where Mr, Krabs doesn't get punishment, they at least show, as Zeus Cervas said on his twitter, that Mr. Krabs had gone too far. Also, at such a low care-bears-like quality the show was on Season 7, it would be kinda horrifying for the target audience of that season (toddlers) seeing Mr. Krabs getting punished for such a mature thing about whales. That "target audience/no intelligence in using mature and dark things" thing is another.... dare I even say it, tragedy for a show that is also shown on MTV and VIVA.

Now, THIS THING (SB YOU'RE FIRED, FOR LIKE... THE 6TH TIME!!) is incredibly... god! Remember Star Wars Holiday Special? That's it!!!!!!! Everything is incredibly predictable (especially about Mr. Krabs ruining the restaurant, there's even a short where this is the ONLY THING HE DOES), you quickly realize after Mr. Krabs fires SB that the whole special works very slowly, everyone is mean-spirited in the dumbest levels I have ever seen since... well, actually every other awful mean-spirited movie wouldn't actually be THAT STUPID for the mean-spirited thing. MY GOD.
Yeah, I get it from the Snailpo 1000th drawn-out scene and that statement from Russel Hicks (who hasn't seen the special, considering the fact that he said how part of SpongeBob's long-running success has been its ability to tap into the zeitgeist while still being really funny for our audience, despite this momentary setback [...] message thing), where clearly, they want to show how SpongeBob is energetic and happy after all, and he can still be what he fights for being, if he is optimistic- but, if you want to make a special based on that message, that's perfectly fine. If you want to make it true, then don't, I repeat, don't make it like one of those incredibly mature/lazy things where even when the audience understands the message, by the time this will have happened their minds will have been CHECKED OUT!

Anyway, what happened to Old Man Jenkins and his coin? Why did I even bring this up here? Becasue I bet it's actually far more exciting than the specail itself!

Season 11
Plankton Paranoia.png
Plankton Paranoia (6.5/10) September 26, 2018
Nice episode. Despite an opening that made me have low expectations (having a lackluster plot about celebrating Plankton not succeeding in stealing the formula and a joke about hair growing on a woman's chest), I find the focus on how Mr. Krabs is actually getting insane from his paranoia of waiting Plankton really clever and visually funny (the drawings as usual, are really good). I guess the ending could have been better.

Also, I don't find the ending mean-spirited. I just thought the predictable Plankton-steals-the-formula-while-no-one-is-suspecting, could have been changed with a better twist, rather than having him and the others celebrating the anniversary of stealing the formula (which begs the question of how the heck could the gang trust Plankton and not suspect for a millisecond that he would try to steal the formula, while the party is going on). XD

And I find the visuals in the episode better that the ones in One Coarse Meal, much like how others pointed out. Unlike the latter one, in which the scary imagery is way too realistic, in this one, its enough semi-realistic to be classified as a cartoon, and the message of Mr. Krabs acting like an idiot against everyone was delivered more clearly.

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