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Luigi von Cheeseburger Jenkins IV (born October 20, 2004, age 16), known in FANDOM as LuigiYCompañía or simply Luigi, is a user in Encyclopedia SpongeBobia. His first edit was in the picture-framed snails on April 13, 2019.


Luigi's real appearance has never been shown on-screen. However, he has stated to wear glasses and be dark blond. This could also be seen in an image he posted of him wearing a Luigi hat, but only his glasses, hair, forehead and eyebrows could be seen. In that image, he appeared to have several pimples on his forehead.

For his online avatar, it is basically a low-effort recolored Luigi from Super Mario, only changing the overalls and shirt's colors. He also wears a light teal green cap rather than just a green cap, and the "L" emblem is black instead of green. His pupils are black rather than blue, but it's not the case with is YouTube avatar because he doesn't know how to retexture models in GMod. The latest sentence also applies to his hat.


Luigi was born the first (the second if counted his older brother who died during childbirth) to Mama Luigi and Luigi von Cheeseburger Jenkins II. Soonly after, Luigi was diagnosed with a slight case of stupidity, which explains why he acts inappropiate to his age.

Two years later, Mario, his younger brother, would be born. Luigi wouldn't get very used to him on his early days because Mario's stupidity was in a much higher level that Luigi's.

When he was 3, he met in preschool a kid called Dudu Eleventy-Seventh-kun, an anime fan who would become best friends with him in second grade.

Sometime later, he would watch SpongeBob SquarePants for the first time in his life, having another big impact on his childhood. Casually, the first episode he watched was also the first episode of the series: Help Wanted.

When he was 4, he was introduced to the world of video games when he got a Nintendo DS Lite for Christmas.

He would eventually become a great fan of Super Mario when his mom bought him a M3 DS REAL, a game card capable to contain tons and tons of games in one. He was exploring the games, when he found New Super Mario Bros. and played it. He would later discover more Mario games on the same card, and Mario become his most beloved fictional thing in the world.

One year later, unfortunately, his paternal grandmother would pass away at her 80s, and his paternal grandfather would also pass at 2010. He couldn't spend a lot of time with them due to them passing when Luigi was only 6. As his father never had any siblings and all his father had was some far-distance cousins and a godmother, Luigi would live for the rest of his life solely with his maternal family.

Around 2012, he would become a toxic Mario fan and a toxic Sonic hater due to how people kept saying Mario was better than Sonic. This personality would last until late 2014, when he started to get more mature about said topics.

During these years, he was also jealous of Dudu's other friend, Teps the Lizard, who Dudu would spend more time with than with Luigi.

At the beginnings of 2015, he would first know about furries because of him and a girl discussing the things they liked and disliked. Luigi would soon have more knowledge about that community and decided to explore it. He ended up knowing too much about them in late 2017 and started hating furries for their online inappropiate behaviour as well as real life behaviour, becoming one of Luigi's worst arch-enemies.

His best friend, Dudu, would start having another friendship and ignoring Teps with another guy called Miguebooilli752, whom Luigi found out to be a furry, which made him hate Miguebooilli and become jealous of him again.

On early 2020, Luigi met some of this wiki's users called Salamandersandwich, MagicSponge123, (7)6(four), SqueakyCartWheel and Kandy Katie, and they started the "Incidental 19" thread, dedicated to discuss about the deep world of the SpongeBob Incidental characters and background characters. Later on, Luigi would get a considerable rivalry with the user The gamer 987654321 because the latter insulted him and his friends by calling the "You and your fellow Incidental-obsessed freaks." This rivalry wouldn't endure that much, as it came up to the admins and threatened them with a ban if they didn't stop.

Luigi joined a game developing team created by Dudu where Miguebooilli was a member. Luigi would leave the team in early 2020 because he though Dudu was very bossy and strict. He would later return to the developing team in June of the same year, and it seemed like Dudu was behaving less bossy. On late June, he found a furry called Jay the Fox who wanted to make video games, making Luigi inresistable to ask him if he wanted to join, which went successful and Jay became a member of Corrupted Team, despite Jay not doing anything in the team except for a few messages here and there.

Currently, Luigi is attempting to make a crappy low-quality horror game with Dudu, Muguebooilli, and other friends, though not as crappy as Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning or Bendy and the Ink Machine. This game, that remains untitled like the Goose game, was idea of Miguebooilli, who wanted the team to do a short game together. It turned out to be an extremely long game with 8 chapters and that has supposedly been in development for three months already and there is absolutely no playable game because it does not exist. Dudu paused the game's development to make a video, on which Luigi got angry because it said his real name instead of his online name.

Not so much later, Luigi got grounded enormously due to his grades being the worst ones of his life and then he got coal for gifts, which was the first time of his life with this thing happening. Luigi would once again retire from Corrupted Team due to the grounding, like all of them, is leaving him without phone, PC, tablet, and video game consoles. This led Luigi with the doubt if they continued with the game or they have kept it paused.


Luigi is normally a lazybones idiot who thinks everyone is his butler. He hates school and does not put effort in the subjects because of it. He normally gets in arguments with his brother because the latter annoys him constantly and never shuts up. Luigi also seems to hate everything, as he complains for the littlest bad qualities on something and directly calls it bad. Luigi can also be very rude and mocking to people that he knows well such as friends or relatives, but he behaves well with people who he has just met in order to make them gain trust, and he actually gets along with these such as with Salamandersandwich or MagicSponge123 (See biography). Luigi also tries to avoid his groundings by using the PC, phone, tablet and video game consoles, even though he is not allowed to do it and always ends up being caught.

Family tree

God ancestry
Emanuel von Cheeseburger Jenkins
Lucy Luggy
Luigi von Cheeseburger Jenkins I
Louissa von Cheeseburger Jenkins
Agnes Luggy
Joseph Lugig Luggy
Vincent Luggy
Luigi von Cheeseburger Jenkins II
Mama Luigi von Cheeseburger Jenkins
John Anthony Luggy
Cameron Felixian
Philip FelixianMr. Arques
Mrs. Luggy
Luigi von Cheeseburger Jenkins III
Luigi von Cheeseburger Jenkins IV
Mario von Cheeseburger Jenkins LXVIII
Emanuel Felixian
Wario Arques
King Wahoo



  • Despite Luigi's hate towards furries, he still respects them in a few ocassions, such as when he is in a Discord server where hate/harassment towards anyone isn't allowed.
    • He also likes the small portion of furries who don't act inappropiate, such as Jay the Fox (see the Biography section).
  • When he was asked where did his username come from, he responded that the von Cheeseburger part was just some random thing, and the Jenkins part came from an old joke about people calling you Old Man Jenkins if you were doing things that are no longer a trend, such as dabbing or bottle flipping.
  • Luigi's brother is also on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, but he is not active.

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