• I live in Oregon
  • I was born on December 20
  • I am Male
The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom 006 Leave the drama

Leave the drama in your little fantasy land. We don't need it in ours.

hi, i am lock. I have been here since 2018. I am not very active, but i edit when i can

What you should know about me

  • I am a male
  • I think Band Geeks is a tad overrated. Dont @ me.
  • Even though i caused major drama in 2018, I am heavily against it.
  • Squidward is my favorite character.
  • I watch some other shows time to time.
  • My favorite episode is My Leg!


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"I'm filthy stinking rich!"
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"You forgot the pickles!"
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"This plan Z can't possibly fail!"
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