I am Koopsers Joopsers, a user of this wiki. I stop by here to edit pages and talk. My favorite background character is Lenny, and I think it's pretty obvious why, just look at how he dresses!

Koopsers Joopsers (MCUE)SpongeBob.... 


Deeeddeeedooo dummmdummmdeeeeee! Scroll down enough, and you can find the pinhead.

Koopsers Joopsers
Orange Lenny
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Occupation(s): Doing whatever
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First appearance: February 3, 2017

I'm not the pinhead! Am I?

To be fair, you have to have a very low IQ to understand this user. His sense of humor is extremely bad but a dumb person thinks its funny, and without a solid grasp of unfunny sloppy pictures and CAPS sometimes So most of the jokes will go over a very dumb user's head.

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Koopsers Joopsers (MCUE)SpongeBob.... 

My local time is: 3:25PM EDT, Tuesday, August 4, 2020 (update)
Koopsers Joopsers
SpongeBob with guitar
Occupation(s): Being A Sponge Another User
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Gender: Male
Friends: A-ton
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First appearance: ????



oi mama mia gimme more pizza rolls

Oh great, another genuis here

What do you want? I am just a random SpongeBob Fan​​

I mean. Theres nothing to see here, K?

Yay I won this.

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Movies Ratings

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is a 5/5 stars. It has a silly ending, Comedy, And tons of more

SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge Out Of Water is a 5/5 stars too, It also has comedy and the same thing with the first movie!

My Favorite Episodes

  •  Help Wanted
  • Have You Seen This Snail?
  •  Mimic Madness
  •  The Sponge Who Could Fly
  •  Band Geeks
  • FrakenDoodle
  • EarWorm

Help Wanted: 10/10

Have You Seen This Snail?: 10/10

Mimic Madness: 10/10

The Sponge Who Could Fly: 10/10

Band Geeks: 10/10

FrakenDoodle: 10/10

EarWorm: 10/10

Least favorite episode


Mad Gary

Gary also hates this episode

Phew, now thats outta the way i should do something now....

(these images though)


Screenshot 2017-06-15 15.23.02

more coming in the future

Screenshot 2017-06-17 12.25.30
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