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My Favorite Shows

  • Doctor Who
  • Ben 10
  • Steven Universe
  • Total Drama (Sometimes)
  • Ninjago (Sometimes)
  • Power Rangers
  • Super Sentai

My Least favorite Characters from the shows

  • Vilgax and Dr Animo from Ben 10
  • Homeworld Gems (Including the Diamonds) from Steven Universe
  • Chris, Mal, Sky, and Heather from Total Drama
  • All of the Villians from Ninjago
  • The Alien Rangers, Deker, Dreadhead,and Levi Weston (Aiden Romero) from Power Rangers
  • Yakumo Katou, Akira Nijino, Kyuemon, Western Yokai Wolfman, Genta Umemori, and Ginshiro from Super Sentai
  • 11th Doctor, War Doctor, Steven Taylor, Dodo Chaplet, and Leela from Doctor Who.

My Most Favorite Characters from the shows

  • Ben, Gwen, Four Arms, and Wildvine from Ben 10
  • The Crystal Gems from Steven Universe
  • Owen, Crimson, and Ennui from Total Drama
  • Samurai Rangers and Cosmo Royale from Power Rangers
  • Kinji Takigawa from Super Sentai
  • 4th, 9th, 10th, and 11 Doctor, and Adric from Doctor Who.

My Least Favorite Episodes from Shows

  • Omni-tricked from Ben 10
  • The Return and Beach City Drift from Steven Universe
  • 3:10 to Crazy Town from Total Drama
  • Day Off, Gold Rush, Wild West Rangers Parts 1 and 2, and Hogday Afternoon Parts 1 and 2.from Power Rangers
  • Shinobi 17: Goodbye, Starninger! From Super Sentai

My Most Favorite Episodes from Shows

  • Adventures of Babysitting from Ben 10
  • Off Colors, Jail Break, Watermelon Island, and Hitting the Diamond from Steven Universe
  • Attack of the 60' Bulk and Water You Thinking from Power Rangers
  • Shinobi 10: Yee-haw! The Gold StarNinger from Super Sentai
Kinji Takigawa Party Night
Kinji Takigawa Party Night
Residence: Tardis
Interests: 4th Doctor, SuperMarioGlitchy4, Wikia, YouTube, and Doctor Who.
Occupation(s): Time Lord
Awards: Becoming discussion mod and Chat Mod in ESB.
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Classification: Human (obviously)
Friends: Ben9000
Qwertyxp2000 the second
4th Doctor
Enemies: Bullies
Akira Nijino
Kinji Takigawa
War Doctor
Steven Taylor
Dodo Chaplet
Series information
First appearance: June, 24, 2004 (my birthday)


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