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Hello there <insert name here> Im King Puma (Formerly CoopK1111) and My favorite cartoon is Spongebob Squarepants And IMO It is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) I’m most interested In lost media of cartoons like if you scroll down you will see that List of deleted scenes and List of unproduced episodes and List of episodes that got renamed. My favorite character episode is Chocolate with nuts and my least favorite episide right now is unknown. My favorite character of the series is Patrick star and my least favorite character of the series is Bubble Bass. I love sports especially the Milwaukee Bucks, Green Bay Packers, and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Interesting Facts

  • ight imma Head out meme was actually Spongebob heading in.
  • A guy died after a cow climbed up and went on his roof went through his roof and crushed him.
  • The Pokémon Poliwag’s belly is actually a resemblance of a Tadpoles belly.
  • During a Major League Baseball game Pitcher Randy Johnson struck a bird and killed it with his own pitch.
  • Pokémon Anime holds the record for the most Seizures given to children from a TV show.
  • There was a deleted pokemon based on the cloned sheep Dolly it was taken out for being deemed “Controversial”
  • The disability stuttering was known all the way back to the Bible
  • The first Character idea for the Nintendo Game Splatoon was actually Tofu shooting ink.
  • The second idea for the character design was Rabbits
  • The third character Idea was Mario (like we didn’t have a lot of those games?)
  • Wii Sports was going to be a Mario game. Replacing Mii’s with Mario characters.
  • TLH Characters we’re going to be Rabbits.
  • The Brooklyn Nets we’re almost the “Swamp dragons”.
  • The Boston Celtics were almost called the ”Unicorns”.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks we’re almost called the “Skunks”.
  • The shortest part in the Bible is “Jesus Wept.”
  • There is a location in the state Illinois called Ya Boi’s Eli’s place.
  • In Cameroon there is a place called Joe mama‘s Pizza And 2 hours away from it there is a place called The Krusty Krab .
  • Patrick weighs about a half a stick of Butter

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