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Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

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Youtube Poop Maker. Youtube
Fan of SpongeBob SquarePants not really the newer episodes though..
Fan of Patrick Star Although he has gotten stupider over the years, i liked him in the older episodes
Fan of Squidward Tentacles Why does Squidward always have to be tortured!
male im a guy

Mr. Krabs with multible chins.


Favorite SpongeBob characters.

SpongeBob (kinda, hes annoying)

Patrick (kinda, hes really intolerably stupid)

Squidward (Now play so quietly that noone can hear us)


Fred (rev up those fryers!)

Tom (wheres my drink?)

Harold (maybe some people wouldnt play so badly if they didnt have big meaty claws!)

Gary (Meow)


Plankton (is there a gas leak in here?)

Least favorite characters.

Mr Krabs (hes really greedy, and really unlikeable.)

Pearl (shes really annoying)

Lord Royal Highness (hes scary)

Top five favorite episodes in each season

Season 1

5. Reef Blower

4. Help Wanted

3. Rock Bottom

2. F.U.N.

1. Pizza Delivery

Season 2

5. Squidville

4. Bubble Buddy

3. Graveyard Shift


1. Band Geeks

Season 3

5.  The Algaes Always Greener

4. Just one Bite

3. Krab Borg

2. Idiot Box

1. Chocolate with Nuts.

Season 4

5. Skill Crane

4. Wishing You Well

3. New Leaf

2. Have You Seen This Snail

1. Krusty Towers

Season 5

5. Friend Or Foe

4. Spy Buddies

3. Krabs a la Mode

2. The Inmates of Summer

1. Atlantis Squarepantis (JK LOL) the actual number 1 is Goo Goo Gas.

Season 6(ew ._.)

5.  Krusty Krushers

4. Nautical Novice

3. Spongicus

2. Krabby Road

1. Suction Cup Symphony

Season 7

5.  Model Sponge

4. Kracked Krabs

3. The curse of Bikini Bottom

2. Buried in time

1. The great patty caper

Season 8

5. A Friendly Game

4. The hot shot

3. Mr Krabs takes a vacation

2. Its a SpongeBob christmas!

1.Frozen Faceoff

Season 9

5. Squid Defense

4. Gary's new toy

3. Extreme Spots

2. Liscense to Milkshake

1. Spongebob, you're fired!