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  • My occupation is uhhhhhhhh......
  • I am some weird guy

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Greetings! <insert name here>. Im itzdaboi9008. Im just a guy who enjoys this wiki.

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if u wanna be my friends, ask me on message wall

a guy who is actully a peanut

Weenie Hut Jr's

why are you still reading? its just nothing.

(this is cringe)

here’s my rating scale

HOT! (15/10)

GOD! (10/10)

Amazing (9/10)

n o i c e (8/10)

Good (7/10)

OK (6/10)

Meh (5/10)

Not Good (4/10)

Bruh (3/10)

Trash (2/10)

piece of crap (1/10)

Cursed (0/10)

Number Thumbnail Episode Name Rating
1a Help Wanted 084 Help Wanted GOD! (10/10)
1b Reef Blower 064 Reef Blower Good (7/10)
1c Tea at the Treedome 130 Tea at the Treedome GOD! (10/10)
2a Bubblestand 016 Bubblestand OK (6/10)
2b Ripped Pants 057 Ripped Pants n o i c e (8/10)
3a Jellyfishing 133 Jellyfishing Meh (5/10)
3b Plankton! 147 Plankton! GOD! (10/10)
4a Naughty Nautical Neighbors 090 Naughty Nautical Neighbors GOD! (10/10)
4b Boating School 097 Boating School Amazing (9/10)
5a Pizza Delivery 063 Pizza Delivery GOD! (10/10)
5b Home Sweet Pineapple 042 Home Sweet Pineapple Good (7/10)
6a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 148 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy n o i c e (8/10)
6b Pickles 105 Pickles GOD! (10/10)
7a Hall Monitor 116 Hall Monitor Amazing (9/10)
7b Jellyfish Jam 053 Jellyfish Jam GOD! (10/10)
8a Sandy&#039;s Rocket 083 Sandy's Rocket Meh (5/10)
8b Squeaky Boots 176 Squeaky Boots Bruh (3/10)
9a Nature Pants 098 (1999) Nature Pants Meh (5/10)
9b Opposite Day 147 Opposite Day GOD! (10/10)
10a Culture Shock 132 Culture Shock GOD! (10/10)
10b F.U.N 071 F.U.N. GOD! (10/10)
11a MuscleBob BuffPants 166 MuscleBob BuffPants GOD! (10/10)
11b Squidward The Unfriendly Ghost 095 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost GOD! (10/10)
12a The Chaperone 065 The Chaperone Amazing (9/10)
12b Employee of the Month 007 Employee of the Month GOD! (10/10)
13b Scaredy Pants 172 Scaredy Pants Good (7/10)
13b I Was a Teenage Gary 090 I Was a Teenage Gary Not Good (4/10)
14a SB-129 070 SB-129 GOD! (10/10)
14b Karate Choppers 083 Karate Choppers Good (7/10)
15a Sleepy Time 050 Sleepy Time Amazing (9/10)
15b Suds 112 Suds OK (6/10)
16a Valentine&#039;s Day 137 Valentine's Day GOD! (10/10)
16b The Paper 075 The Paper GOD! (10/10)
17a Arrgh! 114 Arrgh! GOD! (10/10)
17b Rock Bottom 174 Rock Bottom n o i c e (8/10)
18a Texas 149 Texas n o i c e (8/10)
18b Walking Small 019 Walking Small GOD! (10/10)
19a Fools in April 072 Fools in April OK (6/10)
19b Neptune&#039;s Spatula 085 Neptune's Spatula n o i c e (8/10)
20a Hooky 064 Hooky GOD! (10/10)
20b Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II 017 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II Amazing (9/10)

Season Overall: n o i c e season (8/10)

Number Thumbnail Episode Name Rating
21a Your Shoe&#039;s Untied 268 Your Shoe's Untied Amazing (9/10)
21b Squid&#039;s Day Off 088 Squid's Day Off GOD! (10/10)
22a Something Smells 120 Something Smells GOD! (10/10)
22b Bossy Boots 088 Bossy Boots n o i c e (8/10)
23a Big Pink Loser 065 Big Pink Loser GOD! (10/10)
23b Bubble Buddy 104 Bubble Buddy GOD! (10/10)
24a Dying for Pie 169 Dying for Pie GOD! (10/10)
24b Imitation Krabs 156 Imitation Krabs GOD! (10/10)
25a Wormy 076 Wormy GOD! (10/10)
25b Patty Hype 191 Patty Hype GOD! (10/10)
26a Grandma&#039;s Kisses 073 Grandma's Kisses Not Good (4/10)
26b Squidville 207 Squidville GOD! (10/10)
27a Prehibernation Week 182 Prehibernation Week n o i c e (8/10)
27b Life of Crime 043 Life of Crime GOD! (10/10)
28 Christmas Who 250 Christmas Who? GOD! (10/10)
29a Survival of the Idiots 082 Survival of the Idiots GOD! (10/10)
29b Dumped 205 Dumped Bruh (3/10)
30a No Free Rides 192 No Free Rides GOD! (10/10)
30b I&#039;m Your Biggest Fanatic 062 I'm Your Biggest Fanatic Good (7/10)
31a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III 192 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III Amazing (9/10)
31b Squirrel Jokes 179 Squirrel Jokes OK (6/10)
32a Pressure 101 Pressure GOD! (10/10)
32b The Smoking Peanut 135 The Smoking Peanut OK (6/10)
33a Shanghaied 279 Shanghaied GOD! (10/10)
33b Gary Takes a Bath 034 Gary Takes a Bath GOD! (10/10)
34a Welcome to the Chum Bucket 177 Welcome to the Chum Bucket Amazing (9/10)
34b Frankendoodle 182 Frankendoodle HOT! (15/10)
35a The Secret Box 097 The Secret Box GOD! (10/10)
35b Band Geeks 065 Band Geeks GOD! (10/10)
36a Graveyard Shift 174 Graveyard Shift GOD! (10/10)
36b Krusty Love 177 Krusty Love GOD! (10/10)
37a Procrastination 087 Procrastination Amazing (9/10)
37b I&#039;m with Stupid 127 I'm with Stupid n o i c e (8/10)
38a Sailor Mouth 169 Sailor Mouth GOD! (10/10)
38b Artist Unknown 096 Artist Unknown GOD! (10/10)
39a Jellyfish Hunter 112 Jellyfish Hunter Amazing (9/10)
39b The Fry Cook Games 168 The Fry Cook Games GOD! (10/10)
40a Squid on Strike 067 Squid on Strike Amazing (9/10)
40b Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm 127 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm GOD! (10/10)

Season Overall: Amazing season (9/10)

Number Thumbnail Episode Name Rating
41a The Algae&#039;s Always Greener 138 The Algae's Always Greener GOD! (10/10)
41b SpongeGuard on Duty 109 SpongeGuard on Duty n o i c e (8/10)
42a Club SpongeBob 178 Club SpongeBob Amazing (9/10)
42b My Pretty Seahorse 112 My Pretty Seahorse GOD! (10/10)
43a Just One Bite 196 Just One Bite GOD! (10/10)
43b The Bully 146a The Bully Good (7/10)
44a Nasty Patty 061 Nasty Patty Amazing (9/10)
44b Idiot Box 029 Idiot Box GOD! (10/10)
45a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV 108 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV OK (6/10)
45b Doing Time 108 Doing Time Amazing (9/10)
46a Snowball Effect 123 Snowball Effect GOD! (10/10)
46b One Krabs Trash 149 One Krabs Trash GOD! (10/10)
47a As Seen on TV 031 As Seen on TV n o i c e (8/10)
47b Can You Spare a Dime 148 Can You Spare a Dime? GOD! (10/10)
48a No Weenies Allowed 164 No Weenies Allowed GOD! (10/10)
48b Squilliam Returns 073 Squilliam Returns GOD! (10/10)
49a Krab Borg 113 Krab Borg GOD! (10/10)
49b Rock-a-Bye Bivalve 180 Rock-a-Bye Bivalve GOD! (10/10)
50a Wet Painters 112 Wet Painters Amazing (9/10)
50b Krusty Krab Training Video 039 Krusty Krab Training Video GOD! (10/10)
51 Party Pooper Pants 175 Party Pooper Pants Not Good (4/10)
52a Chocolate With Nuts 110 Chocolate With Nuts GOD! (10/10)
52b Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V 021 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V GOD! (10/10)
53a New Student Starfish 096 New Student Starfish GOD! (10/10)
53b Clams 068 Clams Meh (5/10)
54 Ugh 159 Ugh Good (7/10)
55a The Great Snail Race 153 The Great Snail Race Not Good (4/10)
55b Mid-Life Crustacean 071 Mid-Life Crustacean n o i c e (8/10)
56a Born Again Krabs 107 Born Again Krabs n o i c e (8/10)
56b I Had an Accident 073 I Had an Accident GOD! (10/10)
57a Krabby Land 120 Krabby Land Bruh (3/10)
57b The Camping Episode 011 The Camping Episode GOD! (10/10)
58a Missing Identity 190 Missing Identity Amazing (9/10)
58b Plankton&#039;s Army 136 Plankton's Army GOD! (10/10)
59 The Sponge Who Could Fly 249 The Sponge Who Could Fly Meh (5/10)
60a SpongeBob Meets the Strangler 081 SpongeBob Meets the Strangler Good (7/10)
60b Pranks a Lot 124 Pranks a Lot GOD! (10/10)

Season Overall: Amazing season (9/10)

Number Thumbnail Movie Name Rating
1st The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 108 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie GOD! (10/10)

Number Thumbnail Episode Name Rating
61a Fear of a Krabby Patty 045 Fear of a Krabby Patty GOD! (10/10)
61b Shell of a Man 064 Shell of a Man Good (7/10)
62a The Lost Mattress 001 The Lost Mattress Amazing (9/10)
62b Krabs vs. Plankton 120 Krabs vs. Plankton GOD! (10/10)
63 Have You Seen This Snail 166 Have You Seen This Snail? GOD! (10/10)
64a Skill Crane 101 Skill Crane Good (7/10)
64b Good Neighbors 111 Good Neighbors Trash (2/10)
65a Selling Out 073 Selling Out Amazing (9/10)
65b Funny Pants 150 Funny Pants Trash (2/10)
66 Dunces and Dragons 100 Dunces and Dragons GOD! (10/10)
67a Enemy In-Law 038 Enemy In-Law Good (7/10)
67b Mermaid Man &amp; Barnacle Boy VI The Motion Picture 161 Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture n o i c e (8/10)
68a Patrick SmartPants 080 Patrick SmartPants Amazing (9/10)
68b SquidBob TentaclePants 127 SquidBob TentaclePants Meh (5/10)
69a Krusty Towers 134 Krusty Towers GOD! (10/10)
69b Mrs. Puff, You&#039;re Fired 076 Mrs. Puff, You're Fired OK (6/10)
70a Chimps Ahoy 118 Chimps Ahoy Meh (5/10)
70b Ghost Host 016 Ghost Host Good (7/10)
71a Whale of Birthday 294 Whale of a Birthday Good (7/10)
71b Karate Island 115 Karate Island n o i c e (8/10)
72a All That Glitters 074 All That Glitters piece of crap (1/10)
72b Wishing You Well 156 Wishing You Well Amazing (9/10)
73a New Leaf 023 New Leaf GOD! (10/10)
73b Once Bitten 036 Once Bitten GOD! (10/10)
74a Bummer Vacation 178 Bummer Vacation Not Good (4/10)
74b Wigstruck 061 Wigstruck OK (6/10)
75a Squidtastic Voyage 200 Squidtastic Voyage GOD! (10/10)
75b That&#039;s No Lady 073 That's No Lady GOD! (10/10)
76a The Thing 016 The Thing Trash (2/10)
76b Hocus Pocus 200 Hocus Pocus Bruh (3/10)
77a Driven to Tears 147 Driven to Tears Good (7/10)
77b Rule of Dumb 183 Rule of Dumb Good (7/10)
78a Born to Be Wild 017 Born to Be Wild GOD! (10/10)
78b Best Frenemies 173 Best Frenemies GOD! (10/10)
79a The Pink Purloiner 084 The Pink Purloiner n o i c e (8/10)
79b Squid Wood 199 Squid Wood Cursed (0/10)
80a Best Day Ever 096 Best Day Ever Meh (5/10)
80b The Gift of Gum 125 The Gift of Gum OK (6/10)

Season Overall: Good (7/10)

Number Thumbnail Episode Name Rating
81 Friend or Foe 120 Friend or Foe GOD! (10/10)
82a The Original Fry Cook 055 The Original Fry Cook Good (7/10)
82b Night Light 116 Night Light Bruh (3/10)
83a Rise and Shine 077 Rise and Shine GOD! (10/10)
83b Waiting 041 Waiting Trash (2/10)
83c Fungus Among Us 166 Fungus Among Us Cursed (0/10)
84a Spy Buddies 061 Spy Buddies GOD! (10/10)
84b Boat Smarts 059 Boat Smarts n o i c e (8/10)
84c Good Ol&#039; Whatshisname 125 Good Ol' Whatshisname Meh (5/10)
85a New Digs 179 New Digs GOD! (10/10)
85b Krabs à la Mode 041 Krabs à la Mode GOD! (10/10)
86a Roller Cowards 183 Roller Cowards Amazing (9/10)
86b Bucket Sweet Bucket 082 Bucket Sweet Bucket GOD! (10/10)
87a To Love a Patty 159 To Love a Patty piece of crap (1/10)
87b Breath of Fresh Squidward 131 Breath of Fresh Squidward GOD! (10/10)
88a Money Talks 143 Money Talks Meh (5/10)
88b SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget 021 SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget Good (7/10)
88c Slimy Dancing 006 Slimy Dancing n o i c e (8/10)
89a The Krusty Sponge 069 The Krusty Sponge Amazing (9/10)
89b Sing a Song of Patrick 073 Sing a Song of Patrick GOD! (10/10)
90a A Flea in Her Dome 090 A Flea in Her Dome Bruh (3/10)
90b The Donut of Shame 128 The Donut of Shame GOD! (10/10)
90c The Krusty Plate 088 The Krusty Plate (MAXIMUN POWER!!!!!) GOD! (10/10)
91a Goo Goo Gas 193 Goo Goo Gas Meh (5/10)
91b Le Big Switch 107 Le Big Switch Le Big GOD! (10/10)
92 Atlantis SquarePantis 028 Atlantis SquarePantis Cursed (0/10)
93a Picture Day 147 Picture Day n o i c e (8/10)
93b Pat No Pay 077 Pat No Pay GOD! (10/10)
93c BlackJack 081 BlackJack OK (6/10)
94a Blackened Sponge 103 Blackened Sponge Bruh (3/10)
94b Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob 052 Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob Amazing (9/10)
95a The Inmates of Summer 069 The Inmates of Summer GOD! (10/10)
95b To Save a Squirrel 132 To Save a Squirrel n o i c e (8/10)
96 Pest of the West 044 Pest of the West Not Good (4/10)
97a 20,000 Patties Under the Sea 162 20,000 Patties Under the Sea n o i c e (8/10)
97b The Battle of Bikini Bottom 205 The Battle of Bikini Bottom (Wash Your Hands!) GOD! (10/10)
98 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob 347 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob Trash (2/10)
99a The Two Faces of Squidward 153 The Two Faces of Squidward GOD! (10/10)
99b SpongeHenge 088 SpongeHenge Cursed (0/10)
100a Banned in Bikini Bottom 053 Banned in Bikini Bottom Amazing (9/10)
100b Stanley S. SquarePants 088 Stanley S. SquarePants Not Good (4/10)

Season Overall: Good (7/10)

Number Thumbnail Episode Name Rating
101a House Fancy 114 House Fancy GOD! (10/10)
101b Krabby Road 163 Krabby Road GOD! (10/10)
102a Penny Foolish 175 Penny Foolish n o i c e (8/10)
102b Nautical Novice 041 Nautical Novice Amazing (9/10)
103a Spongicus 188 Spongicus Not Good (4/10)
103b Suction Cup Symphony 079 Suction Cup Symphony GOD! (10/10)
104a Not Normal 137 Not Normal (Hi, how are ya) GOD! (10/10)
104b Gone 186 Gone Not Good (4/10)
105a The Splinter 056 The Splinter Trash (2/10)
105b Slide Whistle Stooges 079 Slide Whistle Stooges Trash (2/10)
106a A Life in a Day 145 A Life in a Day Good (7/10)
106b Sun Bleached 115 Sun Bleached GOD! (10/10)
107a Giant Squidward 089 Giant Squidward Trash (2/10)
107b No Nose Knows 200 No Nose Knows Bruh (3/10)
108a Patty Caper 142 Patty Caper piece of crap (1/10)
108b Plankton&#039;s Regular 141 Plankton's Regular GOD! (10/10)
109a Boating Buddies 081 Boating Buddies Trash (2/10)
109b The Krabby Kronicle 158 The Krabby Kronicle GOD! (10/10)
110a The Slumber Party 046 The Slumber Party Good (7/10)
110b Grooming Gary 200 Grooming Gary piece of crap (1/10)
111 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One 185 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One n o i c e (8/10)
112a Porous Pockets 183 Porous Pockets Bruh (3/10)
112b Choir Boys 136 Choir Boys Cursed (0/10)
113a Krusty Krushers 179 Krusty Krushers Bruh (3/10)
113b The Card 138 The Card Cursed (0/10)
114a Dear Vikings 041 Dear Vikings Not Good (4/10)
114b Ditchin&#039; 155 Ditchin' OK (6/10)


Pizza Delivery title card
SB-129 title card
Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost title card
Naughty Nautical Neighbors title card
MuscleBob BuffPants title card
F.U.N. title card
Pickles title card
Hooky title card
Opposite Day title card
Culture Shock title card

Frankendoodle title card
Squidville title card
Patty Hype title card
Graveyard Shift title card
Sailor Mouth title card
Wormy title card
Christmas Who? title card
Shanghaied title card
Gary Takes a Bath title card
Artist Unknown title card

I Had an Accident title card
Krab Borg title card
Chocolate with Nuts title card
The Camping Episode title card
New Student Starfish title card
Can You Spare a Dime? title card
Rock-a-Bye Bivalve title card
Krusty Krab Training Video title card
Plankton&#039;s Army title card
No Weenies Allowed title card

Squeaky Boots
I Was a Teenage Gary title card
Sandy&#039;s Rocket title card
Nature Pants title card
Jellyfishing title card
Bubblestand title card
Fools in April title card
Suds title card
Home Sweet Pineapple title card
Reef Blower title card

Dumped title card
Grandma&#039;s Kisses title card
Squirrel Jokes title card
The Smoking Peanut title card
I&#039;m Your Biggest Fanatic title card
I&#039;m with Stupid title card
Bossy Boots title card
Prehibernation Week title card
Jellyfish Hunter title card
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III title card

Hi. Im Itzdagurl8009. My Favorite Episode is SpongeBob, You're Fired. My Least Favorite Episode is Frakendoodle.

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