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  • I live in in my floating ghost ship with a spooky green aura
  • My occupation is stealing your soul and having bad opinions
  • I am a boi (but i'm actually a female user)


"Who DARES disturb the Flying Dutchman?!"


Just kidding! Welcome to my humble profile!

For short, you can call me Pen, Dutchie, or whatever. As a discussion moderator, you can come to me if you want to report a user, for me to close a thread, or to resolve an issue.

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Y o u r e n e x t
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    HEADS UP, BUB!You've dared to disturb the Flying Dutchman.

    You're going to be a part of my dorky ghost crew forever.. AND THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH THE PERFUME AISLE!! GWAHAHA!!

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Hi diddly ho glasses
Real name: haha not telling you
Birthday: April 21, 2006 (Age 13)
Location: Tennessee, USA
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SpongeBob SquarePants
Favorite character: Flying Dutchman
Favorite episode: "Nasty Patty"

SpongeBob and Me

i'm a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants and have been ever since i remember! my favorite characters in the main cast have to be either Sandy or Plankton. Sandy is really fun and relatable, and Plankton is one of the funniest characters (and a great antagonist).

i also love Squidward, and i have this weird obsession with drawing him. my favorite character of the whole series is (as you could guess by looking at my profile) the Flying Dutchman, he's hilarious as heck!

my favorite era of the show is probably the Renaissance period (seasons 9B-12). it's filled with so much creativity and energy!

if i were a season, i would be season 11. just like this season, i'm hyperactive and very zany!

Video Games

i love Nintendo games, mainly the Super Mario (my favorite character is Yoshi) and Kirby franchises. and, if you wanted to know, my Smash Ultimate mains are Kirby and Lemmy. my favorite game of all time is Minecraft (i'm 13, so i grew up with it and have been playing it my whole life). i am currently replaying my favorite Super Mario game, Super Mario Galaxy!


i LOVE SpongeBob SquarePants, and it's tied with The Amazing World of Gumball as my favorite show of all time! i'm also a HUGE fan of The Legend of Korra, and have watched and rewatched the entire series twice. my favorite character is Tenzin ("OOGI YIP YIP"), followed by Asami and Varrick.

Animation and Art

i'm also obsessed with animation, and i hope to animate at Pixar Studios one day. my favorite film of all time is Toy Story 1, but i love the franchise as a whole. the film that made me fall in love with animation was probably Pixar's Inside Out. it's such a beautiful and funny film, and i highly reccommend it! i also reccommend the Kung Fu Panda trilogy from Dreamworks, it's amazing! i usually spend my time drawing characters from shows i watch (mainly sQuiDwArd TeNtAcLEs), and, well, watching the shows i watch (which are all cartoons, by the way).

click here! thanks to Cmc, for adding the colors!

Nasty Patty title card
Shanghaied title card
A Cabin in the Kelp
Pizza Delivery title card
Procrastination title card
Dunces and Dragons title card
Goons on the Moon
Squid Noir
Graveyard Shift title card
Reef Blower title card

  • Oh uh well ok

    Wait..Are you trying to escape through the Dutchman's episode rankings?

    This isn't the perfume aisle, dork.
Pizza Delivery title card
Reef Blower title card
Karate Choppers title card
Opposite Day title card
Ripped Pants title card
Help Wanted title card
I Was a Teenage Gary title card
Bubblestand title card
Rock Bottom title card
Sleepy Time title card

Season 2

Shanghaied title card
Procrastination title card
Graveyard Shift title card
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III title card
Christmas Who? title card
Jellyfish Hunter title card
Squid on Strike title card
Frankendoodle title card
Dying for Pie title card
Band Geeks title card

Top 5 Songs

F.U.N. 066
Campfire song song
Mimic Madness 087

EMeN dtfryghu8ijko

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season 6 is better than season 5

HYSTS kinda sucks

Friend or Foe is only a solid episode, not great

Patrick isnt a very good character

Mr. Krabs is a great character

KKTV is merely a good episode, nothing more

Squid's Visit is amazing

One Coarse Meal is good

The Play's the Thing is Culture Shock but a pure masterpiece that is nothing short of art

NNN is terrible

i draw way too much, so here's some of my crap. i do digital and traditional art, and (sometimes, if i don't forget or i'm not signing as FTD which is my Pixilart account) sign my pieces with "Pen." :D

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    Great! Just sign your soul off here, in me guestbook!

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