aka pizza burger eater

  • I live in Seattle
  • I was born on July 3
  • My occupation is I am blocked on ESB but that isnt gonna change me as a person
  • I am a in n out super fan i order a double double with animal fries coke and sometimes a milkshake

hello i am chill dude from seattle i love watching spongebob and other nick shows but especially spongebob it's my favorite cartoon and my favorite charecter is patrick cuz hes so darn funny with his stupidity.

i am going to try my best to help this spongebob wiki by editing a lot of pages fixing content correcting grammer and being awesome....forget i said that last part.

i love enjoying life and going outside to get a breath of fresh air and having a fun time with my friends and family life is a awesome and fun thing to cherish evrey moment of i love life and i will always learn from my mistakes to make life better.

Life is something we all share, Just like oxygen, in the air. The way we live it, is up to us, With a negative or with a plus.

Life is something, we should cherish, We never know, when we'll perish. Live each and every single day, Smell the flowers, stop and play.

Life is something, we've been blessed, Choice is yours, choose your quest. Follow your passions, and you'll be fine, With the right attitude, you will shine.

i love eating cheeseburgers and pizza they are my fav food and i love their deliocious taste and apetizing scent and letting them satisfy my taste buds lol

oh yah did i mention my fav characters lol

spongebob squarepants (character)

patrick star

Icomplete but will complete soon and dont edit my user page w/o permission first kthxbai

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