@A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN's return The current standpoint of this wiki community is simply they don't like discussions or prefer forums over discussions. Discussions is going to be reality at some point, so there is no workaround, alternatives, or ways to avoid it (unless you don't want to have a place to communicate at all.) Games that do not require any necessities that discussions can't handle should be played in discussions. As I said and will say it again, the current amount of game threads on this wiki is horrific... I'd be happy to at least relocate them somewhere else, so it doesn't get in the way of content building and the SpongeBob theme. All these games flooding the activity makes this wiki seem like a place only to go to play games irrelevant to the series and more-or-less, degrade the chances of catching vandalism in question.

@Tanhamman Hurt and Heals are still sometimes played nowadays. Regarding the administration part, we are not "killing games." Most games being played are irrelevant to SpongeBob, this wiki, or anything Nickelodeon. I would like to remind everyone that the forum board, games are played in, is "Off-topic, Fun, and Games." It does not just serve games but also off topic conversations as well (which the games have massively covered up.) If the administration agree a type of game, that may not be listed or specified in the proposed policy, is not reasonable, then they should have the right to remove it.

@Demigod brendan Discussions serves the purpose of any discussion (which includes games.) There are some adequate scripts like this that would definitely be nifty to use for moderators who want to continue moderating discussions as well as watch the activity feed of games.

@Chase Mcfly I am sorry if users will suddenly lose interest if some games are moved to discussions and an unmerited amount get restricted. However, if this convention topic passes, then that will bring back the purpose of coming to ESB. I feel users have abused and misused the forum board for years. If users who leave have only contributed to ESB in games, then that will at least stop any more users from entering ESB to only contribute to the excessive, somewhat irrelevant, games, which made ESB look like a free-for-all gaming manifesto.

@JCM It's not about being serious. It's about justifying what games are actually worth allowing. If anything, reducing games is the high priory. Whether it's moving to discussions, restricting which ones can be played, or finding a separate wiki for them to be played on, reducing them at all would be the desired result.

@BoopEsponja We are not killing all the games. Forums becoming discussions at a later date is true, but why can't we move to games to discussions now? It will help get many users, playing games or not, used to discussions. Discussions will be reality at some point, and having everyone on this wiki used to it early would be a beneficial step towards the full forum depreciation and migration.

@SuperJoeyBros9 I'm sure Never Ending Story will also fit well in discussions. =)

All of this is not complicating things. The SB images for describe the image posted before you seems fine. I doubt frequency of the same images, or repetitiveness of them will be often. If only one of these describe the image games running at a time, then frequency of the same image shouldn't be an issue. But if it does, perhaps that rule can be exercised as a compromise.

One last thing, I have always been curious if users are actually having fun with count to ten games, translate to binary, say the alphabet, say countries before nihoy!, count to X without throwing a tantrum, count to X without saying hoopla! etc. I sometimes wonder if these games are primary hotspots for users to increase their editcount, earn the lucky XXX,XXX thousandth edit badge, or other causes. I usually like to assume good faith but will mention my thought anyway. Whether or not users have fun, the forum boards were abused, some games could be moved, or some games need to be played on another wiki if users are having fun with them but are not deemed imperative here at Encyclopedia SpongeBobia. Thank you.
Golfpecks2 (Contact • Contrib) 00:31, January 16, 2019 (UTC)

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