aka Klaudia

  • I live in Polsce
  • I was born on February 18
  • My occupation is oglądanie "fineasza i ferba", śpiew, taniec, malarstwo, słuchanie muzyki, oglądanie filmów
  • I am kobietą

about me.

hi! my name is givenchyflynn, and i'm from poland. i love spongebob squarepants so much, i can't tell you, how much i love the series. i can sing perfectly, i love to dance, draw, write, and listen to music, really. but my biggest passion is music and dancing. i love making new dance moves, watching the dance movies, like step up, and dance to my favourite music, that i love to listen. and the singing is my second passion, i was born to hit low, high notes, make runs, riffs, the belting, etc. and i just want to be one of the legendary artists in the music industry, who's gonna have a lot of platinum records, or highest-selling tour. except this, my love to spongebob is big. don't call me a baby, EVERYONE CAN LOVE SPONGEBOB! the crew, episodes, music, characters can everyone slay you out of this world. i love to visit the encyclopedia spongebobia, but editing here is extremely hard to me, and at the polish wiki not. you can ask me anything, i can help you in every situation. enjoy! fact: my user is named by one of my fav fashion brands, and the name of phineas flynn, from my childhood series, phineas and ferb, that is STILL LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART.

Ariana-Grande-Instagram-2015-05-31 LzQ2RG5Wd2pzd3Q0azM1SWtROXNFbmRPNVU2ST0vODN4MDo1MTB4NjQwLzY0MHgwL2YzYWZhMzQ0LTkwM2ItNDI3Mi1hYmE0LTk3Njg3MzQ3Y2IzMg==
                                   ♡ ARIANA GRANDE, MY LOVE HERE. >>>>>>
Real name: claudia.
Age: i will not tell you, that is secret.
Birthday: 18th february.
Gender: woman. (la la la la la la la la) wo-woman.
Joined: may 22nd 2017 (english wiki) [pray for manchester. forever.]
june 15th 2017 (polish wiki).
Species: tf???
Residence: poland.
Other names: legendary queen.
Personality: happy, creative, funny, cute, adorable, helpful, honest.
User rights: wut
Occupation: being legendary.
Friends: my bbs
Relationship: single!

my favourite episodes by each season.

inspired by thethomas5252, hahah.

episodes in italic are my most favourite.

my fav pages.

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my idols.

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