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  • I live in South Australia, Australia
  • I was born on January 17
  • I am thinking of 28 different reasons as to why it's 42
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About Me

Hi, my name is FrostyLemon (of course I'm not going to give you my real name) and I live in South Australia. I'm always willing to help out and give pointers, so if your a bit stuck, just leave me a message. When I first started using this wikia, I wasn't too experienced. But now have learned to use this wikia properly. I try my best to make useful contributions and fight vandalism.

Being a administrator

Being a admin does give you a bit more power over other people, but I don't like to see it in that perspective, to me, I feel like any other user. If you need help with something, come and post a message on my message board. If you want to know something, come to me. Although, I'm not quite a good user at making tricky things like the templates this user does.

But always remeber to be a good user like this one. Being a good user like that person will make you a very popular person.

But if you end up like this user. I will have to ban or block you and I seriously wouldn't like to do that.


  • 1000 edits:6,September,2012,(AEST)
  • 2000 edits:4,October,2012,(AEST)
  • 3000 edits:Upcoming


I'm currently doing a lot of projects, so if you can, try helping me out.

  • Complete all background characters using ChList
  • [upcoming] Complete all Online games.
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My Favourite Episodes

I have penty of favourite episodes from all seasons but i will only list my very favourite ones from each season.

My Least Favourite Episodes

I can't say I hate any SpongeBob episodes, these episodes are probably the ones that would get on my nerves after watching them more then once.

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