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Real name: Benjamin Carbone
Birthday: January 5
Location: Chappaqua
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Joined: July 25, 2016
SpongeBob SquarePants
Fan since: September 2013
Favorite character: SpongeBob
Favorite episode: Hello Bikini Bottom
Least favorite episode: One Coarse Meal

Hello Guys, I’m A Huge Fan Of Spongebob And I Have Been On Fandom Since July 23, 2016, But I Have A Habit Of Spamming, Which Is Inappropriate, I Am A Teenager Kid Who Watches Other Stuff As Well And Plays Games.

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I am quite obsessed with Nat Peterson‘s character in most of his appearances, he usually is seen as a laid-back but somewhat lazy yellow fish, he appears as a background character with a major appearance in Plankton's Regular, as a frequent customer at the Chum Bucket, He is very funny and i like this dude.

I‘m not really happy with Mr. Krabs’s Character Development, because i am neutral over him in many episodes, But I can’t hate him since they are sometimes i love him!

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Beanie McBean - Spongebob’s Big Birthday Blowout


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