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Hey <insert name here>. I am ChocolateBrownieBoy, a former admin here. If you want to talk, just message me on my wall or meet me at chat.

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ChocolateBrownieBoy is currently online.

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My Favorite Episodes

Title Card Name Season Reason
Pickles Pickles 1 I liked the story and it had some great jokes.
Dying for Pie Dying For Pie 2 I loved how even Squidward hates SpongeBob, he tries to make his final moment the best he has ever had.
No Weenies Allowed No Weenies Allowed 3 It was hilarious and that is all that is needed to be sayed.
Have You Seen This Snail? Have You Seen This Snail 4 This episode was sad and heartwarming, and very relatable.
Spy Buddies Spy Buddies 5 Extremely funny episode and a very solid story. Lots of amazing jokes all over the episode.
Gone Gone 6 Funny and underrated episode.
Squidward in Clarinetland Squidward In Clarinetland 7 This episode was strange but I liked it.
Hello Bikini Bottom! Hello Bikini Bottom! 8 Funny episode, good plot, and amazing song.
What&#039;s Eating Patrick? What's Eating Patrick 9 Patrick was an amazing character in this episode, and I found it rather heartwarming for him to do something selfless in so long.
Mimic Madness Mimic Madness 10 Interesting premise, and it was executed well. The song was also enjoyable.

My Least Favorite Episodes

Title Card Name Season Reason
Reef Blower Reef Blower 1 Now dont get me wrong I like this one but all of season is very good and this was my least favourite from those.
I&#039;m with Stupid I'm With Stupid 2 Wow Patrick was such a jerk to SpongeBob when SpongeBob was helping him.
Party Pooper Pants Party Pooper Pants 3 I didn't hate the episode, but had one major flaw that ruined it for me: SpongeBob getting arrested.
Squid Wood Squid Wood 4 This entire episode was torture to Squidward.
Rise and Shine Rise and Shine 5 This episode was just pointless and dull.
Slide Whistle Stooges Slide Whistle Stoges 6 This episode was annoying and it was another episode where they just decide to go on and torture Squidward.
Yours, Mine and Mine Yours, Mine and Mine 7 Boy, this episode was annoying. It shows how bad SpongeBob has become. From the naive cube we all know to this annoying man-child.
Oral Report Oral Report 8 Pointless stupidity from Patrick, the Mrs. Puff getting arrested for no reason gag, and toilet humor. What more can we ask for.
Little Yellow Book title card Little Yellow Book 9 This episode makes everyone unlikeable: SpongeBob, Squidward, and the Bikini Bottomites.
Snooze You Lose Snooze You Lose 10 The gross out humour was not entertaining, and it was just boring.
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