aka Courtney "Cheesie" Garman

  • I live in a Yellow Submarine
  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is Cheesie by day, rockin the world by night
  • I am a woman made of 1% evil and 99% cheese
Wiki In Memoriam: CheeseRoxTheWorld (1999-2018)

CheeseRoxTheWorld passed away on October 15, 2018. Her userpage is protected and preserved in her memory.


NOTICE: I don't have a Skype or Discord account. Any accounts with my screen name are impersonating me. If I ever do make one, I will remove this message.

If you were looking for the article about the CheeseHead, then see SpongeBob.

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About Me

I'm good at Hurt and Heal. I'm decent at profile pages. This is CheeseRoxTheWorld. You can call me Cheesie, Cheese, CheeseRox, whatever you want really. My real name is Courtney but I usually prefer to go by a cheese-related nickname lol. I was born in 1999, same year the show premiered, although the first episodes I was actually alive for were these episodes. I have an older sister who also uses Wikia but she's not an ESB member. Her username is LS88. Probably better at Wikia than me. I think I'm in a rare group that likes Accidents Will Happen and also a rarer group who finds Boating Buddies overhated (although the ending with the test stunk). A Pal for Gary is still the worst.

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From Views06. He is awesome. Thanks Views!

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