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So uhh, I'm currently retired. As in, I probably won't make any real major contributions. I'll probably still be here occasionally to do some random crap.

  • Amazing (9/9)
  • Great (8/9)
  • Good (7/9)
  • Okay (6/9)
  • Meh (5/9)
  • Mediocre (4/9)
  • Bad (3/9)
  • Terrible (2/9)
  • Egregious (1/9)

Season 1 Ratings

Number Name Rating
1a Help Wanted Good (7/9)
1b Reef Blower Good (7/9)
1c Tea at the Treedome Bad (3/9)
2a Bubblestand Terrible (2/9)
2b Ripped Pants Terrible (2/9)
3a Jellyfishing Bad (3/9)
3b Plankton! Okay (6/9)
4a Naughty Nautical Neighbors Okay (6/9)
4b Boating School Meh (5/9)
5a Pizza Delivery Bad (3/9)
5b Home Sweet Pineapple Mediocre (4/9)
6a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Mediocre (4/9)
6b Pickles Bad (3/9)
7a Hall Monitor Okay (6/9)
7b Jellyfish Jam Bad (3/9)
8a Sandy's Rocket Terrible (2/9)
8b Squeaky Boots Bad (3/9)
9a Nature Pants Bad (3/9)
9b Opposite Day Amazing (9/9)
10a Culture Shock Good (7/9)
10b F.U.N. Good (7/9)
11a MuscleBob BuffPants Bad (3/9)
11b Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost Mediocre (4/9)
12a The Chaperone Mediocre (4/9)
12b Employee of the Month Okay (6/9)
13a Scaredy Pants Meh (5/9)
13b I Was a Teenage Gary Egregious (1/9)
14a SB-129 Great (8/9)
14b Karate Choppers Mediocre (4/9)
15a Sleepy Time Meh (5/9)
15b Suds Meh (5/9)
16a Valentine's Day Bad (3/9)
16b The Paper Bad (3/9)
17a Arrgh! Great (8/9)
17b Rock Bottom Mediocre (4/9)
18a Texas Meh (5/9)
18b Walking Small Mediocre (4/9)
19a Fools in April Terrible (2/9)
19b Neptune's Spatula Terrible (2/9)
20a Hooky Terrible (2/9)
20b Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II Mediocre (4/9)
Overall Season 1 Mediocre (4/9)

Season 2 Ratings

Number Name Rating
21a Your Shoe's Untied Okay (6/9)
21b Squid's Day Off Bad (3/9)
22a Something Smells Okay (6/9)
22b Bossy Boots Good (7/9)
23a Big Pink Loser Great (8/9)
23b Bubble Buddy Good (7/9)
24a Dying for Pie Okay (6/9)
24b Imitation Krabs Good (7/9)
25a Wormy Good (7/9)
25b Patty Hype Okay (6/9)
26a Grandma's Kisses Terrible (2/9)
26b Squidville Good (7/9)
27a Prehibernation Week Okay (6/9)
27b Life of Crime Great (8/9)
28 Christmas Who? Amazing (9/9)
29a Survival of the Idiots Great (8/9)
29b Dumped Mediocre (4/9)
30a No Free Rides Okay (6/9)
30b I'm Your Biggest Fanatic Great (8/9)
31a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III Great (8/9)
31b Squirrel Jokes Bad (3/9)
32a Pressure Good (7/9)
32b The Smoking Peanut Amazing (9/9)
33a Shanghaied Amazing (9/9)
33b Gary Takes a Bath Great (8/9)
34a Welcome to the Chum Bucket Mediocre (4/9)
34b Frankendoodle Amazing (9/9)
35a The Secret Box Great (8/9)
35b Band Geeks Great (8/9)
36a Graveyard Shift Amazing (9/9)
36b Krusty Love Okay (6/9)
37a Procrastination Meh (5/9)
37b I'm With Stupid Good (7/9)
38a Sailor Mouth Good (7/9)
38b Artist Unknown Meh (5/9)
39a Jellyfish Hunter Great (8/9)
39b The Fry Cook Games Great (8/9)
40a Squid on Strike Amazing (9/9)
40b Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm Good (7/9)
Overall Season 2 Good (7/9)

Season 3 Ratings

Number Name Rating
41a The Algae's Always Greener Great (8/9)
41b SpongeGuard on Duty Great (8/9)
42a Club SpongeBob Amazing (9/9)
42b My Pretty Seahorse Great (8/9)
43a Just One Bite Great (8/9)
43b The Bully Great (8/9)
44a Nasty Patty Amazing (9/9)
44b Idiot Box Amazing (9/9)
45a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV Amazing (9/9)
45b Doing Time Amazing (9/9)
46a Snowball Effect Great (8/9)
46b One Krabs Trash Great (8/9)
47a As Seen on TV Amazing (9/9)
47b Can You Spare a Dime? Amazing (9/9)
48a No Weenies Allowed Great (8/9)
48b Squilliam Returns Great (8/9)
49a Krab Borg Amazing (9/9)
49b Rock-a-Bye Bivalve Good (7/9)
50a Wet Painters Amazing (9/9)
50b Krusty Krab Training Video Amazing (9/9)
51 Party Pooper Pants Great (8/9)
52a Chocolate with Nuts Amazing (9/9)
52b Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V Amazing (9/9)
53a New Student Starfish Amazing (9/9)
53b Clams Amazing (9/9)
54 Ugh Amazing (9/9)
55a The Great Snail Race Great (8/9)
55b Mid-Life Crustacean Great (8/9)
56a Born Again Krabs Great (8/9)
56b I Had an Accident Amazing (9/9)
57a Krabby Land Okay (6/9)
57b The Camping Episode Amazing (9/9)
58a Missing Identity Great (8/9)
58b Plankton's Army Great (8/9)
59 The Sponge Who Could Fly Great (8/9)
60a SpongeBob Meets the Strangler Amazing (9/9)
60b Pranks a Lot Good (7/9)
Overall Season 3 Amazing (9/9)

Season 4 Ratings

Number Name Rating
61a Fear of a Krabby Patty Amazing (9/9)
61b Shell of a Man Amazing (9/9)
62a The Lost Mattress Amazing (9/9)
62b Krabs vs. Plankton Amazing (9/9)
63 Have You Seen This Snail? Amazing (9/9)
64a Skill Crane Amazing (9/9)
64b Good Neighbors Amazing (9/9)
65a Selling Out Amazing (9/9)
65b Funny Pants Amazing (9/9)
66 Dunces and Dragons Amazing (9/9)
67a Enemy In-Law Amazing (9/9)
67b Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture Amazing (9/9)
68a Patrick SmartPants Amazing (9/9)
68b SquidBob TentaclePants Amazing (9/9)
69a Krusty Towers PERFECTION (10/9)
69b Mrs. Puff, You’re Fired Amazing (9/9)
70a Chimps Ahoy Amazing (9/9)
70b Ghost Host Amazing (9/9)
71a Whale of a Birthday Great (8/9)
71b Karate Island Amazing (9/9)
72a All That Glitters Amazing (9/9)
72b Wishing You Well Amazing (9/9)
73a New Leaf Amazing (9/9)
73b Once Bitten Great (8/9)
74a Bummer Vacation Amazing (9/9)
74b Wigstruck Amazing (9/9)
75a Squidtastic Voyage Great (8/9)
75b That's No Lady Amazing (9/9)
76a The Thing Okay (6/9)
76b Hocus Pocus Great (8/9)
77a Driven to Tears Amazing (9/9)
77b Rule of Dumb Amazing (9/9)
78a Born to Be Wild Amazing (9/9)
78b Best Frenemies Amazing (9/9)
79a The Pink Purloiner Amazing (9/9)
79b Squid Wood Amazing (9/9)
80a Best Day Ever Amazing (9/9)
80b The Gift of Gum Amazing (9/9)
Overall Season 4 Amazing (9/9)

Season 5 Ratings

Number Name Rating
81 Friend or Foe Amazing (9/9)
82a The Original Fry Cook Amazing (9/9)
82b Night Light Good (7/9)
83a Rise and Shine Great (8/9)
83b Waiting Great (8/9)
83c Fungus Among Us Meh (5/9)
84a Spy Buddies Amazing (9/9)
84b Boat Smarts Amazing (9/9)
84c Good Ol' Whatshisname Great (8/9)
85a New Digs Amazing (9/9)
85b Krabs a la Mode Amazing (9/9)
86a Roller Cowards Amazing (9/9)
86b Bucket Sweet Bucket Amazing (9/9)
87a To Love a Patty Bad (3/9)
87b Breath of Fresh Squidward Amazing (9/9)
88a Money Talks Amazing (9/9)
88b SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget Amazing (9/9)
88c Slimy Dancing Amazing (9/9)
89a The Krusty Sponge Amazing (9/9)
89b Sing a Song of Patrick Amazing (9/9)
90a A Flea in Her Dome Amazing (9/9)
90b The Donut of Shame Amazing (9/9)
90c The Krusty Plate Amazing (9/9)
91a Goo Goo Gas Amazing (9/9)
91b Le Big Switch Amazing (9/9)
92 Atlantis SquarePantis Amazing (9/9)
93a Picture Day Amazing (9/9)
93b Pat No Pay Good (7/9)
93c BlackJack Great (8/9)
94a Blackened Sponge Amazing (9/9)
94b Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob Great (8/9)
95a The Inmates of Summer Great (8/9)
95b To Save a Squirrel Great (8/9)
96 Pest of the West Amazing (9/9)
97a 20,000 Patties Under the Sea Amazing (9/9)
97b The Battle of Bikini Bottom Amazing (9/9)
98 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? Good (7/9)
99a The Two Faces of Squidward Great (8/9)
99b SpongeHenge Great (8/9)
100a Banned in Bikini Bottom Good (7/9)
100b Stanley S. SquarePants Meh (5/9)
Overall Season 5 Amazing (9/9)

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