Carkle the Animatronic

aka Was Carkle100! / The Auditor

  • I live in mvm_bigrock
  • I was born on September 2
  • My occupation is Be the nicest animatronic!
  • I am Male

Will it be Spongebob Wiki?

Yes, but really make a good page or something for badges. Which I like. My name is Carklebob Fizzlepants. (Carkle100) 
R.A. Pennypincher

My picture.


He appeared in Roblox with a green shirt and jeans with a present, a scarf, and a blue bandana. Which is on his head.

guess306 A lot of uses.
Carkle100/carkle100 Used in Wikia and Kongregate. It also has a lot of uses.
Tyrone Carino/tyrone Used for computer.
 He is also male.

My Favorite Pages

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  • SpongeBob #1

My Favorite Episodes

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Who is CarkleBob FizzlePants?

Me! It was a made up name. I used it just for fun!

About CarkleBob FizzlePants

CarkleBob FizzlePants is a debut character, but he didn't appear in the show, he is a user. This username is made up. It was used by Carkle100. It was similar to the name, SpongeBob SquarePants.

The Town of EBR

The Town of EBR

Me from roblox again.

There is also a video here.

My Badges

I have owned 2 silver badges:

User News

  • This user is bored.
  • This user got a GOLD badge for making the lucky 176,000th edit on the wiki!
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