aka Gabby Lee

  • I live in Elk Grove, CA or IL
  • I was born on July 1
  • My occupation is Hating high school
  • I am just a imaginative girl
  • Bio Why Am I obbsessed with scrambled states
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Hello! Welcome to my user page. I'm in the central time zone. I'm a nice person. I love hanging out in the chat and discussions and make friends. I have a weird obsession with something.


Aloha/ Hello/ Hola/ Bonjour Welcome to my user page. Things I like doing on this wiki is making friends and hanging out in the chat. I also like music.

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I love visiting other wikis across the fandom network from large wikis to abandoned wikis. I’m a wiki traveler like traveling all over the world.

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  1. Goo Goo Gas
  2. No Weenies Allowed
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  7. Just One Bite
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  10. SUDS

  • SpongeHenge is an awesome episode.
  • The Nitwitting is good but I agree when people say about The Nitwitting how it’s gross. The Nitwitting is good except for the gross things. I can just skip the gross parts in The Nitwitting.
  • Something Smells isn’t a good episode.
  • Choir Boys and Bunny Hunt is an okay episode.

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  • I don’t have Nickelodeon on my Tv.
  • Aloha means hello in Hawaiian.
  • I use both Computer and Ipad
  • I wonder why I like scrambled states
  • I daydream too much

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