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Binturong7 is a user on ESB who joined fandom on July 12. joined ESB on May 29, 2020. On May 29, 2020 was a newbie to ESB and not very active. was very active on ESB on July 2020 and made a lot of contributions.

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  •  Scrambled states fashion.gifBinturong7 M·C·E·A·QStates.png  November 23-Present
  •  Binturong7 M·C·E·QStates.png September 17-November 22, 2020
  •  Binturong7 M·C·E  July 14- September 17, 2020

Patrick stock art.png This user is a fan of Patrick Star.
"Well, maybe it is stupid, but it's also dumb!"
Current Jenkins.png This user is a fan of Old Man Jenkins.
"Respect your elders!"
Plankton stock art.png This user is a fan of Sheldon J. Plankton.
"This plan Z can't possibly fail!"
Sandy stock art.png This user is a fan of Sandy Cheeks.
"I'm hotter than a hickory smoked sausage!"
SpongeBob stock art.png This user is a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants.
"I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!"
Squidward stock art.png This user is a fan of Squidward Tentacles.
"How did I ever get surrounded by such loser neighbors?"
Mr Krabs smiling stock art.png This user is a fan of Mr. Krabs and loves money!
Karen mobile stock art.png This user is a fan of Karen Plankton.
"Z, the letter after Y."
Mermaid Man1.png This user is a fan of Mermaid Man.
Barnacle Boy.png This user is a fan of Barnacle Boy.
"He put all of Mermaid Man’s white clothes in the washer, with a red sock!"
FriendlyTemplate.jpg Binturong7 is a friendly user!
SpongeBob SquarePants Pearl Krabs Character Image Nickelodeon 4.png This user has autism.
DED9EBC7-3B26-463F-8F34-8322C0F4333C.png This user likes nostalgia
Images (87).jpg This user is the oldest child.
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As Seen on TV 040.png This user never sleeps
Mavnol x Golden.jpg This user ships Mavnolden
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Kracked Krabs 093.png Binturong7 Found The Krusty Krab in Chat!
Aviary Photo 130667976513677296.png Binturong7 is a Gamer!
Ender Chest.gif Binturong7 plays Minecraft.
Badge-caffeinated.png This user has the Mr. Krabs Secret Talk Badge (Making 100 edits in a day) on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia. (verify)
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SB-129 070.png Binturong7 has been editing Encyclopedia SpongeBobia since 2020!
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100 This user has made over 100 edits at Encyclopedia SpongeBobia.

Peacc.png Binturong7 misses Peachy4872 (Art by Idroppedmypen)
100 Binturong7 has made over 100 edits in one day on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia.

WLB-Tagalog.png This user is a Filipino! Mabuhay ang Pilipino!
Unpopular Opinions Binturong7 has a lot of unpopular opinions.
F.U.N. 061.jpg Binturong7 is a helpful user!
Rock Bottom 056.png Binturong7 has been editing Encyclopedia SpongeBobia since 2021!

  1. Goo Goo Gas
  2. No Weenies Aloud
  3. Texas
  4. Krusty Krab Training Video
  5. Karen's Virus
  6. SB-129
  7. Just One Bite
  8. Krabs à la Mode
  9. Sailor Mouth
  10. Karen 2.0

  1. Stuck In The Wringer-It's disturbing
  2. A Day without tears
  3. A Pal For Gary-
  4. SpongeBob's bad Habit-It's boring and gross
  5. Sandy’s Rocket
  6. Spongebob You're fired-
  7. Face Freeze-The face are disturbing to look at
  8. Krabby Patty Feature Creature
  9. A Flea In Her Dome
  10. The Splinter

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EpicEnding.png Binturong7 has won Stealing the Diamond with the Epic Ending
Screenshot 2015-04-20-21-59-42-1.png This user has won the Blind Test Award in Cans48's game Back in Time
Handemonium 300.png This user has won Cmcgrath26's game Handemonium.
86475643657463.PNG This user has won the Creativity Award in Cans48's game Back in Time
B3B55767-ED64-4A5D-9D5A-626CB02BCE57.jpeg Binturong7 has won wiki stories Trivia with a score of 5/5!
ROAR!!!!.png This user has won Pizute991's game Whelk Attack.
Best Day Ever 25.png Binturong7 has won Super Mario Odyssey's game The Best Day Ever
Bigpinkloser2.jpeg Binturong7 has won AFallenPower's SpongeBob's Driving Test.
Squid's on a Bus 032.png This user has won AlternativeHuman93's game Squid's on a Bus
Funny-patrick-star-gif-916-984-hd-wallpapers.gif This user has won Jodan111's game Lost in Bikini Bottom
Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle title card.jpg Binturong7 has won IloGaming4's The Bikini Bottom Triangle.
Bandicam 2018-07-01 19-16-38-804.jpg This user won Spongebob And The Cave
Sleepy Time 017.png This user has won Carterhj1114`s game, Drivers Ed.
Have You Seen This Snail 397.png This user has won TifiSponge's game Have You Seen This Snail?
Patty vault 29.jpeg Binturong7 has won SpongeBob13579's game, The Krabby Patty Rescue with the ending: Losing the Lobsters!

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