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  • I was born on June 30
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Hi there! Thanks for coming to my user page! Sorry im being inactive since im on exam now.


Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! what are ya doing in my wife's Profile?


Hello everyone! xD my name was Alyssa Nadia Andyta, but you can call me Cha. Just Cha xD Im a crazy SpongeBob trivia editor! xD

I often contributing too on Kuroshitsuji Wiki. Im was a weird teenage girl who still love SpongeBob show xD SpongeBob is my middlename, so I cant miss when just one episode xD SpongeBob SquarePants was the really really most Exquisite show I ever seen xD, ecspecially if Squidwards is appear there! SpongeBob will lose funnieness if no Squidwards there. xD

From now on I will write my favorites on SBSP xD since it really2 many, just close this profile if you get bored because many holy moly Squidward and Squidward and Squidward and Squidward and Squidward and Squidward and Squidwards words there...or keep reading if you love it! xD

  • Does this look unsure to you?
  • "It's a little itchy… what's this thing made out of?"-"Eyelashes!"
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  • yeee...haaaa!!! Im free!! as a bird!! xD
  • What should i put on my status update now?
  • "Hello, is this Krusty Krab?" -"No, this is Patrick"
  • “I’ve got a hot date with a little lady and her name is clarinet!”
  • "Meatball. Meatball. Spaghetti underneath. Ravioli. Ravioli. Great Barrier Reef!"

My favourite TV Show Is: Spongebob_Logo_%28fourth%29.png

Favorite Characters

Absolute Love


So Cute... xD

  • SQUIDWARD QUINCY TENTACLES - The MOST SpongeBob chara i loved 4. He's the cutest. Forever. And. Ever. You know. A most cool recluse artist. A cute squid. Most handsome squid i ever seen. Squid that many shows his cuteness. And maybe you didnt believe that i loves ALL of his BEAUTIFUL ARTWORKS xD Hes personality is really2 similar to me xD, Now, listen. He's MINE. I will never let another fangirls to get him. NEVER.


  • SpongeBob - His laugh is making me forward. xD
  • Patrick - Kinda stupid star... but still cute! xD if no Patricks on one episode, that episode is missing any stupid moments. Sometimes Patrick is the only chance to make the episode funny. Hes kinda cute but still cant beat my Squidward. xD
  • Sandy - Coolest scientist squirrel ever!
  • Plankton - I think he's epic o.O but Besides his evilness, His plans to get those Krabby Pattie secret formula were awesome.


  • Krabs - Hes nice, but annoying sometimes. He often act anything mean just for money, money, money. I really2 hate when he sell Squidward 4 example on Le Big Switch episode -_- then @ many many other episode, he still annoying. I never likes him.
  • Pearl - I think she too spoilt. Always annoying. Never like this chara. Never.
  • Squilliam - Big copy of Squidward. He always annoy then harass Squidward since he knows he was better than hotter then Squidward but~ I think Squidward is better you know, better then you xD #Then, I dunno why Squilliam's lastname "Fancyson" was inspirate me to name my chara on my novel xD. Because that name is really match my novel's chara name, who a son of rich guy, and named "Fancy-Son" (The son of the Fancy)

Favorite Episodes

Since I love all Squidward Episodes, i didnt put all of them here. Because its really2 many then i got tired to give a reactions o.O

Season 1

  • The Paper - This episode's my reaction is same as Just One Bite episode, kind of "Lateness"
  • Ripped Pants - Awesome song here xD this song is really really can inspirate people :3 here pieces of that ripped pants song i write here... "Be true to urself, dont miss ur chance. And u wont end up like a fool who ripped his pants. "
  • Culture Shock - Funny Squid Dance xD mwahahahah never stop laughing when he perform his funny dance!
  • SB-129 - I love when Squidward show his kindness to Patrick and SpongeBob @ end of episode... xD

Season 2

  • Christmas Who? - What a Kindhearted Squidward :) He really2 kind when he become a Santa to cheer SpongeBob o.O
  • Band Geeks - Exquisite band Perform :3 great Squidward!! xD

Season 3

  • Just One Bite - mwahahahah, poor Squidward! this episode is related to "LATE" xD he late to knowing about deliciousness of Exquisite Krabby Patties xD
  • Krab Borg - This is the only Krab episode that i like :3 i never get bored when watching this episode xD

Season 4

  • Skill Crane - This episode inspirate me to not to addicted with one thing xD
  • Funny Pants - mwahahahah idk why i really2 like this episode xD i love SpongeBob's Catchprhrase:(Sorry Indonesian xD) "Hari Baru, Koin Baru!"
  • Dunces and Dragons - Cool middle-age episode!
  • Enemy In-Law - I dunno that Plankton can be poetic too xD his poetry to Betsy Krabs was really2 nice. xD Then i love parts of quotes there too :3
  • Krusty Towers - mwahahahah Squidward is so really2 funny when he want nice serves xD I cant stop laughing when Squidward enlightned Mr Krabs in "We shall never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request" xD
  • Whale of a Birthday - The Only Pearl episode i liked.
  • All That Glitters - SpongeBob's love to his spatula is really2 touching me. I love one of SpongeBob's quote here: "All that glitters is not gold..."
  • Wigstruck - mwahahahah. This is the MOST SpongeBob episode i loved! xDD Few of Squidwards, sadly... but Many funny scenes here xD
  • Best Day Ever - I know this episode is exquisite at the end, just at the end, because on Bahasa Indonesia version this episode has really really many cuts. So i dont understand this episode very well. o.O

Season 5

  • Breath of Fresh Squidward - Kindhearted Squidward is really2 touch me... :3
  • Money Talks - Second Krab episode i liked. I dunno why, but this episode is inspirate me until ive decided to use "MoneyTalks" Title for my story. #Slapped
  • The Krusty Sponge - SpongeBob's things are really2 cute here :3 i wanna have all xD
  • The Battle of Bikini Bottom - Dirty vs Clean, cool cool xD
  • The Two Faces of Squidward - Some people loves Squid-Handsome face, but i neither choose the regular Squidward. More cute xD
  • SpongeHenge - I kinda confuse when watching this episode, either... too many cuts on Bahasa Indonesia version, same as Best Day Ever.

Season 6

  • House Fancy - I really love episode include Squidward's victory. So awesome when he defeat Squilliam xD
  • Suction Cup Symphony - Squidward is really2 funny here, I cant stop laughing when SpongeBob and Patrick rush his Concert xD and his music sheet was really2 awesome! Some pieces Squid,s Quote:"I wrote down everything I heard??" xDD
  • The Krabby Kronicle
  • Truth or Square - Another exquisite episode, but again, in Bahasa Indonesia version, have many many cuts.

Season 7

Season 8


Absolute Love Episode

Favorite Quotes

  • "[philosophically] Fret not, my dear friend, for I have learned the truth. It matters not whether one is dirty or clean, for can cleanliness exist without filthiness, and would we know filthiness without cleanliness? We must not re-enact the history that divides us, rather we must embrace that which draws us together. All must be free to choose their own path. Right, friend Patrick?"


  • "Another day, another... nickel!!"


  • "Well, it’s no secret that the BEST thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets. SECRETLY."


  • "I've never had a Krabby Patty and never will."


  • "I hate all of you."


  • "Why must every eleven minutes of my life be filled with misery? Why-hy-hy-hy?"


  • "How sad it would be, should laughter disseapear."


  • "When does a man die? When he is hit by a bullet? No. When he suffers a disease? No. When he eats a soup made out of a poisonous mushroom? No! A man dies when he is forgotten!"

-Doctor Hiluluk


I really2 want to meet an admin to post my opinion to this wiki... why users on this wiki never interact each other? :(

  • Chat:its really2 nice if many users often goes to chat to introduce to another users... but ill saw that never users go to chat.
  • Blog:Why no blog function on this wiki? Its sooo difficult to announce with others.
  • Badge: Okay, this is the most-Important-thing-i-should-say-about-The badge, no badge function here-Makes no Challenge. xD But- this opinion already accepted. Thanks Admins!

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