The upside down house is a house that appears in the episode "SpongeBob in RandomLand."


It is a blue house with yellow windows and a red roof. There are tubes coming out from the top, and the green door near the top. There is an orange carpet floating near the door and a small, rectangular window on the bottom. The house is upside down, with the roof on the floor and the base on the top.

Role in episode

SpongeBob and Squidward hit the place while walking around RandomLand. Squidward finds a note which has "For Sale" written on it but then morphs into a woman squid, who Squidward flutters with. SpongeBob checks out the upside down house, and meets the owner of the house, but then the funny lady comes and steals the bag SpongeBob was delivering and quickly gets out of the house in order to retrieve the bag.
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