This is a list of the Unknown Tracks. These are tracks that are commonly used but do not have a confirmed name. Many were composed by Jeremy Wakefield, Sage Guyton, Barry Anthony, or Nicolas Carr.

Introduced in Season 4

Unknown Track 42

The piece features a short choir and an organ cue being played.

Unknown Track 47

Unknown Track 48

  • 73a. "New Leaf" - "I have a feeling I'm gonna like this new life of novelty items."
  • 91a. "Goo Goo Gas" - "Something about that woman reminds me of my mother."
  • 214a. "Patrick's Coupon" - Patrick walks away nervously.

Introduced in Season 5

Unknown Track 29

The main instruments being played include a snare drum, bass drum, a timpani, a vibraphone, cymbals, chimes, and other percussion instruments.

Unknown Track 75

Introduced in Season 6

Unknown Track 52

Unknown Track 79

Unknown Track 113

Unknown Track 113 was composed by Nicolas Carr.

Unknown Track 114

Unknown Track 114 was composed by Nicolas Carr.

Unknown Track 115

Unknown Track 115 was composed by Nicolas Carr.

Unknown Track 116

Unknown Track 116 was composed by Nicolas Carr.

Introduced in Season 7

Unknown Track 57

Unknown Track 58

Unknown Track 63 

  • 144a. "That Sinking Feeling" - "He's counting! Anything but counting!"; "He's already at number two!"; SpongeBob and Patrick scream.
  • 187a. "Don't Look Now" - "See if it's safe."; SpongeBob and Patrick screaming; Ominous silhouette.
  • 237. "Goons on the Moon" - Squidward falls into a crater.

Unknown Track 90

Unknown Track 109

Unknown Track 109 was composed by Nicolas Carr and Barry Anthony. It is a clarinet playing.

Introduced in Season 8

Unknown Track 17

The piece features an organ, a xylophone, a glockenspiel, and whistles being played throughout.

  • 172b. "Glove World R.I.P." - Title card; SpongeBob and Patrick at the entrance to Glove World (High pitched); "Here, son, take this." (High pitched); The mascot quits.
  • 178. "Hello Bikini Bottom!" - The gang arrives at a birthday party.
  • 192a. "Company Picnic" - Plankton shows SpongeBob all of the activities/A calliope is played; Squidward rides the roller coaster; Cotton candy.
  • 217b. "The Check-Up" - SpongeBob disguised convincing Mr. Krabs to use the photo booth.
  • 226b. "Don't Feed the Clowns" - All of the clowns get fed except for the little clown.

Unknown Track 65

Unknown Track 65 was composed by Nicolas Carr.

Unknown Track 67

Unknown Track 67 was composed by Eban Schletter.

  • 162. "Ghoul Fools" - "So you want me to sing you a shanty, eh?"; SpongeBob gives the captain the gasket.
  • 187b. "Séance Shméance" - "He means freak in the nicest possible way."

Unknown Track 69

Unknown Track 101

Unknown Track 101 was composed by Nicolas Carr and Barry Anthony.

Introduced in Season 9

Unknown Track 23

The piece features cymbals, a theremin, and synthesizers being played.

  • 194b. "The Sewers of Bikini Bottom" - "SpongeBob, are you down here?"
  • 196a. "The Fish Bowl" - SpongeBob and Patrick greet each other; Sandy resumes observation for a moment; SpongeBob and Patrick get stilted again; "Et tu, Gary?"
  • 201a. "Sandy's Nutmare" - Chemistry set.
  • 242a. "FarmerBob" - UFO appears and drops an outhouse.

Unknown Track 24

Unknown Track 38

The main instruments being played include chimes, flutes, a harp, a xylophone, string instruments, and voices.

Unknown Track 73

The piece features high and low pizzicato string instruments being played. The track is very similar to the first few notes of Dramatic Cue (e).

Unknown Track 117

Unknown Track 117 was composed by Nicolas Carr.

Introduced in Season 10

Unknown Track 111

Unknown Track 111 was composed by Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakefield.

Introduced in Season 11

Unknown Track 85

This piece features a steel guitar, ukulele, bongos, congas, and a bass guitar.

  • 223b. "Bunny Hunt" - SpongeBob licks all of the hot sauce.
  • 235a. "Plankton Paranoia" - SpongeBob and Squidward are about to leave the Krusty Krab.

Unknown Track 87

  • 231b. "Ink Lemonade" - Tiny Patrick rings the bell inside of Patrick.
  • 235b. "Library Cards" - Dust ghost emerges from the book.

Unknown Track 91

  • 231a. "My Leg!" - SpongeBob protecting Fred from the walk on hot coals.
  • 241a. "Squirrel Jelly" - Sandy makes a rainbow; "I bow to your good natures. What can I do for you?"; "Oh, I couldn't do that. I'm nonviolent now, I wouldn't hurt a flyfish."; "How about some soothing music, jellyfish?"; "A soothing sitar always brings me peace." (High pitched)

Unknown Track 92

  • 234a. "Patnocchio" - Page turns to next scene.
  • 238a. "Appointment TV" - " I can relive the magic over and over forever!"

Unknown Track 93

  • 231b. "Ink Lemonade" - Squidward listening to records.
  • 241b. "The String" - Mr. Krabs admiring his money at his office.
  • 257a. "Handemonium" - "How do I look?"
  • 259b. "My Two Krabses" - Mrs. Puff exits her house and goes with Chum Krabs; Mrs. Puff and Chum Krabs exit the restaurant.

Unknown Track 94

Unknown Track 96

Unknown Track 99

Unknown Track 100

Unknown Track 106

  • 217b. "The Check-Up" - SpongeBob appears disguised as a hippie.
  • 253a. "Jolly Lodgers" - Squidward receiving a massage at the hotel spa; SpongeBob and Patrick scratching themselves.

Unknown Track 107

  • 229a. "Doodle Dimension" - SpongeBob pulls the magic pencil out of his head.
  • 253a. "Jolly Lodgers" - "Hmm? Wait, are you two in there already?!"

Introduced in Season 12

Unknown Track 103

Unknown Track 110

  • 247a. "Swamp Mates" - Bubble Bass takes back his Wonder Whale action figure from Hoodoo Guru's collection.
  • 250a. "Broken Alarm" - "It's the only alarm clock I've ever owned, I can fix it."
  • 256a. "SpongeBob in RandomLand" - "This delivery is property of the Krusty Krab, until it is in the hands of the person who ordered it!"

Unknown Track 112

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