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"Un-Breaking and De-Entering" is a Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode from season 2. In this episode, SpongeBob discovers that Gary's been secretly taking items from everyone in camp.



Un-Breaking and De-Entering 085

SpongeBob decides to return what Gary stole.

After eating a hot dog, SpongeBob gets it stuck in his teeth. He asks for a water flosser, which Gary brings to him. Later, he accidentally pops the sole out of his shoe, and Gary gives him a new one. Gary proceeds to bring SpongeBob sunglasses, condiments, and other such helpful items throughout the day whenever he needs them. After he asks for a rare comic, he follows Gary to see how he got it, and sees him stealing it from another cabin. Gary goes under SpongeBob's cabin, where he sees Patrick with a giant stash of items Gary stole. Afraid that they will get in trouble for stealing goods, SpongeBob and Patrick set out to return the items to their proper owners.

They sneak into Mrs. Puff's lighthouse to return one of her wigs, the Yacht cabin for a Fabrege egg, Bubble Bass's cabin for the comic, and various other items. It takes the entire night, leaving them tired. They are horrified to see that Gary stole everything over again, and are forced to return them again before morning. However, the campers are confused and displeased to have their items back. When Mr. Krabs accuses SpongeBob and Patrick of putting garbage in their cabins, the campers explain that they threw out the items on purpose.

Un-Breaking and De-Entering 185

SpongeBob and Patrick cleaning up the garbage.

As SpongeBob and Patrick have to clean up the pile, SpongeBob tells Gary that if he wants anything, all he has to do is ask. Once they are done cleaning, they return home and find everything in their cabin has disappeared. A note from Gary is on the floor, asking if he could have it. Patrick comments, "at least he asked first," and SpongeBob says he sort of learned his lesson. The two collapse on the floor from exhaustion as Gary steals the iris-out.


This episode was first seen as episode "207a" on Nickelodeon's press schedules on December 22, 2023.[6] Its title and plot would be confirmed on the following day.[7]



Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
German Die diebische Schnecke The Thieving Snail


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