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Goofy goofy goobers goobers yeah!

The twins appear in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and its many adaptations. They hang out at the Thug Tug with Victor. 14 years later, one of them returns in "Karen's Virus," although now it's only one twin rather than two fish together. In this episode, the now-split twin goes under the name of Incidental HB4.


They are two fish who are conjoined twins sharing only one body. In the movie, their pants and shirt are dull green and their body color is peach. One twin has a beard and the other one is balding. They also wear black boots.

In the video game based on the movie and the book Bubble Blowers, Beware!, their appearance is slightly different - their skin and shorts are dark green while their shirt and shoes are pansy purple.

In "Karen's Virus," the balding twin (who is now split from his brother, and the latter does not appear in this episode) has pink skin, ginger-brown hair, a white tank top, and blue jeans. Additionally, he was given a billy-goat beard, and he no longer has fingers.

Role in movie

They are seen in the scene where Victor is walking around with the Goofy Goober theme playing, to see who the "baby" who blew the bubble was (ironically saving SpongeBob and Patrick). Victor demanded to know which one of them was the one who blew the bubble.

The twins both blamed the other but then both said "Goofy goofy goobers goobers yeah!" after trying to deny ever going to the ice cream parlor and they shut their mouths. Victor laughed at this because he meant to have double baby, before the former and the other "able-bodied patrons in the bar" deal with them.