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If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see "Tunnel of Glove."

The Tunnel of Glove is a ride in Glove World! that appears in the episode of the same name, and the online games Glove Universe and SpongeBob's Next Big Adventures.



The entrance is a large white glove with the ride's name written in red capital letters and long tubing which is the inside of the ride.


The interior of the ride is brightly colored and has heart decorations posted all throughout. The boats of the ride also have these heart decorations.

Role in episode

SpongeBob and Pearl get trapped in the Tunnel of Glove after a heart decoration jammed the gears. Patrick accidentally sits on the "Super Dangerous Fast Mode" lever, which makes the carts inside the ride go at a fast rate. He then accidentally presses the "Animatronic Override" button, which turns the robots inside the Tunnel of Glove evil. He then messes up the water pressure, which makes the river inside the ride slam the carts forward.

As a result of all the pressure, the ride eventually explodes. But SpongeBob and Pearl still manage to make it out.


  • SpongeBob and Pearl stayed in the tunnel for at least 3 hours.
  • The name of the ride is a parody of a Tunnel of Love.
  • Things that Patrick destroyed:
    • Electricity: He accidentally pushed the Animatronic Override button in the power plant, causing the robots' faces to explode and reveal the endoskeleton heads, which SpongeBob and Pearl found frightening.
    • Water: He accidentally blocked a toilet with toilet paper, creating a big wave in the tunnel that carried SpongeBob and Pearl outside.