The tub of vanilla ice cream is an ice cream container that was home to Pint Bottom. It appears in the comic strip CreamBob ConePants.


It is a normal-sized tub of vanilla ice cream. The tub is purple and depicts an illustration of a waffle ice cream cone and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. The tub has the words "vanilla ice cream" written on it in white text. The tub's lid is magenta.

Role in comic

The tub of vanilla ice cream falls from an unknown location and lands near SpongeBob and Patrick, who confirm that its contents are ice cream after tasting it. Soon after, the Bikini Bottomites start playing with the tub's contents as if it were snow.

SpongeBob and Patrick venture inside the tub of vanilla ice cream, where they stumble upon Pint Bottom and meet CreamBob ConePants. He gives SpongeBob and Patrick a tour of the city and introduces them to his friends.

SpongeBob and Patrick become hungry, so CreamBob offers them an ice cream cake and an ice cream sandwich before telling them to check out the ice cream truck. SpongeBob and Patrick then quickly eat the ice cream truck before proceeding to eat the entirety of Pint Bottom.

SpongeBob and Patrick, now overweight from eating Pint Bottom and everyone in it, are then helped out of the tub of vanilla ice cream by Sandy and Mr. Krabs.


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