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The trucker[1] is a character who appears in a variety of SpongeBob SquarePants episodes. He is a truck driver in most of his appearances, starting with "The Gift of Gum."


He is an obese, light emerald green fish with a light green dorsal fin and wears a red cap, a red tiled shirt, faded blue pants, and black shoes.

Role in series

"The Gift of Gum"

The wheel of his truck, Old Blue, gets stuck in the gum that Patrick gave SpongeBob in celebration of Best Friends Day.

"20,000 Patties Under the Sea"

When Plankton insults Incidental 153, Incidental 115 takes offense and calls him out on talking to her son like that, so Plankton fires back at her. Then he comes out and says he cannot talk about his wife in such a negative matter. When Plankton calls him fat, his grandmother comes out in his defense.

When Plankton turns to leave, the trucker and his family begin to throw rocks at him and his submarine. When they run out, SpongeBob and Patrick sell them Krabby Patties that Patrick left unattended, therefore burned, in their sub.

"Slide Whistle Stooges"

He throws himself off his truck after he can't stand anymore Squidward's slide whistle noises.

"Squid Baby"

He falls asleep when he's about to run over Squidward. However, Patrick lifts up the asphalt, turning it into a ramp and making the truck fly away.


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