Triton is the son of King Neptune and Queen Amphitrite. He is the former main antagonist of the episode "The Clash of Triton" and the video games SpongeBob and the Clash of Triton and SpongeBob's Game Frenzy.


Triton has long, wavy, orange hair, light green skin, and a blue tail. He wears a light brown vest and a blue headband on his head. He also wears a brown belt around his waist with a small pouch on his right side that has the letter "T" on it, which stands for his name. He wears a necklace with a blue crystal on it and a rope-like wristband. He also wears two pearl bracelets on his other wrist.

When Triton was younger, his hair was short, he wore a white T-shirt, he wore the same belt like his mom and dad, had two golden clasps on his right arm that were like his mom's, and strangely, he has the same voice now as he had as a teenager.

Clash-of-triton-3 (1)

"Well, now that this silly old cage is open, what do you say we go pay my old man a visit."


Triton was born to King Neptune and Queen Amphitrite thousands of years ago along with his sister, Princess Mindy.

As a child, Triton showed interest in mortal affairs during his smiting lessons with King Neptune. He tells his father that he wants to play baseball. His father then smites a single light post at the baseball field and sets it aflame. He tells his son that he could hit a home run and Triton leaves, as he wants to be alone.

When he is grown up, his father finds him successfully making a cure for all mortal diseases. King Neptune destroys it and realizes Triton needs to learn to be the god he expects him to be. So, he locked his son in a cage in the Island in the Sky, where he will be, in his case, 10,000 years.

When SpongeBob let him out, he locked his father and everyone at the party in a cage as an act of revenge. Later, the two reconciled their differences with each other and hugged after Triton destroyed Bikini Bottom. The citizens put the blame upon SpongeBob and Patrick for the destruction that happened.

Role in series

"What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"

Triton is indirectly mentioned by the construction foreman in New Kelp City, when he sees SpongeBob hammering while sitting on a bubble and exclaims, "Neptune's son! What are you doing?," before firing him as a result.

"The Clash of Triton"

Triton is the former main antagonist in the episode. The Clash of Triton was based on him and King Neptune regretting to lock him up. At the end of the episode, he finally reconciles with his father so he is no longer considered a villain.

"Karate Star"

SpongeBob mentions Triton when he says "Triton's tunic!"

Role in video games

SpongeBob and the Clash of Triton

Triton is the main antagonist of the game. He captures his family and others within the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob and Patrick try to stop him but they fail. However, they manage to acquire the tridents of King Neptune and Queen Amphitrite to gain god-like powers. The heroes must face off against Krabzilla and King Neptune's advisers to clear each area of Bikini Bottom, which Triton has turned into a giant mountain called Mt.Triton.

After clearing the areas, the heroes arrive at the Krusty Krab. Triton uses his god-like powers and his Krabby Patty minions to attack. However, SpongeBob and Patrick manage to defeat him and rescue his prisoners.

He is later reunited with his father.

SpongeBob's Game Frenzy

He appears in one of the mini-games. He drives his gold car with SpongeBob inside.

SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies 2018

He appears on the cover along with many other villains.

Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

He appears as the cameo on television inside the Shady Shoals Rest Home.


  • Triton refers to baseball as the "ball and stick game."
  • Triton tends to say "man" in nearly every sentence. Sometimes, he would say "bogus."
  • Triton is the messenger of the sea and the son of Poseidon in Greek mythology.
  • Triton and Neptune both have orange hair, but Triton's hair is more of an auburn orange, while Neptune's is a bright scarlet.
  • Triton's interest in the mortal world is similar to Princess Ariel's fascination of the human world in The Little Mermaid. Also, both their fathers disapproved of their likings.
    • In addition, he is a redhead, similar to how his namesake counterpart in The Little Mermaid series had red hair in his youth.
  • If one would look closely, the two hair locks that show on the outside of Triton's headband have different lengths in some scenes in "The Clash of Triton," one shorter than the other; however, in most others, they are the same length.
  • Triton seems to have a strange habit of trimming his fingernails.
  • In Serbia, Mermaid Man's name is Triton, so this character sparked some confusion.
  • Despite Triton's previous hatred towards his father, he also fears him because of his fear of the cage.
  • His mythological counterpart's conch trumpet is referenced in the episode "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II" with the conch signal.

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