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The Trench of Advanced Darkness is a location in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom. It is located deep past Rock Bottom.


The layout of the Trench of Advanced Darkness appears similar to Rock Bottom except the lighting is darker.

Role in the game

SpongeBob manages to make it to the Trench of Advanced Darkness after making it through Rock Bottom Museum. SpongeBob trades places with Sandy where her lasso is needed to cross large gaps. Eventually, Sandy runs into Plankton who informs her that she must turn off the lasers first before advancing. Sandy manages to do so earning a Golden Spatula in the process. The heroes eventually leave and make it back to the main area of Rock Bottom.



  • The name of this level is based on the moment in "Rock Bottom" when SpongeBob's glove light stops working, and he mentions that it isn't "your everyday darkness," it is "advanced darkness."
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