The trash robot is a robot that appears in the episode "Krusty Kleaners."


The robot is light gray with one wheel extending from the bottom. It has a cap on top which opens whenever it needs to destroy trash. It has a rectangular opening in the middle and to the right of that there are two circles. The trash robot also has a built-in incinerator, which it uses to burn unwanted paper.

Role in episode

The trash robot is owned by employees who work at a tank insurance company. It is designed to clean the building at night while the employees are at home. When SpongeBob and Patrick come to clean the milkshake stain, it notices the messes they made and becomes enraged. It tries to destroy SpongeBob and Patrick by turning the soda machine, paper shredder, and copy machine against them. But when SpongeBob and Patrick find out the building makes tanks, they use the tanks to destroy all the machines.

The trash bot then surrenders, letting SpongeBob and Patrick to clean up the spill in the boss' office.

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