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The Tram's Travels tour guide is a tour guide who appears in the episode "No Pictures Please."


He is an off-orange colored fish, with mahogany-colored fins and wears a lime-green undershirt and darker green pants. He also wears a brown belt, black shoes, and a gray cap with a yellow rectangle design print on it.

Role in episode

He appears as a tour guide when a bus pulls over after Patrick finishes talking to the clerk. He first welcomes everyone to Bikini Bottom, and later is run over by the many tourists of his group who were looking for a restroom.

As he walks away also in search for a restroom, he drops his hat, after which Patrick picks it up and wears it himself. He confuses a tourist, who believes Patrick was the tour guide.

The tour guide appears later once again in the episode, inside of a bus showing more tourists outside of the post office. He quickly recognizes Patrick as the guy who stole his hat and chases after him, the tourist, and Ol' Ribeye inside of his bus.
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