The Toy Barrel is a toy shop that appears in the episode "Toy Store of Doom" and the online games Toy Barrel Peril and Whale of a Sale. Steve works here as the cashier and Frank the guard works here as the security guard.



The inside looks like a regular toy store. It has rows of shelves with toys in them. The counter with the cash register is located near the entrance.
Interior of teh barrel
Restrooms are located at the back of the building. It has many robotic toys and puppet toys.


The Toy Barrel is a huge barrel with a plaque on it that reads the store's name in yellow letters. At the beginning of the episode, nearly 20 children are at the front door waiting for it to open. Its entrance was designed to not let anything in, or, in this case, anyone out without unlocking it first.


The only known employees are Steve and Frank the guard.

Role in episode

SpongeBob, Patrick, and other fish go here to buy toys. When SpongeBob and Patrick find out about the toy store not being open yet, they both cry, until a construction crew finishes it.
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