Torpedo Belly is one of Armor Abs Krabs' Navy buddies who appears in the episodes "Shell of a Man," "Handemonium," and "The Hankering."


Torpedo Belly is a large, green muscular fish that wears a blue sailor hat and a tight-fitting orange tank top and swimming briefs. He used to have a large torpedo lodged into his belly, hence his name, but he got it removed, leaving a scar in its place.

Role in series

"Shell of a Man"

When Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob about the reunion with his navy buddies, he shows SpongeBob a picture of the group, showing Torpedo Belly with his signature torpedo in his stomach.

Later, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob travel to the Bikini Bottom Convention Hall, where SpongeBob meet Torpedo Belly and the other navy buddies. SpongeBob manages to keep up his disguise as Mr. Krabs, and is soon given the Trophy of Manly Toughness. SpongeBob gives the buddies an unmanly speech, confusing them and causing Mr. Krabs to tell SpongeBob to quickly leave before his cover is blown.

However, before SpongeBob leaves, Torpedo Belly stops him and urges them to butt bellies together. SpongeBob agrees, but Torpedo Belly hits him so hard that his disguise breaks, revealing SpongeBob's true identity. Mr. Krabs comes out of hiding and reveals his shell-less form to everyone, urging Torpedo Belly to reveal that he had his torpedo removed a long time ago.


He is one of the many muscular fish to sneak into Larry's Gym to watch the underground arm wrestling tournament.

"The Hankering"

He is seen in a flashback to Krabs' navy days, where he parties with the other sailors and feasts on the food that their chef cooks.
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